Four Steps

Four Steps GCLS Debut Author Award Winner Alex Ryan lives a simple life She has her farm in the Scottish countryside and the self imposed seclusion suits her until a crime that has haunted her for years

  • Title: Four Steps
  • Author: Wendy Hudson
  • ISBN: 9783955336
  • Page: 161
  • Format: ebook
  • GCLS Debut Author Award Winner 2017 Alex Ryan lives a simple life She has her farm in the Scottish countryside, and the self imposed seclusion suits her, until a crime that has haunted her for years, tears through the calm and shatters the fragile peace she d finally managed to find.Lori Hunter s greatest love is the mountains They re her escape from the constant hu GCLS Debut Author Award Winner 2017 Alex Ryan lives a simple life She has her farm in the Scottish countryside, and the self imposed seclusion suits her, until a crime that has haunted her for years, tears through the calm and shatters the fragile peace she d finally managed to find.Lori Hunter s greatest love is the mountains They re her escape from the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life Growing up was neither traditional nor easy for Lori, but now she s beginning to realise she s settled for both A dead end relationship and little to look forward to Her solution when the suffocation sets in Run for the hills.A chance encounter in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands leads Alex and Lori into a whirlwind of heartache and a fight for survival as they build a formidable bond that will be tested to its ultimate limits.Length 92,000 wordsThemes British Mystery lesbian Scottish countryside Scottish Highlands

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    1. The prologue of this book grabs you and will send a shock of terror through you. All I could think was on my goodness that was absolutely, one-hundred percent, terrifying. The first chapter is a glimpse of everyone’s worst nightmare coming true. Grabbed your attention, right? Well, that is how this book goes, it grabs you and then tells you the story of Alex Ryan and Lori Hunter.Lori Hunter is an interpreter for parliament in Westminster. Her day job of constantly and repetitively conversing w [...]

    2. This book starts with one of the most stunning prologues I've ever read. It is so powerful I'd expected the rest of the book to be a suspenseful thriller. Or at least, most of it. Turns out this is way more of a traditional romance and PTSD drama. The thriller part? around 15% at most. Unfortunately, you'll have to sit thru a lot of romance and drama before you get to the thriller. Lori works as an interpreter in London, but she likes to hie away occasionally to the Scottish highlands. Lately, h [...]

    3. Detailed score: 3.5 but fell away at the end to lose its 'worth the round up' statusUsually I'm not squeamish about such things but I found this unnecessarily graphic / violent . On the flip side, the romance was unrealistically instalove/ instadepth. Also felt multiple character arcs were introduced and then clumsily left hanging.That said, it kept me turning pages and the prose was of good quality. Just a bit grim to enjoy and too instalove to 100% engage for me. But still a solid effort worth [...]

    4. This is a story composed not by one, but by two narrative threads, one bright and one very dark. How these two threads combine and intertwine is the original idea of this book.The bright thread is a nice, enjoyable love story between the two main characters, Lori and Alex, while the dark thread is a grim, violent thriller.The author gives us a vivid image of the dark theme in the prologue, and then… no more. We are projected into a pleasant love story of two nice, lovely ladies. We learn to kn [...]

    5. Absolutely fabulous!Wow, the prologue, what an entree! It has me immediately on the edge of my seat. This is a amazing story with a bone chilling thriller. Set in a beautiful scottish surrounding. I kept turning pages, curious and scared of what would happen next. It has intriguing twists and turns. I enjoyed this fast moving story immensely. A romantic thriller with colorful characters and an awesome love story. A book you won't be able to put down until the last gripping page. I'm really impre [...]

    6. Solid debut novel. A slow burn romance mixed with a bit of mystery that close to the end transforms into a page turner. Highly recommended!See my other reviews at lezreviews.wordpress

    7. Part Sweet Romance Part Scary SuspenseLori is an interpreter who love hiking and dreams of working for the UN. Alex is a computer whiz who helps the police with cyber crimes, often involving children. She lives on her family farm and rarely leaves. On a weekend away they meet each other in on a mountain in Scotland. Before long feelings develop confusing the straight Lori and leaving the lesbian Alex with questions of her own. Just as they are finally drawn together, tragedy strikes pulling them [...]

    8. I didn't expect much from this book, but it was a great surprise. From Lori and Alex's first interactions I was already confident it was going to be a 5-star.The book starts off with a really intense prologue that sets up the mystery plot, but for the first half and a little more, the focus is almost entirely on the romance, which I didn't mind at all. They had so much chemistry and I found myself reading the cute scenes between them over and over again just out of amusement.Lori is just getting [...]

    9. I loved this book, the author has a very beautiful and descriptive writing style to the point I almost want to go hiking in the Scottish Hills and start sampling whisky. I really liked both the main characters and if I win the lottery want to build myself a home like Alex’s just so I can have parties like hers!I really like the rest of the characters in the book also and am hoping maybe one day the author will write stories about their backgrounds so we can find out more about them and have li [...]

    10. Four StepsBy Wendy HudsonClever titleMy expectations were pretty high for this book and mostly delivered I was under the impression that Four Steps was well liked for the quality of the crime-mystery intrigue - while the book was good and well done, the crime-mystery aspect of the book was not stellar by my standards.In this book, I found a well-developed romance wrapped up in a good cold-case-gone-hot subplot. The general writing quality is above standard, if uneven on certain moments. The stor [...]

    11. This was quite the ride. It's two different kind of books wrapped up together as one, a romance and a suspense thriller. For the most part it works, though some of the emotional transitions can be a bit jarring. I enjoyed this, but I had a hard time with the tension and the violence (the violence isn't excessive, I just really have a low tolerance for it). I'm definitely going to pick up something lighthearted for my next read.

    12. This was a great book. I knew from the cover and the writer’s style that I was going to like it (having previously read an excerpt), but I didn’t know just how much it was going to take me away with it. I could see the mountains in Scotland, hear the horses, and even feel the emotions of the characters in my own gut. It was masterfully written and the plot was excellently executed. Wendy Hudson writes like a veteran author, comfortable with her story and her characters. This was the first ti [...]

    13. There's nothing more exciting than finding a new author that you love, and that is exactly what I have found here in Wendy Hudson's debut novel. I was drawn in from the first chapter of this book, and that's not an easy feat with me. Hudson does a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life and making them feel like real people - people you want to hang out with! I was so impressed with the natural feel to the dialogue she created, and actually found myself laughing out loud at some of the [...]

    14. Thoroughly enjoyed this mash up of romance and thriller. As others have said, brilliant beginning that kept me turning the pages to find out exactly what happened. Wanted to jump in the book and throttle one of the main characters at one point, but thankfully she came around. Superb arc that had me tugging my iPad along while I went with my wife to help her flush out our RV and even with her chastising me for bringing my tabletunfazed I continued to read because I had to know the ending! Bravo W [...]

    15. A new fanIn two days I have Read both books from Wendy Hudson. I can say I am definitely a new fan. The storyline in this one was very interesting and had me hooked from the beginning. The characters were believable. I would definitely recommend this book.

    16. Four Steps is Wendy Hudson’s first novel and it’s a cracker. A slow burn romance with a threatening undercurrent of slow burn thriller where we, the reader, can see the two plots building, but the protagonists seem totally separate.The prologue is stunning, tense and terrible. It sets up the history, but also leaves us guessing. Hudson then cleverly drops the thriller; it’s a historical foot-note to Alex’s character, but with little current import. Over time we learn more, see more, and [...]

    17. Four Steps, a passionate love story, is also a tense thriller with a terrifying climax. London-based interpreter Lori, and Alex, who lives on her family's farm in the Scottish Borders, meet by chance in a Highland bothy. They hit it off, although one is in a relationship and the other doesn't know if she can love again. Horrific trauma, courageous friendships and flippant flirting all feature as the young women tease their way, literally, into new beginnings. The fledgling main romance (others e [...]

    18. The prologue - i see everyone mention it in their reviews and must give a shout out too cause it grabbed you and sucked you into the book right away, really well done.It ends with a bang and woosh the story takes us years forward, where we meet Lori and Alex.Who, while hiking in the mountain run into eachother and end up sharing the same space for a night where they find themselfs talking like old friends. Not wanting to loose contact cause both feel there is something special between them, they [...]

    19. Wow - I can see how this book made the top of so many people's lists last year. This was really the perfect story with giddy romance, warm friendships and thrilling suspense!I loved the connection between Alex and Lori - from the very first meeting we felt every moment of attraction and every beat of affection along with them. Their love was a meeting of souls - not defined by gender, by distance, or by personal hardships. Just beautiful. Just real. The whole cast of characters in this novel was [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's mainly a romance mixed with a bit of a thriller. Normally I prefer the romance to play second in a plot. But in this book I found myself totally engaged in the lead characters and their development from a chance meeting, getting to know each other to a full romance. I enjoyed it so much I did not want to put the book down.The opening prologue is great. It catches the reader's attention and the mystery of a tragedy unfolds gradually through the story. I would [...]

    21. I got this book through a giveaway and I really enjoyed it. I have to agree with other reviews, I loved the prologue. It was tense, captivating and beautifully written, playing on everyone's worst nightmare. This book is a mix between a romance and a thriller which, whilst worked, wasn't really for me. It began and ended a thriller, but with a love story throughout the middle. I found the contrast a little bit too much as it felt like two very different stories.That said, I would definitely rec [...]

    22. I thought this was a great book from start to finish. The pacing throughout was great, as was the writing. I felt the characters were believable. I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to any future novels from Wendy.

    23. I loved this book.I Loved Four Steps by Wendy Hudson. Beautifully written. The storyline about Alex and her family is too sad. But the book is packed w/ action, romance, and great characters.

    24. This story has a romance vein and a crime vein and without ruining your read with spoilers, they obviously intersect in a clever way. This story doesn't pull any punches and the characters are really interesting!

    25. This is a cross between a lesbian love story and a thriller. That does not give anything away. The Prologue leaves you with no doubt that something terrible has happened. Then the first three very short chapters, which describe the meeting of the women hikers in the bothy (a shepherd's hut) on a Scottish mountain leaves you in no doubt that there is an attraction between Lori and Alex. The question is whether these two themes will weave together to create a coherent story, and they do.To deal wi [...]

    26. Before I had finished Four Steps I had bought Wendy Hudson's other book, Mine to Keep; that's how much I was enjoying this one. No mad shit, no one just happens to have been a nuclear scientist or secretly part of a crack commando unit back in the day, just people (including men and heterosexuals, perish the thought!) dealing with work and life and exes. At this stage I will take a metaphorical breath mid-stream and point out that Ylva Publishing (ylva-publishing) seem to have a higher proportio [...]

    27. I really enjoyed "Four Steps." I felt that Wendy Hudson crafted great characters that I really liked (or hated if they were the antagonist). Lori and Alex had great chemistry from the start, and I enjoyed their journey and obstacles towards happily ever after. While some authors throw supporting characters into the story just to have someone for the protagonists to talk to, Hudson actually took the time to develop those characters, too. I particularly had a fondness for Jess and Stella, Alex and [...]

    28. I won this book on I agree with other reviews the start of the book grabs you and that it was almost like reading two different books at once (which threw me off a bit but it wound back to the original story during the last fourth of the book.) Much time was spend on Lori's self discovery and her budding relationship with Alex (which could of been a good book on its own) but I think a bit more on the danger lurking out there would tied it together better.

    29. Rec'd a copy from Ylva in exchange for a review.A debut gritty romance/thriller with leads Lori and Alex that hooked me until the end Beautifully written descriptions of the Scottish countryside add to the overall story and temper the harshness.4 stars

    30. 2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Four Steps by Wendy Hudson A complicated, slow-burning romance entwined with a hard-hitting thriller plot. Beautifully and masterfully done.

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