Wife in the Fast Lane

Wife in the Fast Lane Christy Hayes is a case study in successful living She s won two Olympic gold medals built a multimillion dollar business and landed a gorgeous and powerful CEO husband But Christy s dream life begi

  • Title: Wife in the Fast Lane
  • Author: Karen Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780743293969
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christy Hayes is a case study in successful living She s won two Olympic gold medals, built a multimillion dollar business, and landed a gorgeous and powerful CEO husband But Christy s dream life begins to unravel when she inherits custody of an eleven year old girl named Renata Suddenly she finds herself battling three formidable opponents a treacherous business partnChristy Hayes is a case study in successful living She s won two Olympic gold medals, built a multimillion dollar business, and landed a gorgeous and powerful CEO husband But Christy s dream life begins to unravel when she inherits custody of an eleven year old girl named Renata Suddenly she finds herself battling three formidable opponents a treacherous business partner bent on ousting her from the company she founded, a ruthless stay at home mom who ll stop at nothing to maintain her PTA power base, and a stunning single woman scheming to steal her husband Throw in the demands of one high maintenance spouse and it s clear something s got to give But what Her marriage Her career Her sanity

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    1. AUDIOAfter loving The Ivy Chronicles, I wanted to give Karen Quinn another try.Wife in the fast lane wasn't nearly as good or funny. So disappointed.****some might think this is a SPOILER****First, the hero is a DICK and then he CHEATS which makes him a BIGGER DICK. If that's going to happen, I want to see him on bloodied knees. Didn't happen here.She forgave hime way too easily. There's even a list of reasons the heroine justified his actions, like,shequit exercising and gained 12 pounds. I hat [...]

    2. It's set up to read like one of the girls about town/chick lit books that are popular, but really failed to deliver. All the pieces were there: beautiful, successful protaganist; rich and powerful husband; Manhattan; society ladies; an enemy in designer clothing times two; lots of name dropping. I can point to many instances that didn't work. The husband that I didn't care for in the first place: who can stay in love with someone who would treat a child, no - two children, like shit? The cliched [...]

    3. Several things contributed to my dislike for this book:- completely unlikeable main character - ridiculous situation that I don't believe would ever happen- the narrative for the 11yo made little to no sense. On one hand she would be misspelling words, then in the next instance she would be quoting too grown up phrases Also, as a general note, why do all these books end with a pregnancy? As if the unborn child magically restores the fractured relationship, because goodness knows, it wasn't fixed [...]

    4. an absolutely atrocious story. Completely and utterly unbelievable. I wouldn't call it fiction more like fantasy and fairytale. While reading this book i constantly bemoaned my inability to leave a book unfinished. It was a slow painful, cringeworthy process trying to get to the end of the story. I have to say the part about the family and the goat still has my mind reeling i can only presume the author put this in for amusement to alleviate the readers shock at such ludicrous storylines

    5. This was an interesting read to say at the least, to start of with i was really into it but then it started to slow down a bit, then it started to pick but up but went down again but towards the end even though i was so tried and my eyes were about to pop out of my head i just couldnt put it down till i finished it

    6. Awful. I kept thinking this would get better since the reviews seem to be ok for the most part. Maybe I'm just not a chick lit kind of girl? This seemed to drag on forever. None of the characters were likeable (the young "daughter" Renata might have been, if we'd gotten to know her a little better) and the whole thing just seemed like a cliche.

    7. At first I was really disgusted with this book. Michael's reaction to Renata and how Christy treated him like a king was really disturbing and annoying. The book recovered a little, but it still didn't turn into a page turner or a book I would recommend to others.

    8. This book is a guilty pleasure. It portrays a glamorous Manhatten life of a CEO. A successful woman with fame that we all at least one point in our lives fantasise to be. Some might say this book is shallow and has no message. But it has fulfilled my fantasies and I loved every glamorous life of it. This is the second book of Karen Quinn that I have read. The storyline is not as creative or interesting as The Ivy Chronicles but the writing style of Karen Quinn keeps it fun and engaging. And this [...]

    9. Karen Quinn's book, Wife in the East Lane, is a look at what it's like for a woman who's trying to balance marriage, work, and being a mother. Christy Hayes is doing her best to be successful at all three. Unfortunately, she has some huge obstacles: a back stabbing business partner/friend, a single woman after her husband, and a PTA leader who doesn't believe in having a democracy! Christy is constantly having to find ways to make the best use of 24 hours. Quinn's writing made it easy to dislike [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From famous Olympian to CEO to wife to mother and so on, we follow Christy Hayes as her life in the fast lane changes.

    11. 3.5-3.75Ever wondered what it would be like to have it all? Of course, we all have…Karen Quinn’s novel, “Wife In the Fast Lane” provides a front row, often harried view of the glamorous life, that to the average person seems far-fetched and outlandish, at best. Quinn invites us to sit back, relax and see the world from the platinum side of the coin for a few hours.Christy Hayes knows the meaning of hard work and dedication, however, winning two Olympic gold medals did not prepare her for [...]

    12. a surprising let-down from her first book,The Ivy Chronicles, i felt. that book took on manhattan preschools with a scathing yet sympathetic critique - this book takes on the "power wife" concept in manhattan, and kind of strips the main character, christy, of all her agency. though she claims to have it in the beginning and the end, i found it not satisfying, and was honestly disturbed by nanny nectar's "rule of two" (you can only have two: love, career, family). the best parts of the book were [...]

    13. Laugh out loud moments as the protagonist, Christy, experiences single to married life, CEO and two Olympic medals to stay-at-home-mom, best friend to nemesis, as well as many other roles.Interesting the internal doubts and dialogue shared by such an external success and media-covered woman and lifestyle.I thought her adjustment period to stay-at-home mom and wife the most interesting as she developed a similar loss of identity and weight gain that most going through such dramatic life changes g [...]

    14. Interesting story of a woman who bites off more than she can chew when she inherits custody of her housekeeper's eleven year old granddaughter on top of being CEO of a demanding multi-million dollar company and wife of a powerful mover and shaker in his own right.The best lesson of this book is the "rule of two." Love, Career, Children: pick two. I found this to be so true of women in the world today wanting and having it all and needing to prove to themselves and everyone that they can have it [...]

    15. This is the second novel by Karen Quinn who wrote The Ivy Chronicles. I really enjoyed The Ivy Chronicles, so I thought I'd read this one too. Plus, I needed a chick-lit break after reading Reasonable People, which was pretty heavy. Anyway, Wife in the Fast Lane is OK, some of it is pretty predictable, but it's your typical chick lit. The basic storyline is that Christy Hayes, a former Olympic athlete, is now the CEO of a successful sportswear company. She ends up meeting and marrying Michael, w [...]

    16. Christy Hayes has it all: Olympic medals, a thriving business she built from the ground up, a dashing and successful CEO husband and all that comes with him. It’s more than she ever dreamed of.But it’s all about to come crashing down after her beloved housekeeper passes leaving Christy the guardian of her 11 year old grand-daughter Renata. With Renata come responsibilities that upset the balance of Christy’s life. And she is forced to make choices that neither her Olympic training, nor her [...]

    17. It's amusing, it's sad, it's predictable but it's a brilliant book to pick up read, drop and grab again. A brilliant book for the busy woman. When you want a book that you can grab and read, much like you would a magazine, then this book is brilliant. I loved that in an instant I could be transported into a parallel universe, a world of money and fantasy much like Dynasty or Dallas. My days are busy so it's nice to be able to switch off for a bit and not have to think too much. I haven't time fo [...]

    18. Christy Hays is a successful CEO of her own company when she finds love. After her marriage, she gains custody of an eleven year old girl. Suddenly, this very busy woman is struggling to juggle even more balls in the air. As the balls slip, she has to redefine her roles and determine what she really wants in life. This book is very focused on the fast line life of upper class NY and is an interesting look at a life I can't even imagine. I found the book funny and entertaining. It was hysterical [...]

    19. I randomly found this author when I picked up one of her books off of the reduced rack at the book store. I have since then read two of her other books. I love that they are funny and faced paced. This book was slightly less humorous overall than the other two but it really did fit the story for it to be so. Its really a story about trying to juggle working, being a wife, and a being a mother. Of course its a little over the top because the characters are all wealthy New Yorkers but its a good r [...]

    20. Not in the same league as The Ivy Chronicles or Holly Would Dream. I would recommend this to a fan of harmless chick lit but otherwise I was deeply disappointed with this book. I am a fan of her work so I thought this would be in the same league, but Karen took a chick lit turn with this book and the plot development and characters became too frothy and fluffy or my taste, so this book did not hold up compare to the rest of her work. Shelf Of Shame.

    21. I liked this bookbut it was a bit slow in some chaptersI think it went on for too long and could have been 100 pages shorter but overall not too bad! When Micheal had an affair it should have gone into that a bit more she kind of brushed over the details a bit and you didnt really get a sense that it was such a bad thing. CHristy made it her fault!

    22. I keep getting stuck on these 'chick-lit' books. This one was about the same as the others; the first couple of chapters I wasn't sure I even wanted to keep reading because it's not spectacular, but I do keep reading and the more I read the more I get into it. If you've read 'The Ivy Chronicles' it's about the same.

    23. This book was full of cliches but I enjoyed myself in spite of them. It took me a while but I liked the characters and was interested in what happened to them. A quick read, nothing deep, but an enjoyable read.

    24. "Classic" chick-lit: an Olympic track star starts her own company, but just when she seems to have it all, the rug gets pulled out from under her and she has to "choose two" from love, career, or family.

    25. Very cute book! It made me think about what my life will be like once I get married and have children. Or rather if I will get married and have children? I could definitely relate to the main character.

    26. The only funny lines I found on this book is the very last sentence of the book. The book was a drag to read; it wasn't funny, wasn't witty, none of the characters were likeable, and the story was kinda dragging. I was too happy when i finally finished it.

    27. I really enjoyed this chic lit book. After reading the Ivy Chronicles last year, I was excited to read this- despite the poor reviews. I liked the characters and story- and while Ivy Chronicles was better, this was definitely enjoyable.

    28. i picked this up in a $1 bargain bin and was very pleasantly surprised! Not amazing writing, but I was hooked.

    29. I didn't even bother finishing this book. I knew how it would end and I felt the writing was amateurish. I enjoyed the Ivy Chronicles so I was disappointed.

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