One thought on “The Old Blood”

  1. What a superb way to end the Kaywana Trilogy! As in the two previous installments, the story of the van Groenwegel clan is interwoven with the history of British Guiana, this time from 1795 to 1953. This novel was published as "Kaywana Blood" in the UK, although according to Edgar Mittelholzer himself: "the true title, of course, is The Old Blood."Dirk van Groenwegel is Hendrikje's great-great-grandson and Hubertus's grandnephew. He is one of the strong ones, and it is the old blood the driving [...]

  2. Mittelholzer is a good writer, but I just don't like the characters in this novel. Dirk, the protagonist, is very annoying, and as his family keep saying, so why follow someone who is racist, homophobic and sexist and wholly awful. The book is very melodramatic, but I still like the way it personalizes Guyanese history.

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