Anywhere But Home: Adventures in Endurance

Anywhere But Home Adventures in Endurance Anu Vaidyanathan is the first Asian male or female to compete in Ultraman Canada a punishing kilometre swim a kilometre bike ride and an kilomete run She placed sixth Which is breath ta

  • Title: Anywhere But Home: Adventures in Endurance
  • Author: Anu Vaidyanathan
  • ISBN: 9789351775249
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anu Vaidyanathan is the first Asian, male or female, to compete in Ultraman Canada a punishing 10 kilometre swim, a 420 kilometre bike ride and an 84.4 kilomete run She placed sixth Which is breath taking But what is your typical good Indian girl, super nerd doing at the Ultraman Anywhere but Home is the funny, heart breaking, unexpected story of a woman who would notAnu Vaidyanathan is the first Asian, male or female, to compete in Ultraman Canada a punishing 10 kilometre swim, a 420 kilometre bike ride and an 84.4 kilomete run She placed sixth Which is breath taking But what is your typical good Indian girl, super nerd doing at the Ultraman Anywhere but Home is the funny, heart breaking, unexpected story of a woman who would not give up As she followed her passion on the roads of Bangalore and across several Indian cities, coaches advised her to get married She was stuck in sports facilities that lacked basic support systems, even toilets If she wanted to compete, it would need to be on her own salary All she could rely on were her own two feet and the seat of her bike With self deprecatory humour and characteristic curiosity, Vaidyanathan tells the story of how she found triathlon, how she came to be training in one of the most challenging sports in the world She writes of her many firsts in the Ultraman, Ironman, Half Ironman, but also of motherhood and pushing the boundaries of what a body can do Heart warming and heart breaking, this is most of all a tale of love for a sport and for life.

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    1. ‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’ – Benjamin Franklin.She did something worth writing and an inspiration not only for athletes but for those too who likes to dream but could not gather the courage to face the odds and with this book she writes something which is worth a read.Coming to the book, let’s start with her. Anuradha “Anu” Vaidyanathan is the founder of PatNMarks; an intellectual property consulting firm, founded in 2001. She also has a PhD [...]

    2. Anu! Your book has inspired me to train harder for my runs and not give up even on the worst days. The best part about the book, relatable and I am glad I found someone else who calls herself "frumpy"!

    3. Anu Vaidyanathan’s ‘Anywhere but Home’ is probably the best book I’ve read in a while. It’s a books that stays with you long after you’ve read it. It’s a great book and like every great book, it becomes a part of you. Don’t let the cover deceive you. The cover fails to convey the didactic attempt the author makes to explain something most proclaimed self-help books fails to do, which is life and our role in it. Did you think it was about sport? You are way off the mark my friend. [...]

    4. As far as books on endurance go, this should be right on top. To achieve something as difficult as completing Ultraman Canada requires a lot of grit. Anu deserves a great deal of applause for fighting against all odds and finishing Ultraman. Right from her childhood, she got a lot of support from her family to be independent. This, in a society from where she comes, in itself is a big achievement. The way she narrates the story is refreshing. Her interactions with her neighbor who was hell bent [...]

    5. I am following this author from the time I read her column in Livemint. It was a series of articles on running. I could easily connect to her experience as I was also going through the same phase while running. This book won't be a guide to prepare an Ironman or Ultraman. I couldn't find any training or dietary advice. Moreover the author doesn't chart out the best practices. If at all, this book is all about following our own dreams. More than the equipments and resources, this book takes us th [...]

    6. An Extraordinary Memoir which I have read in the recent days. When I say this, I am 100% sure that anyone who reads this book would agree with me without a second thought. It is my privilege to review this amazing book and I am grateful to have received the autographed book from the author herself.Before starting my review, I must openly confess that I have not heard about the author and I would say it wouldn't come as a surprise being in India where we give more importance and priority to Crick [...]

    7. You know the other day I did ten pushups and felt very proud of myself. Then I read Anywhere But Home. For those that don’t know Anu Vaidhyanathan she is the first Asian woman to have competed in Ultraman Canada. To be honest I hadn’t even heard of Ultraman and if I had I’d have thought it was a deodorant company. But I googled it and immediately became an admirer of Miss. Vaidhyanathan. The ultraman is a very taxing endurance test of sorts. It involves a 10 KM swim, 425.6 KM bike course a [...]

    8. Recipe for 'negotiations with self'Congratulations, it is a beautiful narrative. I'm sure the book will be a lot of inspiration to derive from for folks who want to take challenges and personal goals to achieve. Personally, I liked the 2nd part. The courage to strive the dream with hurdles is very inspiring. The book is absolutely a must-read. Especially for those seeking means for courage, endurance, hard work, discipline and “negotiate-with-self” Reading by, the support got from family is [...]

    9. Anu Vaidyanathan is clearly a winner! It's her attitude, filled with sheer solid grit laced with the ability to laugh at herself and the world when needed that shines through the pages. It is a spectacular read. The pace is just right and the author has a real ability to put the reader in her "sneakers" whether she converses with the trees or gets irritated at arrogant coaches and swims with the seaweeds! vicarious rush of victory as she finishes each race or her thesis when you realise she is s [...]

    10. Such an inspirational book !! At one point when Anu was concentrating between PHD and Marathon; it makes me realize , Sky is the limit.A lot of positivity comes from it. Also the vocabulary was too good and I kept wondering if she prepared for TOEFL exams too.Hey and I may start running and biking too !!All the best Anu for your future endeavours !!

    11. 2/3 years ago, I came to know about Anu little bit through my trekking & running community.And tried to know about her through internet & Ted talks.Luckily, last weekend I found this book in my roommate's bookshelf and started reading it as first work to do by seeing the author name "Anu Vaidyanathan".It's worth reading to know about first "Iron Man" triathlete of INDIA with her own words. This book is all about her life, family, sacrifice, commitment, dedication, struggle and achievemen [...]

    12. A nice quick read. It puts in perspective what it means to train well, for personal satisfaction. I could relate to some aspects of her life, where Anu talks about frustration due to lack of facilities. And about exploring the trails and forests. :) To the life ahead.

    13. Good book. A little self indulgent. Would have loved t hear more on the aspects of training and emotions experienced while racing. Not much on that front. Hence 4 stars. Good to know Anu is a fan of Viktor Frankl.

    14. A real life account of the first Asian woman, to have completed the Ultraman Canada triathlon (comprising a 10-km swim, a 420-km bike ride and an 84.4-km run); backed up with the Ironman Canada (comprising a 3.8-km swim, a 180-km bike ride and a 42.2-km run), four weeks later.The journey and passion she seeks and follows, working rigorously towards her many firsts in the Ultraman, Ironman, Half-Ironman; training through the most challenging circumstances - both physically and mentally - but neve [...]

    15. This is a really well written memoir of Anu Vaidyanathan’s adventures as an endurance athlete, a PhD scholar, an entrepreneur and of her struggles navigating these aspects of life when up against meddling relatives, patriarchal coaches and research scholars, and grueling training schedules - all mostly on her own financing, because, well, it’s not cricket after all. Without sponsors, endurance sports can be a relatively expensive passion to compete in. But Anu doesn’t want to worry about t [...]

    16. This was honestly so unexpectedly brilliant and funny. I love Anu's attitude and her passion for so many things. One of the best books I have ever read, the kind that stays with you after you have closed the back cover. I found it so inspiring and wonderful, I laughed out loud numerous times and wanted to devour it because it was written so well. Strongly recommend it to everybody, especially girls. You'll love it, it is less about fitness and more about meeting life's challenges with a smile on [...]

    17. Occasionally it feels as if its getting repetitive, in addition at times a reader may question whats really driving Author to do such crazy hours of running especially when she is dedicating her remaining time to doing a PhD at university along with managing a business? But I guess may be I'll have to read Murakami's what I talk about when I talk about running to understand a runners mindset. :) It certainly is a good read, quite motivating in many ways.Hats off to Anu, who isn't just triathlete [...]

    18. The book Anywhere But Home by Anu Vaidyanathan is all about her ‘love for sports’. The book captures a veritable Venn Diagram of Family, Friendships and Prayer, where Anu occasionally found herself at the intersection of all three when approaching milestones in sport and in real-life, through what is every young person’s reality today, itinerancy. With color pictures of her milestones, achievements, etc this book which is categorised as ‘Memorable Book of 2016’ list on is an inspiring [...]

    19. This book by the first Asian woman to complete Ultraman Canada is extremely motivating. The author, Anu Vaidyanathan talks about challenges, failures, partial and complete successes. Truly inspiring and commendable, this book is a peek in her life and her ways by which she rose above ordinary.

    20. A beautifully written book, by a very intelligent writer. The journey of this lady is nothing short of miraculous. For the entire review on this book, please find the link provided below: prodigyandprodigal/

    21. It comes naturally, comparing Anu Vaidyanathan’s memoir to Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk about When I Talk about Running. For both of them, being an amateur triathlete has been a means of self-discovery rather than a pursuit of glory or fame. While Murakami’s book is contemplation on endurance sports and how it fuels a writer’s life and his creative process, Vaidyanathan’s story is about a tenacious woman and her will to find a way to her goals deftly maneuvering curveballs hurled at h [...]

    22. I got pumped up and ran a half marathon following week after reading this book. The writing is candid and motivational. Running became one of my favorite thing to do very recently. Anu's narration of course of events throughout her life and her rigorous training sessions motivated me to take that one step closer towards that passionate hobby. A worthy read.

    23. There is funny anecdote in the book where a guard at an institute wonders the weirdness of the fact that the people running the marathons pay to run it, instead of they been given participation fees. It perfectly captures the question on why do we take part in this races. Most of us know of sure that we won't be winning any medals, any mentions in newspapers, people don't come to watch us participate (as they do in others sports such as Cricket, Football, Badminton, etc). The whole thing feels q [...]

    24. I always write positive reviews unless and until the book is very uninteresting. Before opting for the give away I checked the book to see instantly I wrote asking for the copy for the cover and title attracted me. While reading I am not at all disappointed as the book made me at ease. Quick read and honest account of the adventures. While reading book I felt any one who take up a different path go through the same plight, and I admire the positive attitude and determination with which the autho [...]

    25. Anu Vaidyanathan in her book, Anywhere But home: Adventures in endurance gives all women, in particular Indian women from traditional households inspiration to literally, run, jog behind their dreams and catch it before they disappear into thin air. Her education is probably her biggest strength in a field that ironically tests physical endurance. It is evident that more than her stamina and talent, this has helped too immensely on her way up; a point all should take notice of. There is unfortun [...]

    26. It was a good quick read and another reminder of what it takes to pursue a sport in India that is not cricket, especially if you are a woman. It took a few pages to get into the flow and some thoughts in the book seemed hastily finished but an extra star since it's a story that should be told about perseverance and following your passion*The book was gifted by the author for an honest review

    27. A gruelling 10-km swim, a 420 km bike ride and an 84.4 km run. Exactly what you would expect your average Tam-Brahm would attempt. Not. Anu Vaidyanathan is anything but average. Despite her toning her achievements down in her book, what comes through is the tale of an incredibly determined woman battling against odds of poor infrastructure, equipment and the like, performing miracles despite everything.In fact, Anywhere But Home is not about her achievements. It’s not meant as a motivating spi [...]

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