The Arrangement 22:The Ferro Family

The Arrangement The Ferro Family THE SERIES WITH OVER MILLION COPIES SOLD Volume in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Series Everything has come to this one moment this one night The plan is ready to be executed The s

  • Title: The Arrangement 22:The Ferro Family
  • Author: H.M. Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE SERIES WITH OVER 12 MILLION COPIES SOLD Volume 22 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Series Everything has come to this one moment, this one night The plan is ready to be executed The sexy, dark billionaire Sean Ferro is at my side and in my bed As the erotic tension between us deepens, I see the man he could be the man he s becoming Sean has me in everyTHE SERIES WITH OVER 12 MILLION COPIES SOLD Volume 22 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Series Everything has come to this one moment, this one night The plan is ready to be executed The sexy, dark billionaire Sean Ferro is at my side and in my bed As the erotic tension between us deepens, I see the man he could be the man he s becoming Sean has me in every possible way and swears to protect me from my enemies But there s one thing he can t save, one thing that s fracturing inside of me and falling apart My heart is dying in my chest as my demons plague me without warning The darkness is vanishing from Sean s eyes and reappearing in mine The monster within is feeding, ready to rear its head as I wait in horror, disgusted with the woman I m becoming If I go through with this, if I cause the deaths of these people, there will be nothing left of me But if I don t fight back, I die I don t want to fight any, but there s a tiny reason urging me on, a secret I ve known for a while giving me strength to see this through Genre New Adult Romance, approx 125 pgs ea The Arrangement Vol 1 21 are on sale now 23 books total in this series THE FERRO FAMILY The Arrangement Sean AVery Damaged Peter Sidney Stripped Jon Cassie The Proposition Bryan Hallie Easy Joscyln Ferro Broken Promises Trystan Mari The Wedding Contract Nick Sky Secrets Lies Kerry H.M WARD S NEW YORK CITY LOVE STORIES Secrets Cole Anna Scandalous Jack Abby A Little Christmas Romance Chris Brooke Christmas Kisses Ryan Holly You can interact with this bestselling author at facebook AuthorHMWard Text HMWARD to 24587 and get a text reminder on release sale days.

    One thought on “The Arrangement 22:The Ferro Family”

    1. OH MY GODI ate these words off this page so fast. It is absolutely thrilling and suspenseful. I can only HOPE that there is a happy ending because right now it looks bad. Holly thank you so much for such a great ride with this series. Truly Talented.

    2. I cannot believe that this is the PENULTIMATE BOOK!! This series has been my guilty pleasure and it has been one series that I have loved in it's entirety. The end is near for our Sean and Avery and HM Ward really ramps up the suspense and intrigue in this one and leaves you HANGING!!!! AND THE LAST BOOK IS SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 2017!!!! OMG!!! How am I expected to wait THAT LONG!!!This book was bittersweet knowing that there will only be one more. But this is definitely a case of who to trust and [...]

    3. Omg I need the next one. Who leaves it right there ?????? Love the way Sean has changed and yet he's always been the same underneath. My heart goes out to poor Avery and for once I cant see how she can get out of everything that's happened and have an happy ever after. But holly has a way of making these things happen and I for once can't wait to finally read the very last book on the most twisted yet loved up couple on the island

    4. NEXT BOOK NOW. Finally, it is endingThis series had gradually become an action packed film where a group of people was trying to take down the villains. Dramatic or not?

    5. Will leave you on the edge of your seat! How many books can you read that gives it all? The humor, suspense and some of the most steamy scenes you have readTHIS BOOK HAS IT ALL!! I was left catching my breath with every passing page. The closer I got to the end, the more I was on the edge of my seat. I guarantee this book will leave you with an array of emotions bouncing off each other. All the players in the game are ready to take down Vic Jr and Miss Black. Will the strategy they are planning [...]


    7. Are you kidding me right now? Did that really just happen? I think this is one of my favorite installments in this series! I can't take it anymore! The arrangement is slowly killing me. I absolutely love these books! Holly gives us such great stories and leaves us wanting more! I don't know how much more my poor heart can take. I am horrified for poor Avery. I hope that Marty is all part of the plan, because I couldn't hate a character any more right now.The build up in this installment was wond [...]

    8. I received an ARC for an honest review. Plans have been formed to take down Black, Vic Jr. and anyone who is willing to take Avery and Sean's happiness away. As usual HM Ward throws in twists and turns of betrayal, love, life and death. How is Avery going to save herself, Sean and everyone she cares about? Will the plan win out in the end or will it be the end for all of them?

    9. The best TV show ever.I can't wait to read Volume 23, the conclusion of The Arrangement series.Hurry March 2017!

    10. It's all coming closer to that last book in the series. Players are finally getting ready to take Vic Jr out, along with Miss Black. Sean, Avery, Mel, Henry and Marty all have a part in this book. Love the way the author is setting things up, still lots of surprises along with intense twits and turns. Looking forward to the last book!

    11. Loved it , I read all 22 books in just under a week gripping from start to end I've already started buying the paperbacks

    12. WOW Great story. This one was as always good can’t wait to read the last one. She builds up the suspense- which I didn’t think she could any more than before

    13. Nearly thereMy biggest issue with this book is Avery forever going on about killing someone- this might sound harsh, but move on! Also WTF Marty??? 4 stars

    14. I'm really glad I waited until right before the last book releases to catch up on this series! The betrayal, the alliesOMG!! next week can't get here soon enough!!

    15. I can't wait for the conclusionI need to know how it ends! All these crazy loops and turns are driving me crazy! The last book can't come soon enough

    16. Holy cow does stuff go down for real in this one! Volume 22 is packed full of action, suspense, and one hell of a surprise! The group has a plan. A plan to get out of the mess they are in and have the lives they are yearning for. This plan isn't without risk. There is serious danger in their way before they are home free. Avery has to put herself in the middle of the lions den and things do not go according to plan. I can't say I'm surprised. I don't think anything in Avery's life has went accor [...]

    17. Ok ok ok. A lot to discuss a lot to take in. Sean leaving Constance Ferro behind. THATS RIGHT MAMA FERRO not dead. I was kinda of thinking of her being dead and was gonna miss her. UNTIL she showed up locked up in miss black mother house because Avery sick dumb A** brother locked her in there. OMG. Only Connie could survive that. AVERY PREGNANT, and finding out at the last moment before having to see Miss black. Haha sexual tension. Figures miss black wanted Avery all along. Marty a snake. Of co [...]

    18. Although the love story this series started at has now turned into a thriller, it's still ok. I have been following this series since book 1, waited in book book even. Now it's been over 3 years and this series still isn't over! Supposedly there's 1 more book! BUT not until March, 2017! Wow!When this series was first started and even through it, we were all told that there will be a book published every 4 months are so! That obviously has not happen with this series! Only reason I never started [...]

    19. Oh Man! H.M. Ward you are killing me!! Sean and Avery have a plan to get back and rid of Miss Black and Vic.JR. But something always goes wrong. Sean finds his mom tied up in Miss Blacks mom's house. Avery tries to convince Sean to take her with them and she tries to convince Constance. But they both say no. Because they know that if they take her Miss Black and Vick.Jr will know they are coming after them. What is going on with Marty is he on their side or his he evil??? It's so sad there's one [...]

    20. Avery has one night to put her plan in motion so she can be free of the downward spiral her life has just taken. Only one other knew of plan B. So many suspenseful, surprising, and sexy scenes going on this series has not lost its touch at all. In a place where us crazed Ferro Fans talk, all the spectrums of emotions came out that this one book will put you through. Do not sit around anyone for the last chapter, especially! That is where I let out my biggest Star Wars "Nooooooooooooo" impersonat [...]

    21. *gasp! Why oh why?!?! Can our Avery stay out of trouble? Can she and Sean find their HEA? In this the next to last edition of The Arrangement Series she, Sean, Mel, Marty, and Henry have devised a plan to end this nightmare once and for all! Will it work? Oh the humanity!!!! Another well written piece by HM Ward. Great character development and growth. Relationships are ever shifting and maturing. Are they all who they seem to be? What's that? A new character?Be prepared to run the marathon of e [...]

    22. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Let me see book 22. Surely I was not disappointed. We get some more answers. Avery and Sean have grown a lot through the last few books. Sean seems like he is back in with the living and Avery is his top priority. We have a great example what this man will do for her in this installment. I am disappointed that I have to wait until March of 2017 for the final book. Can Holly just write one extended novel to wrap up all the Ferro books? Like a nic [...]

    23. I could not put this book down, this whole series has captivated my attention since I found H.M. Ward, and I believe we were at #3, and now, it's almost over!!! This book was incredible!! So intense and entertaining. The surprises that come out are stunning, the way it's all coming together is mind blowing!! Avery is becoming the unexpected, Sean is so flawed, but yet so wonderful!! He has really proven he loves Avery and would do anything to protect her!! There was a time I doubted his sincerit [...]

    24. Yikes! So much information is finally jammed into this volume. There's real dialogue and action taking place. Will Avery and Sean be able to pull off their plan? Can Mel and Henry help save Ferro? What does Black really desire and what secrets does she hold? After many years of keeping me glued to this family, once again, Holly has me guessing. As the story comes to a close, I have so many questions. An ending reminiscent of earlier Arrangement volumes, H. M. Ward has a lot of ground to cover wi [...]

    25. HM Ward has set the stage for the final installment. Sean,Avery,Mel,Henry and Marty are planning to take down Vic Jr. and Miss Black, but will something or someone screw it up? Sean and Avery don't know how this will end, so they make sure to make the most of their alone time. There are a few surprises that you don't see coming, but HM always gives her readers a few in each book. Avery has a big surprise for Sean when this is all over. Sean and Avery deserve the happy ending, they have both been [...]

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