Human-Error Processor, Ghost in the Shell 1.5

Human Error Processor Ghost in the Shell Estas cuatro historias publicadas por Kodansha entre y iban a ser originalmente Manmachine Interface una continuaci n de Ghost in the Shell justo despu s de que la secci n derrotara a

  • Title: Human-Error Processor, Ghost in the Shell 1.5
  • Author: Masamune Shirow
  • ISBN: 9788467411881
  • Page: 320
  • Format: None
  • Estas cuatro historias, publicadas por Kodansha entre 1992 y 1995, iban a ser, originalmente, Manmachine Interface, una continuaci n de Ghost in the Shell justo despu s de que la secci n 9 derrotara al maestro de marionetas Son diversas historias que profundizan un poco m s en el d a a d a de la secci n Seg n palabras del propio Shirow, est muy contento con que estas p Estas cuatro historias, publicadas por Kodansha entre 1992 y 1995, iban a ser, originalmente, Manmachine Interface, una continuaci n de Ghost in the Shell justo despu s de que la secci n 9 derrotara al maestro de marionetas Son diversas historias que profundizan un poco m s en el d a a d a de la secci n Seg n palabras del propio Shirow, est muy contento con que estas p ginas vean la luz, porque despu s de que Manmachine Interface se centrara en Motoko, le daba pena no poder desarrollar a los otros miembros del grupo Incluye Fat Cat, Drive Slave, Mines of Mind y Lost Past.

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    1. Not as good as first volume, but I liked very much the fleshing and development of Batou, Togusa, Aramaki and all the Section 9 characters. They are just like old friends of me now.

    2. Human-Error Processer состоит из отдельных расследований Section 9 в отсутствие Кусанаги. Бато, Тогуса и Арамаки все так же хороши, хотя в их мужской компании можно приуныть - без Майора пропала искра, адреналин понизился до уровня полицейских боевиков (или повысился? меня лично это в сон [...]

    3. Slightly better in art and plot coherence than the first volume. It suffers greatly from the almost complete absence of the Major (it's unclear why Masamune would make that choice?) and is still not at all comparable to the excellence of Stand Alone Complex and 2nd GIG. It lacks an overarching plot, which was a good choice given the flop that was in volume one. It's not very long, at least.The footnotes ramped up seriously in this volume too, and they went from endearing to kind of pathetic and [...]

    4. Following the events from the first book, Human Error Processer serves more as a compilation of unused stories for the first Ghost in the Shell, rather than a sequel, but Shirow Masamune stated that this could be taken as a prequel to the second book so, yeah, out of the confusion; let’s just consider this as a direct continuation. That being said, and considering how hard it would’ve been to overcome the first’s one success, this is a lighthearted and friendlier in tone, unlike its predec [...]

    5. Get's an extra star for having Mokoto reappear in Section 9's life (and thereby reconnecting with Batou who was the last to see her at the end of the first volume).Also ties her into GitS 2.0/Volume two which was published before this one with the "Ms. Chroma" reference.Overall, it's a series of "short-stories" focused on Section 9. So no "the Major/Mokoto" in it outside that one story. But it's fine, because it seems better focused and plotted than 2.0/Man-Machine Interface.I think I prefer the [...]

    6. The good:-The art style, though it is not as detailed as Ghost in the shell 1, is cleanier, the action looks much better in this style.-The characters Togusa and Batou are very funny and engaging, something that we didn't saw much in previous volumes.-The last and the previous to last stories.The bad:-All of the stories looked the same.-This volume was missing the things that make Ghost in the shell 1 and 2 very innovative, in this volume we have a lot of people controlled by other people thorug [...]

    7. This was an interesting collection of stories from the Ghost in the Shell universe. It spends most of its time with the secondary characters. Some of the art looks strange compared to what other stories I have read and in a couple of places the art / story panels feel out of order and mixed up. The footnotes were entertaining and makes it feel like the author was insecure about the story. Maybe not up to the standards of the original Ghost in the Shell still a good read.

    8. Bridge between stronger volumesWhile Shirow's style remains consistent, the cases in this volume are mere episodes. We get some glimpses into Section 9 after the Major's departure, but very little groundbreaking material. The imagination and technology after flung father in the other volumes. The material here shows the basis for Stand Alone Complex, but that series is overall stronger.

    9. GITS 1.5Aquí son mas bien historias de casos de la novena sección después de la desaparición de Makoto, y si bien ella interviene en un caso es bajo su nueva identidad Chroma.Interesantes y mas enfocadas a la parte investigativa/policiaca.Aun así, algunos temas interesantes, como el caso del cadáver andante, los traficantes de armas muertos.4 stars

    10. The first time I heard of ghost in the shell was the movie version with Scarlett Johansson. I loved it. So when I saw this in the library I had to read it. My first Manga! It was fun but hard to read because the font was so small.

    11. 1.5是單元劇,對科技和哲學的探討少了很多比較像警察戰車隊呈現九課的歡樂日常日系列作最好啃的一本有很長一段時間我只看過第一集用第一集去對照漫畫的橋段用在TV和電影版那些地方看了1.5發現更多原著就有的情結也是很有趣看網路評論說Innocence用了很多1.5的哽但我看不太出來,還得多看幾遍

    12. A much better effort that the first collected edition. I think the shorter vignettes are working better than the longer narrative.

    13. Back to a nicer mix of technology and actual stories you can follow. Only thing missing now is an overarching storyline and conclusion.

    14. Bit better.Step up from Vol 1. Not quite so deep. Good crime stories. The Major is not the same from Vol 1. Much more professional.

    15. Is an interesting book that allows us to see what happens with Division #9 after Motoko's forced retirement and a brief introduction to what the Mayor had become for Vol #2.Interesting cases, but is not the same without Motoko.

    16. I love Shirow Masamune's work and along with Appleseed, GITS is of course one of my favorites. I think overall giving it a 4 out of 5 is a bit fair given his work so far. Not so much the quality but the Japanese original formatting is a bit annoying. It's again probably in respect to how he wanted it printed fine, but I think honestly a little more of the Major would have been good as well. Then again there is more to Section 9 than just the Major and I think that's good. She's a heavy-hitter in [...]

    17. I was a big fan of the original GITS manga, which I first read as a ninth-grader. Besides all the nudity and violence, the extremely well thought-through action sequences and worldbuilding moves stayed with me as a bar to try to hit when writing. In that work, Shirow struck a wonderful balance between verisimilitude, mysticism, mystery, politics, and giant robots kicking ass. I had to read it a number of times to get everything, but it was worth it.Which was why I was so disappointed to read thi [...]

    18. Crisp, detailed drawings and a complex series of stories can't quite elevate a dry procedural above its roots. While I appreciate GITS and consider myself a huge fan, this volume left me a bit cold. The humour seemed somewhat off and crude/childish.The plots were appropriate for the series and the genre, but we're honestly too dry for me. The author's little footnotes, while at first seeming J interesting, quickly grew aggravating, as they seemed to be taking shortcuts around the narrative and m [...]

    19. Masamune Shirow is one of my all time favorite artists, but remember, I am a guy, so take from that what you will. However, in terms of manga, he is the best. Not only is his art top notch, but his stories are so complicated and deep that one needs to follow government structure and political maneuvering to understand what is going on. Sure, you can just drool over the overly endowed, very very easy on the eye figured, scantily clad women, or, you can look at them and appreciate the world of cyb [...]

    20. I hadn't read any GITS material in quite some time, but I had this series sitting in my comics pile, and decided to read it today. It's a collection of four stand-alone stories. They're all basically "procedural" stories, detailing a single Section 9 investigation. There's a lot of high-concept sci-fi stuff here, as you'd expect.Shirow includes a lot of entertaining footnotes, covering everything from Batou's seat belt usage habits to what kind of sandwich somebody is eating. There's a lot of de [...]

    21. Less polished than its predecessor, Ghost in the Shell (which I rated 5/5 stars and left a more descriptive review!), and without the conceptually fascinating ending, but still a fun journey with familiar characters. An interesting aspect of my reading experience with this graphic novel is that my copy is somewhat less westernized than I had expected--in english, but with the reading direction from right to left (which left me moderately confused--but surprisingly not totally lost--until I figur [...]

    22. Un volume dedicato alle indagini della sezione 9 dopo quello che succede a Motoko alla fine del primo volume. Le storie originalmente sono state pubblicate dal 1991 al 1996. Soffro nello scrivere che sono invecchiate maluccio. Che Shirow mascheri trame molto semplici con dialoghi complicati e che a volte partono totalmente per la tangente, invece, me n'ero accorto già all'epoca. Non è necessariamente un male, è una scelta stilistica. A volte gli riusciva (uso il passato perchè ormai da quant [...]

    23. I was slightly confused by this book, but I think that may be because I wasn't aware of the back story to it. It is my husband's I saw it on our bookcase and thought it would be a nice easy read. I did really enjoy this book once i had an idea as to what was going on and it was really easy to read through. Some of the characters, not the main ones but the essentially bad guys were quite disturbing in the way they carried out their crimes. I highly suggest this to anyone who likes Sci-Fi future b [...]

    24. Más que una sinopsis o revisión, una advertencia: estas son historias de espionaje e investigación situadas en el universo de cyborgs, IAs, informatización creadas por Masamune Shirow, es un manga japonés que sigue los códigos y estilo del manga, GIT (Ghost in the Shell), la película animada de Mamoru Oshii, fue una adaptación del manga, esta es la versión real, requiere atención e inteligencia de parte del lector.

    25. It's nice to see how the boys of Section 9 operate sans Major Kusanagi, although she is not entirely absent from these stories. Some of the art was disappointing, although the way Shirow draws Batou's facial expressions is always a delight. I forgot that Fuchikomas were in the manga; their presence brought needed levity to some rather bloody situations. Makes me want to rewatch both seasons of Stand Alone Complex (except I sadly don't own it!).

    26. If you're a fan of Ghost in the Shell, especially if you've seen the Stand Alone Complex movie Solid State Society, you'll like this collection of comics. There's a lot of references that were clearly used by the Solid State Society folks. This isn't a good place for anyone to start, though. At the very least, you should see the movies first, and ideally all the Stand Alone Complex stuff as well.

    27. A series of short police procedurals set in the near future. I found some of the stories hard to follow and I wonder if it is because I haven't read Ghost in the Shell. Reading the material before going to the anime or the new movie coming out soon.

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