Reckless I d do anything for her even give up my crown As the son of mob boss Don Carlo Bertoli I m considered the crown prince of the Bertoli Family but it s a title I d rather earn than have it handed to m

  • Title: Reckless
  • Author: Lauren Landish
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I d do anything for her even give up my crown As the son of mob boss Don Carlo Bertoli, I m considered the crown prince of the Bertoli Family, but it s a title I d rather earn than have it handed to me When Luisa Mendosa, the beautiful daughter of a rival mob boss shows up on my father s doorstep, I know I shouldn t be getting involved with her But with long, hon I d do anything for her even give up my crown.As the son of mob boss Don Carlo Bertoli, I m considered the crown prince of the Bertoli Family, but it s a title I d rather earn than have it handed to me When Luisa Mendosa, the beautiful daughter of a rival mob boss shows up on my father s doorstep, I know I shouldn t be getting involved with her But with long, honey blonde hair, a voluptuous body, and an ass that would make Sir Mix A Lot jealous, I can t help myself Her father doesn t approve of us, and when he learns she s carrying my baby, all hell s going to break loose maybe even a war But she s worth it, and I ll do whatever it takes to keep Luisa and my baby safe Book 2 of the Bertoli Family Trilogy Each book is a stand alone and features a different couple Reckless is a full length novel with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger Includes bonus novel Addicted and a preview of Over The Middle, the second book in my sports romance series.

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    1. It was hard to get into, but that's personal so it won't happen to you. I didn't want to start this one but it was included in another one and I wanted to finish the whole book. So I put on my big girl panties and start and finished it. The blurb sounded like what I would pick out so that was easy! That's why I found it weird that it was hard to get into. I think I'm becoming a book messTomasso wants nothing to do with the legacy that is for him so he goes away for four years to get his mind aro [...]

    2. As this story was one of 3 under the "Mr. Fiance" title, my review of "Reckless" is included in the review of "Mr. Fiance". In a nutshell, it won't make my Must Read list.

    3. Who said a Mafia's life couldn't be romantic? There is plenty of romance, guns and hot headedness in this book!

    4. What a fantastic follow up in the Bertoli Crime Series with book #2 and Tomasso and Luisa's story. Tomasso is Don Carlo’s son and he has taken time to leave the family for school and has only now come home, ready to take part in the family business. When he comes home, he comes face to face with Luisa Mendosa , the daughter of a rival mob boss. Luisa is in the US taking care of some family mob business for her father. What Luisa was doing was legal and above board since she never had been in t [...]

    5. For a Brazilian girl, who is from the Southern state in Brasil and lived pretty close to Porto Alegre, it gets frustating the mixes up between Portuguese and Spanish names and words and also some weather description that applies better to Rio de Janeiro (where I curently live), but it's also exciting getting this part of Brasil portrayed, which is rare.

    6. GoodAfter reading book 1 of this series, I had to go right onto book 2. This series has got much better as it goes on. I enjoyed book 1, but I enjoyed this one more. I love Luisa and Thomas. Another mafia story with plenty of twists and turns. Definitely worth a read.

    7. FamiliesWhen your Father sends you to try and do business with another mob boss , things can get tricky. Especially when you add in a cocky mob son that you can't seem to resist. Let the games begin.

    8. This was an extra book at the end of Mr Fiance. It was a wonderful read and surprize and has made me want to go back over the other two stories.

    9. DOES THE MAFIA PRINCE GET HIS PRINCESS?This isn’t my first book to read by Lauren Landish and it won’t be the last. I really like her books. Lauren Landish has a really good series going with the Bertoli family. Then again there is nothing better than a BAD BOY and his amazing, God like body!!! This book has everything you could possibly want in a BAD BOY book. It has a Mob Boss or two, it has a BAD BOY wanting the enemy’s daughter (forbidden romance), a mob princess and an Alpha male, sex [...]

    10. I received this for a honest review. What a great story. This is the second book in the series but don’t worry this book works fine as a standalone. Tomasso was now back home. He was the son of the mob boss Carlo Bertoli. His job was pretty simple really. Tomasso went around picking up money for his father. Carlo was surprised when his son had returned and was probably wondering if Tomasso would ever get in the family business. Luisa Mendosa was this pretty Latina who was also the daughter of [...]

    11. I'm loving this new Bertoli Series! In this book Don Bertoli's son Tomasso has come back into the fold after being away in the deep south for college. He left the family to try and find what he really wanted, but then realized what he really wanted was his family. Not wanting to be a spoiled mafia prince, Tomasso tells his father he wants to work his way up from the bottom so he can learn about the family business the right way, thus also gaining respect from others in the organization. He knows [...]

    12. An honest review for this ARC. This is the second book in the Bertili family series. Reckless is the story of Tomasso, Don Carlo Bertoli's eldest son and Luisa Mendosa the daughter of a Brazilian mob boss looking to expand his company into the Seattle region. Luisa is a strong woman who does not want to be "looked" after by a man. Tomasso has come to realize his place in his family and has come back to learn what it is to be part of it. He ends up being tasked with protecting Luisa after several [...]

    13. After reading the first in the series I didn't have very high expectations for Reckless. But again the blurb mentioned a surprise pregnancy and I couldn't resist. That's how I found myself reading another dispassionate story between two uninteresting characters. I almost DNF but I'd hoped this would get better. Tommy wasn't as crappy an H as Daniel from the first book but the author must really like to make her Hs appear weak and unmanly because the only way Tommy can get Luisa in the end it to [...]

    14. *I received this book in exchange of an honest review*When you wish you were a mafia wife just after reading a book, it certainly means that this book was very effective with a big and awesome hit!!!!Lauren Landish transports us once more into the mafia world, but this time with a double dose!!!!! The Italian mafia meets the Brazilian one!!!! And what an amazing match!!! I am not even talking about the amount of ego, pride and stubbornness but about the amount of sexiness and the molten lava lev [...]

    15. I freaking loved this story! I loved how independent and strong but still feminine Luisa is and the loyalty and honor she has for her family. Tomasso was a quiet, sweet alpha male. He was perfect for Luisa and sometimes you need someone to balance you out and I felt Tomasso did that for her. Their chemistry was off the charts and I was fighting along with them for their happy ending. I like books that not only have romance but sometimes a suspenseful storyline and this book fits the bill. Just l [...]

    16. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Tomasso, handsome, sexy and heir to the Bertoli throne. Bertoli, as in the infamous Mob Family. Tomasso wants a normal life but his name makes that impossible. He's back home now from college, back from normal. Then he meets Luisa. Luisa is from Brazil and she is also the daughter of a Mob Boss. She's strong, ballsy and beautiful. Something terrifying has happened and Tomasso must protect her. They are drawn closer and clo [...]

    17. >Book Review – Reckless –>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the second in the Bertoli Crime Family series and ends in an HEA. Tomasso is the oldest son of the Bertoli family and next in line to run the businesses. He returns from college ready to earn his position and the respect of his father’s men. The last thing he wanted was to fall for a rival family’s daughter, Luisa. Tomasso is assigned to protect Luisa and the attraction is undeniable.>I liked the character of T [...]

    18. Tomasso Bertoli is back in Washington ready to be a part of the family business, the mob, but he wants to start towards the bottom so when he takes over he will deserve that spot instead of just being the boss's son. Luisa Mendosa is in Seattle on business for her family, making contacts to sell their Brazilian beef to and meet with the Bertoli family about a partnership with her father, the boss. When danger surrounds the two they are stuck together until the threat can be taken care of. They a [...]

    19. Reckless is book 2 in series, but can be read as a standalone This is Tomasso's storyTomasso Bertoli has been away at college for 4 years. He has now decided as heir-apparent to Carlo (his father) that it's time for him to earn his way back into the family!!!Luisa is part of the Mendosa family from Porto Alege in Brazil. She is visiting the US to do business with the Bertoli's, and gets more than she bargained for!!!The energy between these two is off the charts and you can literally feel it thr [...]

    20. After graduating from college Tomasso is returning home to join the family business but he doesn't want to start at the top like everyone thinks he does. Even with being the prince of the Mafia Tomasso wants to earn his spot in the family business and that means starting at the bottom for him. Just when Tomasso gets back they will be hosting a dinner with a Brazilian woman to try and work out a deal with her family to help with an export/import business. What Tomasso wasn't counting on was falli [...]

    21. This is the first time reading a novel by this author but not the last and I'm looking to read more. This is an awesome story full of betrayal, mystery, romance and drama which starts after Luisa visits the Bertoli's  mansion. Luisa is the daughter of a notorious mobster boss in Brazil. Tomasso is the heir to the infamous Seattle and Tacoma Mobster boss, who initially didn't want anything to do with the family business and left for college for a normal life. After returning home from college a [...]

    22. I recieved this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book! I really liked Tommaso. Young, cocky and good looking met his match in sassy, tough and exotic Luisa. Their chemistry was strong right off the bat.Two things for the reason I gave this four stars instead of five. One - some of the dialogue between Luisa and Tommaso kind of was, eye roll worthy. Second - I really wish we could have had more chapters of Lusia and Tommaso interaction. I feel that it was like, [...]

    23. Great storyTomasso Bertoli is the son of the godfather of the mob in the Seattle Tacoma area. Being born into a mafia family isn't what he wanted as a future but it was part of his heritage. Luisa Mendosa was the daughter of the British mafia, also wanted a different future but family was important and there weren't a lot of opportunities for work in her small area of the country.Louisa's father sends her to the US to convince Tomasso's father to join alliances with the Mendosa's. Attraction bet [...]

    24. Tomasso and Luisa Mendosa are children of mobsters. He left for college and has not returned to the business. She is sent there to see if the families can make a deal and it is soon evident her life is in danger. WIth him assigned to protect her, the two have time to get to know one another and become close. It really creates issues for everyone when the results of their time together become clear. I enjoy the mob romances and have read many by Lauren Landish and other authors. It definitely app [...]

    25. I received this for my honest review. Tomasso the handsome, sexy heir to the Bertoli throne, he wanted a normal life so went away to college for 4 years now he's back. to start again with the family. Luisa is the daughter of a Mob boss from Brazil who is strong, ballsy and beautiful after being sent to America to make connections for her family. After meeting for a coffee they return to the conference but before they enter a bomb goes off, Tomasso and Luisa set out to find who is out to do her h [...]

    26. An amazing and outstanding, romantic story by the wonderfully talented Lauren Landish. I received an ARC for an honest review. This is the second story in the Bertoli Crime Family series and is a stand alone read. Tomasso Bertoli, eldest son of the Bertoli Mafia Family, is back home to learn the inner workings of the empire. Luisa Mendosa, guest of the Bertoli's, is the daughter of a Mendosa Mafia Family in Brazil. Louisa is targeted by a terrorist group and Tomasso becomes her bodyguard. At fir [...]

    27. Lauren always writes an emotionally packed story with tingling suspense and heart warming romance. This book is about Luisa, Mafia princess from Brazil and Tomasso, Prince of the Bertoli Mafia family in the Seattle area. Luisa's father seeks a business alliance with the Bertolis and she is sent to pave the way for negotiations. Unexpected events bind Tomasso & Luisa together in a mystery that threatens her life. There is also a strong emotional attraction that challenges preconceived prejudi [...]

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