Flower Fairies of the Garden

Flower Fairies of the Garden Twenty four illustrated poems depict the fairies who live in the garden among the crocuses snapdragons and other flowers

  • Title: Flower Fairies of the Garden
  • Author: Cicely Mary Barker
  • ISBN: 9780723237587
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twenty four illustrated poems depict the fairies who live in the garden among the crocuses, snapdragons, and other flowers.

    One thought on “Flower Fairies of the Garden”

    1. This isn't really a review but rather an homage to a book, a memory, a keepsake. This book was my mother's from when she was a little girl and she kept it in her underwear drawer. My parents' room was the forbidden zone and we only went in when invited, otherwise I would just stand upon the threshold looking in, hoping I'd be invited. So if I was, I remember it smelled like talcum powder, it was usually when my mum was getting ready for going out. I'd get to see the special stuff and this was on [...]

    2. I'm happy to say that I've grown all the flowers in this book (almost all at the same time) and seeing them on these pages in the middle of winter brings back happy memories of summer. I love them all but one of my favourites is the Narcissus who has a cute "ruffle" around her waist. Another favourite is The Song of the Pink Fairies. Did you know that:"Snip, snip, snip, go busy fairy scissors,Pinking out the edgesof the petals of the Pinks"Ha ha, get it? Fairies with their pinking shears! And he [...]

    3. This lovely volume’s pages are petite, a suitable format for youngsters to read, and appropriate to the diminutive size of the flower fairies themselves. Originally published in 1944, each page contains a short poem about a particular kind of flower and the fairies that are known to inhabit it. Each poem is illustrated on the facing page with a charming and detailed watercolor of the flower and its fairies. There are girl fairies, boy fairies, and even baby fairies, so this volume could be sui [...]

    4. This book was first published in 1944 in England as part of a series of books by Cicely Mary Barker. There are 19 garden fairies in the book, and each illustration of a fairy is done in color. There is also one black-and-white drawing with it's own poem/prose.The Forget-Me-Not fairy entry has something interesting; the idea of pink for girls and blue for boys goes back at least as far as when this book was written. I've read elsewhere that, at one time, the colors were the exact opposite, but I [...]

    5. The Song of the Forget-Me-Not Fairy Where do fairy babies lieTill they're old enough to fly?Here's a likely place, I think,'Mid these flowers, blue and pink,(Pink for girls and blue for boys:Pretty things for babies' toys!)Let us peep now, gently. Why,Fairy baby, here you lie!Kicking there, with no one by,Baby dear, how good you lie!All alone, but O, you're not-You could never be-forgot!O how glad I am I've found you,With Forget-me-nots around you,Blue, the colour of the sky!Fairy baby, Hushaby! [...]

    6. My nan read these poems with me each night that I stayed over, and for that they will always be special to me.This specific collection was especially meaningful as all the flowers listed in the book were in my garden at home, so i used to daydream that there were fairies in the garden hiding behing petals, pretending they weren't there!I just wished that Barker would have considered doing a story. The poems were beautiful, but a story conbining the fairies would have been magical!

    7. It's funny how little things like this stay with you. I covered my room in Flower Fairy photos when I was younger, and memorised the poems. I thoroughly believed fairies existed, and (though in a different way) I still do. This book (and the others of the Flower Fairy series) gave me a bunch of memories and a new way of looking at things - it really helped with my imagination and seeing the world and nature as much more magical as a child, which I think is really important!

    8. I read this at the weekend and still enjoyed the poetry and the beautiful illustrations as much as I did when I was a child. Must look out for the rest of the Flower Fairy series to relive more of my childhood days.

    9. Once you read a Flower Fairy book I doubt you will ever look at flowers the same again. Each will have a personality! Cecely's books have sense a sense of peace about them.

    10. My boy loved these books. We read them by season and this was the last one for us. So sad to reach the end of the series.

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