The Surprise Garden

The Surprise Garden As the sun s warmth brings their garden to life small children watch the small shoots became all kinds of tasty vegetables in eye catching colors Full color

  • Title: The Surprise Garden
  • Author: Zoe Hall Shari Halpern
  • ISBN: 9780590100755
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As the sun s warmth brings their garden to life, small children watch the small shoots became all kinds of tasty vegetables in eye catching colors Full color.

    One thought on “The Surprise Garden”

    1. I would use his book during the engage petition of a lesson for 1st graders on plants. I would have a few different seeds that would be on the desk. The students would focus on the seed differences and the types of plants the seed may grow into. During the explain portion I might ask by just looking at the different seeds can we tell what type of plant it would be. After making a list if different characteristics of the seeds we would plant the different seeds like the kids did in the book and s [...]

    2. My favorite part was seeing the pictures at the end of the book showing the seeds that start each food plant.I do enjoy this illustrator’s pictures of plants and of dogs, but I’m not enthusiastic about the people.The story was just okay but I give it an extra star for the information and for the (basic) information about growing vegetables & fruit and for making them seem appealing.

    3. This book is all about gardening and different types of plants. It teaches you how to garden and what types of seeds grow each plant. The neatest part of this book is that it tells where each plant grows. Some grows on trees, underground, and on top of the dirt, and in bushes. This book is a good introductory garden book and teaches kids more about where their food comes from.

    4. This book is about some kids who plant different kinds of seeds, not knowing what each of the seeds are. So when the garden grows, it’s a surprise! I have seen this book used for practicing comprehension skills such as asking questions. Recommended for primary students.

    5. simple text and pictures tell the story of children learning to plant seeds, watch them grow and then harvest their crops. Focuses more on vegetables than fruits. All ages with the right baby group otherwise toddlers and up.

    6. This was such a fun addition to my storytime about gardens, and the kids loved shouting "Surprise!" with me over and over again. I especially appreciated the fact that all the seeds were planted in the same way and yet still grew. Shows how versatile and forgiving seeds really are.

    7. A great book for the toddler crowd to learn about gardening and where their food comes from (starts with seeds to full grown vegetables).

    8. The kids have planted a gardenbut what will grow? The students in primary levels will enjoy predicting what will grow in the garden.

    9. Simple, collage illustrations accompany this story about kids who randomly plant seeds and wait to see the literal fruits of their labor.

    10. 24 months - I liked the idea of this book. We tried to guess what each type of seed was going to turn into and it was fun to see the garden grow and produce fruit.

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