Nick's Trip

Nick s Trip The private eye business is in a slump and Nick Stefanos is keeping bar It stops him drinking while at work and gives him time to ask about the stabbing of a gay reporter When a request to find a mi

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  • Title: Nick's Trip
  • Author: George P. Pelecanos
  • ISBN: 9781852427146
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • The private eye business is in a slump, and Nick Stefanos is keeping bar It stops him drinking while at work, and gives him time to ask about the stabbing of a gay reporter When a request to find a missing wife comes from an old friend, and we are promptly sidetracked into flashback city with an account of a speed and booze fuelled teenage jaunt around the Southland, itThe private eye business is in a slump, and Nick Stefanos is keeping bar It stops him drinking while at work, and gives him time to ask about the stabbing of a gay reporter When a request to find a missing wife comes from an old friend, and we are promptly sidetracked into flashback city with an account of a speed and booze fuelled teenage jaunt around the Southland, it is clear that this is one of those elegies for friendship that are part of the Chandler tradition Things are going to end badly, and they do along the way, though, Pelecanos introduces us to some jauntily rough edged characters and Nick applies intelligence, sensitivity and legwork to the puzzles before him The picture of the slums of Washington DC and of the seedy roadhouses and country bars through which Nick chases the missing April is the right downbeat stuff What stops this being just a good routine private eye mystery, though, is Nick it is partly his endlessly surprising back story and partly the extent to which he is a man on the skids, still not quite accepting that he cannot stay young and uncontrolled forever Roz Kaveney

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    1. Whe a high school friend of Nick's hires him to find his missing wife, Nick takes the case and quickly finds out nothing is as it seems. While Nick looks for the wife, he also looks into the murder of a reporter friend of his. Are the two events linked? Will Nick be able to solve the cases and escape with his life?As Nick Stefanos' life continues to side downhill, pushed by a waterfall of booze, my esteem for George Pelecanos continutes to rise. Nick's Trip, much like the previous novel, A Firin [...]

    2. Nick Stefanos walked away from his job as head of advertising for an electronics retailer to become a private investigator. At least that was the plan, but with the detective business being slow, Nick is also working as a bartender in a dive that lets him regularly indulge in his main hobby of binge drinking.You might think that getting hired by his old friend Billy to track down his missing wife would get Nick to put a cork in the jug, but you’d be wrong. Billy was doing business with a small [...]

    3. This is the second installment in George Pelecanos's trilogy featuring Nick Stefanos, who lives in Washington, D.C. When last seen in A Firing Offense, Nick had left his job at Nutty Nathan's electronic store and had gotten his license as a P.I. Clients are few and far between, though, and so Nick takes a job as a bartender in a dive bar called the Spot where there's never a lack of clients.There's no lack of booze at the Spot either, and Nick seems in danger of watching his young life slip away [...]

    4. In Nick Stefanos’ second outing, he is now officially a PI. Nick’s Trip has him taking on two cases, one of a friend whose murder had gone unsolved long enough, the other in the person of a childhood friend who walks through the door of the bar in which Nick supposedly works part time; he spends more time there than doing any actual investigating. While Nick’s world only touches the street-level life that Pelecanos has become known for exploring, he still finds new and refreshing ways to e [...]

    5. ”Now one of those sows – that one over there – she’s lyin’ back because she senses it’s her time to die. I haven’t fed her for twenty-four hours, for the reason of the mess the killin’ makes if there’s food in her belly”from lwcurreyGeorge Pelecanos’ second novel, published in 1993. This is the second of the three “Nick Stefanos” novels (the others being A Firing Offense (1992) and Down By the River Where the Dead Men Go (1995).Narrated by the main character (named – [...]

    6. Oh Nick, Nick, you crazy fool, you. I'm doing a sober month right now, but in July, let's totally hook up & do shots of bourbon & drink beers all night long, shall we? At least once all the bang-bang is done, because I'm happy to leave all bit that to you. And as much as I'd like to join you on the cigarettes, I'm afraid I'll have to pass on those too, because I am not going down that road ever again. First off, I am absolutely mad for the covers of the Serpent's Tail editions of these b [...]

    7. NICK'S TRIP is a booze soaked road trip into the underbelly of greed and deceit. What looks to be a simple enough missing persons case turns complex when Nick's high school friend casually omits portions of the truth to travel with Nick down memory lane, all the while building lies and laying the foundation for murder. Unlike A FIRING OFFENCE, Nick Stefanos is a fully fledged PI working in a bar to supplement his chosen career. This allows him to pick and choose his caseload. So when an old high [...]

    8. Nick’s Tripwas originally published in 1993. It is also Pelecanos’ second published book. You will note that my links are leading you to the individual books on GR rather than the collected book Three Great Novels Down By The River A Firing Offense Nick's Trip that I am reading. I think the Three Great Novels book is a rather rare find. I think I just lucked out and found a relatively cheap one. I thought that this book, the second in the trio, is much better than the first. For me, I found [...]

    9. If I had a dollar for every beer or Jim Beam the protagonist Nick Stefanos takes during the course of this novel, I could retire today. There is some seriously hard drinking going on in this book about a bartender who earns money on the side as a private detective. This time the case involves an old friend but as it turns out, the case is much more complicated than it appears. Nick's trips with his buddy Billy Goodrich, both past and present, collide in a denouement that will determine their fut [...]

    10. (3.5) Didn't like this as much as the first one (two cases for the price of one took the wind out of its sails) but its still an entertaining look at an alcoholic slacker stuck in early 90s DC with nothing better to do than to solve crimes. Pelecanos writes these books with a verve that I wish was in his later work. And perhaps that's the issue: his later work lacks the personal connection clearly felt in these novels.

    11. I began reading George Pelecanos after binge-watching The Wire a few years back and discovering he was one of the creative minds behind it. I've bounced around in his catalog ever since and finally got around to Nick's Trip, his 2nd novel. It's a beaut, with a good plot, great characters, and real noir writing. As with all his books, Pelecanos has a knack for painting a scene, particularly those set in the DC area. He obviously is a music fan and always includes aural sensations in his prose, wh [...]

    12. Nick Stefanos, newly licensed P.I has discovered that just hanging out the shingle in the yellow pages is not enough to bring in hoards of customers, so to help pay the rent he hires out as a bartender to help make ends meet. That’s where his old drinking buddy, Billy Goodrich, finds him, hoping to secure Nick’s investigative services. It seems Billy’s wife, April, has run off and disappeared, ostensibly with Joey DiGiardano, son of an aging local crime boss. For old time’s sake, Nick ta [...]

    13. Again, a fun, energetic romp through the early Pelecanos series featuring the obviously semi-autobiographical bartender/electronics salesguy/private eye, Nick Stefanos. Although it was an enjoyable read, I became increasingly annoyed by all the "magical" business. Not literally supernatural, thank God, but annoying none-the-less.For instance, we've got this magic dog, one that never needs to be fed, watered, walked, groomed, or paid attention to. This is the kind of dog who, the one time he is l [...]

    14. This is the second novel in the Nick Stephanos trilogy, Nick is a former retail executive turned private investigator. Business on the PI front is pretty weak for Nick, and he is tending bar at a dive called The Spot in order to make ends meet. When a friend from his teenage years comes to the bar looking to hire Nick to find his estranged wife, Nick reluctantly takes on the case. It turns out that the wife had taken on with a local mob figure and then absconded with a large amount of money befo [...]

    15. *Really, I'd give this 3.5 stars.“ 'You worry too much,' I said, but judging from the pale look on Billy's face, that bit of analysis didn't help” (32).“d his partner was the saxman, an aging, bottom-heavy Greek I had seen around town who took his scotch through a straw” (32).“As I watched him cross the room, I felt an odd sadness, that sense of irrevocable loss one feels upon seeing a friend who has changed so drastically over so many years” (36).“ 'd shut her eyes, shut her eyes [...]

    16. I read "Nick's Trip" right after "A Firing Offense". It is an improvement. Unlike the first book, this one seems to have a fairly coherent plot that is stretched evenly throughout the book and comes to a satisfactory end. There are diversions into drug binges and drunken benders, and an interesting subplot with a lesbian who wants to become a mom. However, in this novel, the diversions are secondary to the plot.Unfortunately, Pelecanos' greatest creation from the first novel, Johnny McGinnes, is [...]

    17. This second novel in the Nick Stefanos series fails to measure up to the cleverness of the first novel, A Firing Offense. Now a fully-licensed gumshoe, Stefanos drifts (and drinks in an absurd fashion) through his investigations laboriously trying to come off like a bad-ass while contemplating existential ramblings in a cheap knock off of Henry Miller's Tropic of Capricorn. The story line felt very "Dick Wolf-ish" (Law & Order) and only my obsessive compulsion that requires me to finish a bo [...]

    18. Nick has problems. Specifically, he has one underlying problem at the heart of his estrangement from friends, lovers, and family. This problem is never explained or resolved in this volume, but I don't mind. As with the first installment in this series, there are music and pop culture references galore. The plot is tight and the writing entertaining.

    19. I don't read many crime novels but I read this and it was very excellent, almost believable, if that isn't asking too much of a thriller.

    20. Endless descriptions of bars and what music plays and what street he's driving on. It gets a little tedious. I probably won't bother with the third Stefanos book.

    21. It's pretty on par with the first one. Nick Stefanos isn't an amazing or groundbreaking character by any means, but he's interesting enough in both the detective aspects and the personal character aspects.

    22. I picked up this book from the local library because the cover caught my eye, then read the story outline and decided to give it a try. I read it very quickly and found the story very interesting!

    23. It's all about the characters. Pelacanos always does such a wonderful job putting you right in their life: from the quirky details to the neighborhood they live.

    24. Compared with the first book in the series, A Firing Offense, Nick's Trip starts off on a much better note. The Spot is a much more interesting backdrop than the electronics store, and Stefanos feels less like a professional pursuing a hobby (or obsession) and more like a broken down drunk, which makes the character more likable somehow. Add to that another great road trip like the one with McGinness in Offense (two, if you count the retelling of his earlier trip) and you have what should add up [...]

    25. Read the STOP SMILING interview with George Pelecanos:This interview appeared in the STOP SMILING DC IssueDC CONFIDENTIALThe Stop Smiling Interview with George PelecanosBy Walker LamondIt turns out the paper coasters on George Pelecanos’ coffee table were lifted from the short-lived City Museum of DC. Printed up to promote the museum’s opening and tout the city’s hometown heroes, they read, “Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Elmore Leonard, all rolled into one Silver Spring boy.” [...]

    26. This was a terrific continuation of the Nick Stefanos series that Pelecanos began with "A Firing Offense".One of the things I liked best about this story was that the writer shows the official beginning of Nick's private detective career. Nick works part-time as a bartender, a job he took once he realized that the private detection business may not pay enough for him to live on. It allows for some interesting dynamics in Nick's life.Perhaps one of the aspects of this story, as in most of Pelecan [...]

    27. Nick's Trip is grim and strong like Chandler. Pelecanos, to those who are familiar with The Wire is one of the Baltimore boys club that wrote for it in the early days. He has the sparse, pure style of the best journalists and a familiarity with drinking and smoking that old journalists understood and embraced as the necessities of their job. Nick, the central character of this book, is a private detective who undertakes a trip for his old friend, Billy, to find his missing wife. As with the best [...]

    28. Nick Stefanos, DC bartender with a new P.I. license, lives in a noir world--a world where honor and friendship are the things that matter most, and where violence and betrayal hide in every shadowy alley and in the darkened corners of dreary old-man taverns. When his old friend Billy Goodrich, co-pilot of Nick's fabled coming-of-age trip at 18, appears in the Spot requesting Nick's help in locating his missing wife, Nick readily agrees. A man is there for his friends, even those he hasn't seen i [...]

    29. Mini ReviewAn alcoholic solves a couple of murders (one of them is solved by the neighboring hobo); drinks an unnaturally, odious amount of alcohol (Pelecanos somehow converts drinking into an ostentatious act deriving a voyeuristic pleasure from describing it); sprouts cynical witticisms that feels completely forced (because he essentially behaves like a stupid teenager just after he had delivered the latest bombastic platitude) and listens to atrocious hippie music (on the plus side you will r [...]

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