Food, Health and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Life

Food Health and Happiness On Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Life Oprah Winfrey has spent her life trying to make peace with food which has been such a source of pleasure and meaning for her Now Oprah has found ways to have her favorite meals while also controlling

  • Title: Food, Health and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Life
  • Author: Oprah Winfrey
  • ISBN: 9781250126535
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Oprah Winfrey has spent her life trying to make peace with food, which has been such a source of pleasure and meaning for her Now Oprah has found ways to have her favorite meals while also controlling her weight, and in Food, Health and Happiness she shares not only her struggles with food but also the recipes that have allowed food to be a source of joy for her again WiOprah Winfrey has spent her life trying to make peace with food, which has been such a source of pleasure and meaning for her Now Oprah has found ways to have her favorite meals while also controlling her weight, and in Food, Health and Happiness she shares not only her struggles with food but also the recipes that have allowed food to be a source of joy for her again With help from the chefs who have cooked for her over the years such as Rosie Daley, Art Smith, Mei Lin, Taryn Huebner, and Sonny Sweetman, this is an extraordinarily personal cookbook while also being an invitation to Oprah s many fans to eat both healthfully and happily From simple pleasures such as Unfried Chicken or Turkey Chili to such celebrations of freshness as Farro With Peas, Asparagus, Pesto and Cured Olives and Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon Fennel Chutney, this is food as it should be a source of happiness, a ritual to be shared, a celebration of life.

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    1. I like the idea of a healthier way of cooking, but for me some of the recipes just had ingredients that were a little hard to come by and some I know wouldn't be cheap, I tend to substitute certain ingredients for items that are too costly. But why do some these healthier celebrity cookbooks tend to call for items listed like this when the average joe just wants a good cookbook with accessible/ reasonable ingredients without having to run to a specialty shop? I liked some of the recipes in this [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading Oprah's story as I can totally relate. Lifetime WW and know it's not a diet but a commitment to self-care and understanding why you turn to food. That said, not sure there's one recipe I will try except maybe the turkey lasagna. All seem too complicated and not down to earth for most people.

    3. The food looks divine (and is honestly pretty similar to how we eat now, minus Oprah's love of truffle salt), but cooking these recipes everyday is a bit unrealistic. Most of them have 15-20 ingredients, at least, and not all of us can make that happen in the kitchen each night. Also, how much did Weight Watchers pay her to write this book? They are ALL over it.

    4. Not really impressed with this one. The recipes are nothing I would ever make. Maybe I am too simple of a cook? The stories with each recipe are okay. I would say the best part of this book is the pictures. Simply beautiful photography. Glad I only paid $19 for this one.

    5. One more reason to love Oprah. Her book teaches us to find peace with ourselves and our bodies and learn to eat with joy.

    6. A cookbook that will feed you both physically and spiritually. Oprah tells all about her struggles with her weight and yo-yo dieting. Many of the recipes are more involved than I want, but they do look good. So glad Oprah is a part of Weight Watchers.

    7. Her advice and the bits about her life are interesting and inspirational, but the food that she chooses for weight loss is not something that most people can afford. Truffle oil and imported fish are both expensive, as are some of the vegetables she discusses. A few items from the soup and chicken courses could be doable, but many of the dessert recipes require specialized equipment that is not reasonable for most of her readers. Also, personal trainers aren't really an option for most of us- wi [...]

    8. The dishes look great, but the ingredient lists are too long for my taste. Let's be honest, if we get past 6 ingredients I'm usually out.

    9. Oprah is an inspiration to many but I find her recipes with too many ingredients. I am glad I did not pay for this book.

    10. I liked reading about Oprah's experiences with weight loss as she is using the same program (Weight Watchers) that I am. I did WW years ago and got to my goal weight but life - in the form of several major setbacks from the death of a beloved grandmother to the cancer diagnosis of my daughter - had other ideas. I gained lots of weight during my daughter's battle versus cancer. After her death, the depression that followed did not help. About a year later, at the heaviest I've ever weighed I turn [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this cookbook. I really tried to like this cookbook but after being disappointed multiple times I finally came to the sad realization that these recipes were not for me. One star is for the sections containing inspirational stories about Oprah's struggle with food and dieting. These were wonderful to read and I found many of the things she said relatable. One star is for the recipes that I did like. The recipes I enjoyed the most were Spicy Bean and Collard Greens Soup, T [...]

    12. I've loved all things Oprah for what seams like my entire life. Oprah introduced me to new gadgets, new ways of living, and helped me see a better way of being. This book is a continuation of that learning. This book is a memoir and a cook book. I mostly bought it for the memoir, but was pleasantly surprised with the recipes. Whether you are counting points with Weight Watchers or looking to eat better, the recipes in this book will not disappoint. Oprah's taste for spice is a bit higher than my [...]

    13. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this cookbook, but I always liked Oprah so I figured I'd check it out. I really liked it. She focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients and while she does mention Weight Watchers and "points" it isn't the focus of the whole book, which I liked. Each section had an introduction from Oprah about her struggles with food and weight followed by recipes. The book is divided into non-traditional sections - one all about soup, one all about greens, one more internat [...]

    14. I'm not sure this book is worth buying. If your library has it, check it out from there first to see if you find anything to your liking. I don't think there is one recipe that I would make. Don't get me wrong, they sound as if they would taste ok -- but I don't have truffle oil or truffles in my pantry. The stories of her struggles with her weight are interesting, but her accomplishments are easier done when you have professional​ chefs, trainers etc. at your beck and call. The photos are bea [...]

    15. Interesting to read about how Oprah has come to terms with her weight. However, with most recipes requiring things that don't normally live on my pantry shelves and other recipes calling for fifteen or more ingredients, I won't be cooking any of them soon.

    16. This book is sold at Weight Watchers locations and the Simply Points values for each recipe are included. The nutritional values are also printed with the recipes. That said, this is an Oprah Winfrey book and not so much a Weight Watchers book. It still works with the program. Oprah offers some full-fat and calorie versions of her favorite comfort dishes, along with a skinnied down version, a few times.This is a quality book with beautiful photographs. Nothing heavy here from Oprah - her insight [...]

    17. I haven't tried any of the recipes yet (though I plan to now that I've finished the book!) but this was a great read. I enjoyed the chapter dividers that introduced each section. I would be very interested in reading her autobiography if she ever felt like writing one. Sure, it's a bit "commercial" but there's something very pleasant about the tone she adopts when she writes. Some of the recipes are better explained than others but for the most part they seem easy to follow. Personally, there wa [...]

    18. This book has great recipes and advice in it, however some of these you have to be well off financially to be able to afford. Some of the ingredients I can't even get when I live and I don't make enough money to be able to make most of these recipes, not counting all of the extra tools and equipment I would have to buy before hand. I'm glad this worked for her and continues to work, but I'm not as well off as Oprah. Plus, the more I read, the more I realised that most of these recipes I would ne [...]

    19. I won this book via giveaway. I found Oprah's story inspirational and the photos in this book are beautifully done. There are a few recipes that I will likely never try, because some of the ingredients are hard to come by. I do like that she included some recipes that are in the original format and then the healthier version. I would recommend this book overall to my friends and family that enjoy cooking and are looking for some healthier dishes to try, or if you are on the Weight Watchers prog [...]

    20. A while back I saw Oprah Winfrey on TV talking about her latest cookbook she was putting out. I was excited. Oprah is one of my female hero’s. I went on my libraries website and got in line to read her new book. That book was “Food Health and Happiness”. I am going to purchase this book. It’s gorgeous and the recipes look delicious although some of them seem to be a bit expensive for my budget. Yet, they look delicious. This wasn’t just a cookbook, this was a wise book about battling w [...]

    21. I haven't cooked for a while until I borrowed this book from the library and made her mushroom soup the other day. It was great to eat but made me realize that I'm not into spending a lot of time cooking. (I did when I was younger.) Each recipe has a gorgeous full-page photo. This makes me remember that a career choice that I did not pick was a food photographer Most of the recipes have 15-20 ingredients and are pretty consuming. Interestingly she gives prep time for each recipe but they are tot [...]

    22. I expected a bit more form this book. A handful of recipes are potentially doable, but for a "ham and egger" like me, some ingredients are exotic and would rarely be used in other recipes or likely to be found in the local Kroger, Publix or Winn-Dixie outlets that I'm familiar with. I was hoping for a practical WW cookbook that provided an array of achievable meals whose practicality, availability and relative ease would help me stay on-track with the program.This book, although beautifully laid [...]

    23. This is a weight watchers cookbook. It tells you how many smartpoints each serving is. The 19 soups seem to be mostly gluten free but some have dairy. They look yummy. The lasagna uses vegetables as the pasta but it does have dairy. The rest of the pasta recipes have regular pasta so you are SOL if you are gluten free. There are a lot of cultural recipes that look interesting from her many trips abroad. The sorbet recipes look amazing. There is also a recipe for Pineapple Fried Rice that I can't [...]

    24. I enjoyed a leisure hour of reading through the narrative of this books and scanning the recipes. Although I enjoyed this book and wouldn't even mind owning a copy of it, it is doubtful that I would actually make many of the recipes. If I lose interest in a recipe while scanning the list of ingredients needing to be diced, chopped, sauted, and prepared, it's unlikely that I will actually follow through with making the recipe. However, it is a beautifully made book and worth the read.

    25. My one word review is "Meh".This is a book by Oprah - that's its selling point. The recipes are good enough, but not exciting. The pictures are pretty, but not oh my gosh I am drooling. There are little stories with each section, but if you have ever watched the syndicated Oprah Show, you have heard most of them there. Each recipe does connect with the Weight Watchers point system. All in all, it's a regular cookbook. So. Meh.

    26. I am a collector of cookbooks!! I love to try new recipes and display them. Yesterday, my friend, Valerie distributed over 15 of these jewels as parting gifts for our April book club meeting in Jacksonville, FL. Imagine my excitement when I flipped through the colorful pages filled with narratives and guides to healthy cooking. This book is a must have for the cook trying to prepare healthy,happy meals.Pick this one up, I am sure to purchase for relatives and friends in the future!!

    27. The coherence and theme of this cookbook was so well done. I loved the personal information throughout and how Oprah used GOOD, healthy food to turn around her diet. I think that many of us want to be better in this area, so it was nice to see a cookbook that looked to great recipes about healthy eating, not just losing weight. In the end, we want to feel better every day, not just look better.

    28. Tasty and healthy recipes115 recipes drawn from Oprah's new philosophy of healthy, flavorful, clean eating. Using Weight Watchers core principles, the recipes are filling, but also good for us. Cooking techniques seem easy to follow. Some ingredients may not be available in all areas, but substitutes are often suggested.

    29. I liked reading about her struggles and journey. There were moments from the book I will use to cheer myself along on my weight loss/get healthier journey. The recipes look delicious. However, I'll probably only make a handful of them as many are a bit time consuming and/or contain ingredients I don't normally have on hand (truffles). If I was a person of patience, I'd try them all.

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