Gray Wolf Security

Gray Wolf Security FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED This best selling series is now bundled together for the first time Enjoy all PRIVATE SECURITY ROMANCE books No cliffhangers More than pages DONOVAN DAVID JOSS

  • Title: Gray Wolf Security
  • Author: Glenna Sinclair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED This best selling series is now bundled together for the first time Enjoy all 5 PRIVATE SECURITY ROMANCE books No cliffhangers More than 1,000 pages 1 DONOVAN 2 DAVID 3 JOSS 4 KIRKLAND 5 ASHFORD This book makes security guards look hot Reader Review

    One thought on “Gray Wolf Security”

    1. This series was offered as a 5 book bundle and a kindleunlimited, so I decided, why not. I was originally going to write separate reviews for each book, but I've decided not to, and here's why: Every single book in this bundle felt almost identical. They had the same exact formula. All the characters felt the same, they reacted to situations the same etc. Very generic overall. I'd rate most of the books in this series a 2.5 star with the exception of Kirkland. I'm going to rate that book a 1.5 s [...]

    2. I enjoyed the interconnected books but there are more than a handful of editing errors that distracted me in each of the books.

    3. Gray Wolf SecurityI read it as a bundle, but you can read them individually, unlike others that have a strong connection between the books, the connections on these is not as strong and you can enjoy them individually without problem. The connection you can find is that in some of the books, especially the last one, they are fighting with a cartel, but is not a strong connection, is more that they work together. The series has five books, and most of the time it feels like Ash is running a datin [...]

    4. Great read.These books really kept my interest. I would recommend these to anyone. I couldn't put it down. I was really surprised at how good they were.

    5. Wow! What an amazing ride! So much action, hot sexy alpha males, drama, etccked into one collection!Donovan & Kate Grew up together and shared a secret love. Throw in an unfortunate death, a psycho B**ch and some sexy Green Berets and you've got yourself one hellova story♥♡David & RickiOk, so I thought I couldn't love any characters more than Donovan & Katewell, let's just say I love them equally♥♡ David suffered a tragedy I can't even consider and Ricki did something she liv [...]

    6. I only went ahead and read this series because I got it through Kindle unlimited. Each story had to do with one of the Gray Wolf Security character doing a job and falling in love for their security detail, except for Ash's story. His was so far fetched that I pretty much rolled my eyes through his story. By the way, I don't know what the author was thinking when she named some of these characters and Mabel and Kirkland's love connection never developed that I'm still trying to figure out how th [...]

    7. Good seriesOkay honestly I struggled with 4 or 5 stars. I went with the benefit and gave it 5. My main issue was every story was them falling in love with an operative. Not sure how easily it would have been for them to find someone else but it just seemed like it was the same song different singer. What I really want is more Rose too. Man she seemed to have a story. All the alphas were done well and written to show their strengths and weaknesses. They overcame a lot together. I was also wanting [...]

    8. This story was so interesting that it had me from the beginning. There was so much action and excitement with each character that we got a look at how the story was going to be told. I fell in love with Ash for simple fact that he is the Alpha male and the person who held the family together. In time we got to see the interaction of every main character which I loved. This box set was purely entertaining. The author knew how to grab our attention. I believe that she has some serious writing skil [...]

    9. Really?Even though I'm giving the book two stars, it's primarily based on the disappointment in Kirkland's story. Why are so many of these writers are either too cowardly or artistically lazy to have a Black female as the love interest.It could have also occurred in one of the other stories as well, but since it didn't, I hoped it would in Kirkland's story. I've only read two books, by major authors with an intimation that the love interest was a woman of color. Come on and grow a pair!

    10. OkayI enjoyed the first four books except for the last book. It was as if it was written by a different author by not maintaining integrity of the story. Example: a character pickpockets a cell phone but in the next chapter it stated cell phone was given to character. Main character is the head of a security firm and then brings someone into compound with no thought about security. He was even upset that is operatives were wary of this person. Also the author should a dictionary for the differen [...]

    11. Exciting, intense, emotional, and heartwarming! These five stories were awesome reads and I highly recommend them. Each character, each book had it's own plot and storyline but they were all connected as well building on the story as you went. I love that kind of writing because you get to know and love the characters and want to see their happy ending as well! Excellent and I look forward to Glenna Sinclair's next series of books! My only reason for the four-star rating is some editing issues I [...]

    12. WowWhat a great series! I discovered this book by accident and got it bc it was free. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. Loved all the characters, their mates and secondary characters who aren't secondary since they all eventually get their own book. Fantastic love scenes and great balance between sexy scenes, mushy romance and action thriller. Plan to read the next series

    13. 4.5 Stars for the 5 book seriesThoroughly enjoyed all 5 books the right mix of suspense, believability (I only raised a questioning eyebrow a handful of times), plus sexy love from alpha, not-over-the-top, security operatives. There was a nice range of strong characters with enough quirks to make them real. It was well worth buying the series together and I am headed to the next set in the series. Well done!

    14. Loved this series!!Each story was better than the previous one; if you can even say that!! This is the first series about Gray Wolf Security which starts out in CA. There are 5 agents (operatives) and these are their stories. Donovan, David, Joss, Kirkland, and Ash, hang on for a wild ride.I can't wait to read the second series which takes place in Texas. A MUST read!! I couldn't put my Kindle down the whole time!

    15. Set of stories about the men of this security company, the women they save and woo.Stories are pretty good, adventure, bad guys, romance, and family building. Always some hot scenes in each story. Each story connects with the others but stands alone as well. Author could use a good proofreader to go over the collection for misused words and other grammar errors.

    16. Gray Wolf Security 1I loved meeting the "family" and how they came to be. I found myself going back a page or 2 to figure out who was talking but overall I really like these books. These definitely should not be read without doing it in the series since the 5 books brings about the completion of the plot.

    17. Fantastic storyThis book had 5 stories about 5 characters in a security company. Each story is about each of the main characters! All of them were incredibly good stories and what I really loved was how the author kept all of them flowing in all of the stories. Fantastic read

    18. Throughly enjoyableI thoroughly enjoyed all stories within this collection. The more I read, the more I became invested in the characters. I struggled to put it down when I needed to sleep

    19. EmotionalThe love story of the series was funny, sassy, sad with heas.The action was somewhat predictable but still enjoyable. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the group and how each significant other blended in.

    20. Great seriesRead this whole series of five books in just one day. Yep, that's how good it was. I couldn't put it down! & now, you ask? I'm going to start the next series based in Wyoming! :-)

    21. Amazing Series!From the moment I started this book series it has held my attention. Every story line was in depth and explained the varying charactersIt went full circle with the Ash. Everyone finally got their HEA

    22. Great readI have really enjoyed the Gray Wolf Security series. Getting to know the Gray Wolf family. The way they all came together. I will be recommending this series to friends. Thanks Glenna love your writing skills.

    23. Fantastic group of booksEach book tells the story of a couple , and each book intertwines to the next. Every couple in this series are relatable. It was so good that I immediately ordered the next book bundle. Glenna Sinclair won't disappoint you. Fantastic bundle.

    24. Great seriesAll of the Books were suspenseful, with some hot romance slipped in. Loved how each character got his/her own book but the characters carried through all books.

    25. Couldn't put it down I loved everything about these stories. The characters had depth and I was glad I got to " meet" them

    26. Some were better than others but all were good. Ash, Donovan, Kirkland, Joss and David--interesting sexy characters.

    27. HmmAwesome series as a whole you get to watch as each person from the Security Firm finds happiness which is something none of them think they deserve!!!!

    28. Loved this whole seriesI loves all the characters and seeing them develop and change throughout the series. The action was great as well

    29. EnjoyableLoved Every minute, great characters excellent story and fun scenes. Would definitely read more of same and by same author.

    30. Each book tied in with the others. Lots of suspense, with tons of healing of past wounds which led to each one becoming whole and able to love again.

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