Stone I knew she was destined to be mine the first time I laid eyes on her Clich I know but it was the truth Numerous obstacles kept us apart but I vowed to find a way around them finally claiming her on

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  • Title: Stone
  • Author: S.Nelson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I knew she was destined to be mine the first time I laid eyes on her Clich I know, but it was the truth Numerous obstacles kept us apart, but I vowed to find a way around them, finally claiming her once and for all Consequences be damned Stone Crosswell, VP of the Knights Corruption MC, was known for his notoriously hot temper While it served him well when dealing wiI knew she was destined to be mine the first time I laid eyes on her Clich I know, but it was the truth Numerous obstacles kept us apart, but I vowed to find a way around them, finally claiming her once and for all Consequences be damned Stone Crosswell, VP of the Knights Corruption MC, was known for his notoriously hot temper While it served him well when dealing with their sworn enemy, the Savage Reapers, it damaged him in the eyes of the one woman who would redefine his very existence His attraction toward her was fierce, his innate need to possess her consuming his every thought But would his way of life eventually destroy her Adelaide Reins was doing well for herself Acquiring a coveted nursing position at the prestigious St Joseph s Hospital, she thought her life was going exactly as planned Until the fateful day she was summoned to her uncle s club, instantly drawn to the one man who would complicate her carefully orchestrated world When a cruel twist of fate rears its ugly head, will Stone and Adelaide s worlds be ripped apart Or will they overcome insurmountable odds, defying fate and finding their happily ever after

    One thought on “Stone”

    1. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this book because of the hero. He was OTT possesive, OTT protective and obsessed with the h. The h was annoying. I loved how he said if the h though he was OTT possesive with her she was in for a rude wake with their daughter.

    2. I looked at 'Marek' several times but some of the reviews put me off so I decided to skip it, I looked at 'Stone' and all the reviews were really good so I decided to give it a try.Now I'm not sure if it's because I didn't read the previous book but I didn't like this anywhere near as much as most other reviewers.I really liked Stone, temper and all but Addy just annoyed me constantly, I tried really hard to like her, I mean I felt so sorry for her at times but I still couldn't bring myself to l [...]

    3. I didn't hate the book but I didn't love it. It was okay. It was one of those stories that started out very strong but totally fizzled out halfway through the book. The characters were written well, but the story itself was dragged out way too much to the point that I was skipping pages to look for some action.

    4. This book was much better than its predecessor. Stone/Lincoln and Addie had really good chemistry and I liked the way their relationship unfolded. Always love a good forbidden romance.

    5. cancer + pregnancy + Headstrong heroine + Hero possessive and jealous + faithful during separation + without cheating + without ow involved + love without limits + I liked the couple + still hunting Club's enemies + better than the first book

    6. Stone is a triple-threatI was very excited to get my hands on Stone after getting a taste of the incredible Merek. I connected with the badass bikers of Knights Corruption and wanted to spend time with each of them. Stone is Merek's best friend and the VP of the club. What really made him stick out in my mind was his condition, that was very unique and intriguing. It was also something that caught the interest of Adelaide, being that she's a nurse. I felt the sizzle between them in the previous [...]

    7. The story continues, this time with Adelaide and Stone as the frontrunners. We still see quite a bit of Sully and Marek though, as some of the plotlines from book one are carried over. The drama is still ongoing, so we have yet to see what will happen with the cartel and the Savage Reapers. While I loved Stone and Adelaide's story, I kept waiting for the drama to come to a head, and it never did. I thrive on drama, so I was a bit disappointed. However, I LOVED Stone, and his support of Adelaide [...]

    8. This was a quick and easy mc club read. If Cancer is a trigger for you be warned. Although it is a HEA. Stone falls for the nurse one of his club brothers brings in to help care for a brother that was shot and dropped at their gate in the first book. Although, another brother makes it clear that his niece is off limits things just continue to happen between Stone and the hot nurse Adelaide. Stone is the VP of the club and is know for not only his temper but for not feeling pain. When Stone final [...]

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    10. GENERAL INFO: StoneYear Pub/Re Pub:6/27/2016Indie/Publisher: indiePage Length:272Genre: biker romanceSub-Genre/Age:18+Book's Price:2.99Price I'd Value:.99Standalone/Cliffhanger: standaloneStandalone /Part of a Series/Installment: Bk # 2 Knights Corruption MCEpilogue Included:​ yes=======================================POV (1st/2nd/3rd Person):2ndCharacter(s)POV Spoken: Stone and Adelaide=======================================BOOK DESCRIPTION=======================================​M/F-M/M-M/M [...]

    11. Ok let me start by saying that the cover of this book his hot as heck!!!!! I must have flipped back to the cover 20 times while reading it just to remind myself of his hotnessI really loved Adelaide in book one and even more as we really got to know her in book two. Of course, who wouldn't love Stone??? Smoking hot, sweet and all alpha male! Their heart-wrenching story of finding there way to love and then fighting for life really moved me. I struggled a bit with the ending because it felt a bit [...]

    12. So as I do with most series that I don't read back to back, I re-read Marek first in order to refresh my memory. I hoped that he wouldn't annoy me as much as he did the first time, and even though it was slightly lessened, his traits that drove me to drink were still there. So I was pleasantly surprised while reading Stone to see that a big bad biker man could be somewhat tamed. Well, maybe tamed isn't exactly the right word. He was able to see how he was being slightly irrational and make adjus [...]

    13. ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***So we met Stone in Marek and I couldn't wait to have him on my kindle. I wasn't disappointed, this man delivered and then some. Stone ticks all the right boxes for your typical alpha male and Adelaide was his equal. their relationship was on another level . The one saying that springs to mind whilst reading this story was "Behind every strong many, there is a stronger woman behind him". Expect to sucked in!!!Stone [...]

    14. Wow! What a way to start book 2. This is a continuation of a series. In book two, our Main Characters are Stone and Adelaide and this is their story. In book 1, we got to see them interact and how possessive Stone was about her. Now, in book 2, he is super obsessive scary possessive over her and that is because he is in love with her and they were seeing each other.For over a year, Stone and Addy were seeing each other but no one knew. They kept their relationship a secret and because of that, S [...]

    15. Review by: Melanie(5 stars)Stone and Adelaide's story.In book one: Marek, we got to see Stone's possessiveness of Addy, but no explanation for it. Well now we do.For over a year, Stone and Addy were seeing each other but no one knew. Stone's anger and frustration grew at her unwillingness to make what they had public. Addy's frustration grew at Stone's inability to control his temper and his pushing her to be officially his when she could see no future for them, especially once her Uncle Trigger [...]

    16. Stone Second in the MC series, I expected a love story with some, at times, uncomfortably violent moments, as that is what the first book in the series delivered. Nope.Stone surprised me. The story was more about Stone and Addy's relationship. They also dealt with heartbreaking, life-altering surprises, Addy's family's refusal to accept them as a couple and Addy's commitment issues. Stone - he never wavered from what he wanted - Addy. He never stopped coming for her. His absolute devotion was am [...]

    17. Stone and Adelaide's story.In book one: Marek, we got to see Stone's possessiveness of Addy, but no explanation for it. Well now we do.For over a year, Stone and Addy were seeing each other but no one knew. Stone's anger and frustration grew at her unwillingness to make what they had public. Addy's frustration grew at Stone's inability to control his temper and his pushing her to be officially his when she could see no future for them, especially once her Uncle Trigger (Stone's MC brother) found [...]

    18. So I have to say I was a little weary going into this book, after reading Marek and Sully's book. I wasn't sure what to expect with Stone. I will say I did really want to read this book though. All I can say is, it's about time with Stone and Adelaide. You could tell there was something with them in Marek and Sully's book. I loved Stone. Even though he was a moody ar$e most of the time. He was really sweet, caring, and protective with Addy. Though at times protectiveness was a little out of cont [...]

    19. No Pain, No Gain***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review***Finally!!! I couldn't wait to see what was going on with Adelaide (Addy) and Stone from their first interaction that we witnessed in my man Marek's book. We see that they have been having a secret relationship & with Stone being fed up with not going public. Addy not knowing how her uncle was going to take it since it seems he has always told her that in no way shape or form will she mess with any of the guys in the club and [...]

    20. When I first read Marek, book 1 in the Knights Corruption MC series, it was Stone that really caught my eye. Then S. Nelson released Stone's story and I had it one clicked and pre-ordered faster than you could blink. The opportunity to read Stone and Addy's story has been high on my anticipation meter, the little glimpses and hints that we saw in Marek, not only teased but also tantalised me. Stone might be big, tough and Alpha to his very core however on the inside he is such a sweetheart, Addy [...]

    21. **Read for Sweet&Spicy Reads Blog**If you, like me, fell in love with the Knights of Corruptions in Marek, you will adore Stone. Hot, both physically and tempered, Stone is second in command in the Knights of Corruptions, a motorcycle club in the process of going legit. Adelaide is a beautiful nurse who happens to be called in when someone needs patching. She also happens to be a member's niece who is desperately trying to keep her distance from the club to not be pulled into their mayhem an [...]

    22. Review on release day!We met Stone and Addy in Marek's book. Stone is the VP of Knights Corruption and Addy popped in when the Club needed medical help and is also the niece of one of the members. The attraction between these two is hot, but their relationship was off limits, but that didn't stop them! Addy and Stone were at a constant battle. He's a hot head and his life in the MC is dangerous. But Addy couldn't stop her heart for falling for him, but her head tells her she can do better. As th [...]

    23. This is the 2nd book in the Knights of Corruption series by S. Nelson. Yes it can be read as a stand alone, but best if you read Marek first.Stone is the VP for Knights Corruption and the strong super alpha quiet male type. Adelaide "Addy" is the niece to one of the members of Knights Corruption and a nurse. Being a nurse her uncle Trigger has her help out with some of the guys who have been stabbed, even shot so that they don't have to go to the hospital. While working at the compound, Addy see [...]

    24. Momma’s Review of Stone (Knight’s Corruption MC Series #2) by S. NelsonMomma’s Rating 4 Stars.I completely enjoyed Stone and Addy’s story it’s based around their relationship more so than the brotherhood. Stone is a sexy beast and the chemistry between this couple is intense. One thing about this series that I dig is that each story is so different and you don’t know what’s going to happen and each page captures you and takes you on the ride of your life. I loved the glimpse’s of [...]

    25. Arc for a honest review. Loved this book. Stone is breathtaking. Mareks was good start for this series. Stone was a great read I'm glad for the lengthy story because no way this could be a short story. To much going on to between characters. A lot of series are the rinse and repeat stories that I hate to read . Same story different name / place . Not this series . Each has completely different story. Happens at the same mc club and other characters mingle throughout but just awesome story tellin [...]

    26. Holy crap, STONE!!! Stone is alpha, bossy, stubborn and quick tempered. And I LOVE HIM! And Addy. She doesn't put up with Stone's possessiveness for long. Especially since her uncle doesn't know about their relationship. Addy finally can't handle Stone's temper and possessiveness and ends it. Although Stone doesn't see it that way. And he's determined to keep Addy, whether she likes it or not. But in being separated from Addy, Stone grows. He doesn't act first and ask questions later - at least [...]

    27. Once again this author has written a five star book, in my opinion.This is book 2 in the Knights Corruption MC Series, I loved book 1 (Marek) and i feel the same about Stone.This was a wickedly good read, it was very well written and flowed with a very nice pace.I love Stone, but then I love all of this authors heroes, he is pure alpha male strong, gorgeous, stubborn, pig headed, controlling, passionate and so very protective of Addy.Addy is such a strong woman I love her, she is feisty and dete [...]

    28. I am loving this MC series by S. Nelson. Stone was another great addition to the Knights Corruption series. I loved Stone he was a man who knew his boundaries and when not to over step those boundaries. He was a great character that you fell in love with. We get to see Stone for who he really is and was happy to see his book come out after reading him in Marek. I loved Addy as well Stone was overly possessive of protecting Addy but he made it so worth the while. This is a great book I was hooked [...]

    29. Holy hell I fell head over heart for Stone. He's all alpha with a huge heart. I loved that he was so protective of Addy and was willing to fight for what could be for them. They had been seeing each other on the down low for quite some time. Knowing there were some that wouldn't approve and then there's that whole anger thing that Stone had going on. I loved when he hit his limit for Addy pushing him away. He just told her that they would be together. Then she got news that rocked both of their [...]

    30. HOT DAMN!!!!!! I'm soooooo in love with these MC guys!!!!!! First Marek and now Stone!!!!! Eeeeeeeek Sandra never ever disappoints us with her books!!! Each and everyone is so full of angst, heartbreak, love and laughter. I can never get enough of her books!!!! Stone was no different I was hooked from beginning to end!!!! I absolutely loved the journey Stone and Addy was on and to see what happened between them from start!!!! Stone might be this tough biker guy but he has a heart of gold when it [...]

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