Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Experience Haunting ghost stories that will leave you running scared This is a timeless short story collection you don t want to miss Crowe s Bed and Breakfast The Dog Tracker The Treasure Hun

  • Title: Ghost Stories
  • Author: Ron Ripley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Experience 8 Haunting ghost stories that will leave you running scared This is a timeless short story collection you don t want to miss 1 Crowe s Bed and Breakfast 2 The Dog Tracker 3 The Treasure Hunter 4 The Rosary 5 Shelter 6 The Shepherd 7 The Shortcut 8 The Ghost Hunters

    One thought on “Ghost Stories”

    1. Since these are short stories, it's hard to summarise them without spoiling something, so all I'll say is that this is 8 chilling and creepy tales. I've read a lot of Ron Ripley's books and always enjoyed them, and these are no different. Each is a little slice of creepy and scary and each is well written. Being short stories, there isn't much character development nor world building, but they are enjoyable little snippets into the authors mind. Good tales to tell around a camp fire!! :) Jack No [...]

    2. Decent collection.As with all collections of short stories, some are better than others. However, the collection as a whole was pretty good. The stories are a bit scary and disturbing.

    3. I wanted to like this book because I love horror stories and ghost stories, but these were all predictable and boring. Except for the last one. That one took me by surprise, raised my interest, and then slammed my face into the dirt. That's not a good thing, that's a bad thing. It means that it was too damn short. All of the stories were too short. There was no character development, no building of atmosphere, no real story. Just little snippets and then BAM! Done. Some characters seemed nice un [...]

    4. Once again I sure am glad I found this author !!!I found Mr. Ripley's first book, which I finished in one day!! I could not put it down!! Same with these short stories. They were short yes and had an endingrt of. The were very tempting and made you think on what happened from where the book ended. Very mind stimulating for sure!! Keep up the good work!!l!

    5. Good storiesRipley's stories are pretty darn good! I had a few laughs on some of them and some had a twist at the end but I enjoyed all of them. Great reading!!:

    6. Ghost Stories by Ron Ripley is a compilation of horror short stories set in his fictional town, Mason. Each story shows a haunted piece of the small New England town and a terrible end to most of its residents. Some of the stories I actually didn't care for. They felt a tad bit corny or used in horror stories I've read before. That's the problem with most horror though. You will find similarities between stories just like you find similarities in horror movies. That said, I did like a few of [...]

    7. Great "mini" scares!I love short stories and horror novels. Put the two together and you get Ron Ripley's excellent collection of original tales. Great for a quick scare before bed!

    8. Again another quick read while I was at the Dr.s office. All eight stories are by Ron Ripley in this set. In each of these stories the ghosts are more darker, but he has a real talent for story telling.

    9. CreepyGreat stories of terror. Each one a little bit scarier. Loved it! If you enjoy horror, read this! I have read all this Authors books, can't get enough!

    10. Suspen-fullCool, really wished the stories would have continue. The settings and tone took you into the tale. A quick read, but enjoyable.

    11. Short storiesA collection of short stories with ghostly themes. Most are easily read in about 10-15 minutes. Variety in stories though revenge seems to be a common theme.

    12. Another great readGreat scary story before bedtime. Short enough to read before bed and scary enough to keep the covers tight. Awesome☺

    13. A great collection of spooky stories. Ron Ripley is truly the guru of this genre. His ghosts tend to scare the bejeezus out of me because of their evil. I look forward to more of this author's work.

    14. Spooky ReadI really enjoyed these short stories! Although some felt predictable, others had wonderful, scary twists. My only criticism would be that they felt rushed at times. Highly recommend!!

    15. Rate the book!I really liked this book, of course. I like anything Mr.Ripley writes. He is a great writer. Exciting and funny.

    16. Heart Pounding TerrorI loved listening to ghost stories as a kid. The older I got the scarier I wanted them to be. This book was awesomely scary. There are eight tales in the book. Usually I can pick out my favorite story and my least favorite. This time, though, I can't choose a favorite and I have no least favorite. All of the stories are creepy. They each turn into heart pounding, heavy breathing, scream stuck in the throat, terror. There aren't any truly gory scenes. These are the type of st [...]

    17. What a delicious selection of short stories that cover the spooky, the creepy and the downright weird. It takes a special author to write short stories, especially in the ghost/horror field, that encompasses good writing, a great plot and the ability to crank up the tension.Can't wait to read more of this author's works.

    18. Give this one a try!If you want a quick read with loads of creepiness. Mr. Ripley doesn't disappoint. Although not really a horror fan , I do enjoy his books. He makes me care about the characters, and a good author does that. Thanks again Ron Ripley.

    19. Some good stories here!The writing is superb and the build up throughout every story was great. Would've been nice if every story didn't end the same way though. That was disappointing being that the build up had so much to work with only to end with a quick kill.

    20. This is up my alleyThis is a great "let's sit around and scare each other to death" book. All of the stories were short and very good. They got right to the scream. Nothing like a good scare to get your blood flowing. I want more. If you want a quick fix this will give it to you.

    21. Unique horrorI was surprised by how unique many of the stories were. Just when I thought a story would play out a certain way it changed.The cover art I'd also really sinister.

    22. Excellent!Now that's what I call a ghost story (or stories). Absolutely wonderful, scared the bejesus out of me, and I enjoyed it immensely - thanks a bunch!

    23. Boo!Great reading for those sleepless nights. A nice variety of scary stories. I recommended this book to the horror lovers.

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