Fire Heart

Fire Heart This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN My heart is on fire For the first time in my life I am awake and the desires I ve pushed down are smoldering The shadows of my youth are dari

  • Title: Fire Heart
  • Author: Pamela Taeuffer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 9780989952927.My heart is on fire For the first time in my life, I am awake and the desires I ve pushed down are smoldering The shadows of my youth are daring me to step away from them and new visions circle through my head including the possible intimacy I never before dared to dream.My name is Nicky Young This is my coming oThis is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 9780989952927.My heart is on fire For the first time in my life, I am awake and the desires I ve pushed down are smoldering The shadows of my youth are daring me to step away from them and new visions circle through my head including the possible intimacy I never before dared to dream.My name is Nicky Young This is my coming of age story and a saga of family dysfunction and alcoholism and how it affects every day choices, decisions and relationships I want to live differently from my parents an alcoholic father and co dependent mother I know I need to forgive, trust and open my heart, but those things are battles I m not sure I can win.As I look in the mirror, I am seeing a new woman emerging one I m not sure of and trying hard to discover The lack of affection in my household made me understand it wasn t wise to get too close to anyone Rage and violence lurked when we became vulnerable and the way I learned to protect myself was to build high and thick walls of dense around my heart I dream about having a full, open and intimate relationship I want an adult romance but I m not I can trust myself that much.Now a man, a professional baseball player named Ryan Tilton seems to be a kindred spirit Having lost his father at fourteen and knowing what abandonment feels like, I feel a connection that s as deep as I ve ever felt But he goes on the road every two weeks I can t express the doubts and the feelings I have about all the women attracted to him for fear he ll choose one of them while I battle my spiritual beliefs of having sex before marriage Can he wait for me Can I understand his challenges and my own This is my battle I m fighting to break generational chains of dysfunction and addiction understand and forgive the choices of my parents love and trust myself so that I can love and trust another This story is about transitioning into joy after growing up in fear and leaving those fears behind.

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    1. This book begins where Shadow Heart leaves off which is the day following the bonfire that Nicky attended with her friends. There is an intro that explains what has happened so far and Nicky goes back enough in her memories that you won’t really be lost too much if you didn’t read book 1.I’m gonna be honest again and say, this book was as painful to read as book 1 if not more so. I do not care for the writing style at all and the characters drive me crazy. Both Ryan and Nicky are so childi [...]

    2. ARC provided by NetGalleyOKw nicky and ryan are starting to grate my nervese's a little bit all over the place and this book was a bit more chaotic than the first one. as time passes, you want a person to grow, become more confident, believe in themselves more or get help. ryan is annoyingly pushier this go around and as i stated above. characters are starting to make me want to smack them. i thought the first one ended abruptlyis end was worse like an incomplete sentence abrupt.

    3. Getting an email from NetGalley alerted me that both this book and the first, Shadow Heart, were available for reading. I took a step from my comfort zone of mysteries and thrillers to see what these two titles held. The first book left Nicky after a confusing and exhilarating night at a beach bonfire with Jerry while Ryan was away on a game tour. Today's book picked up the day after the events of that night and chronicled all the emotions on either end of the spectrum that both men brought out [...]

    4. This book, thanks to input from reviews which has been invaluable, has been released and edited as of March 2016. It is a work of Fiction, A Coming of Age story of family, addiction, first love and social issues. I've tried to remove it from romance, although it does have a love story throughout, but remains firm in their stance that it was originally presented as Romance and so it remains. Just a heads up! Fire Heart takes Nicky more into her thoughts and search for intimacy, but she's still c [...]

    5. We left Nicky in book 1 being pursued by the older more experienced baseball player Ryan Tilton and her childhood friend Jerry both of whom are chasing the virgin Nicky to have a relationship with them and to sleep with them. The book once again begins with an unpleasant childhood memory of Nicky’s and the theme once again continues through the book, though Nicky now seems to be learning from these flashbacks.At the end of book 1 Ryan had left to go on the road with the baseball team and had l [...]

    6. After a strong start, Nicky stumbles a bit in this installment: the emotions she IS feeling are at war with the ones she WANTS to feel, or thinks that she should be feeling. Ryan is far more demanding and controlling in this story, pushing for a commitment from Nicky but there are several roadblocks happening.Pamela Taeuffer gives us an honest yet scattered portrayal of Nicky – all over the place as her own emotional connection with Ryan is scaring her. Her emotions and memories are all over t [...]

    7. In this book readers are reunited with Nicky and Ryan from Taeuffer's earlier book, Shadow Heart. In the first book we saw Ryan and Nicky begin an awkward courtship as their 8 yr age gap pulls them both towards other things in life. When book one ended we were left wondering which of Nicky's two possible love interests would finally win out. Book two was unsuccessful, yet again, in giving any solid confirmation either way. Nicky loves Ryan and he is head over heels for her. But her inability to [...]

    8. Received through NetGalley"Fire Heart" is a continuation of the story began in "Shadow Heart". It actually read quicker than its predecessor particularly because the first third of the book had already been told in "Shadow Heart" so I was able to skim through that part. The repeat and prologue was a good thing for those who had not read the first in the series and caught the reader up adequately.Innocent Nicky and her continued confusion over her relationship with Ryan (and Jerry) and her disbel [...]

    9. If you haven’t read the first book in the Broken Bottle series, stop here. This book picks right up where the first left off. Let me start with saying that while I didn’t find the start of this story to be nearly as intriguing as the start of Shadow Heart, overall I enjoyed this second book more than the first. I really feel like I get Nicky’s character now. Plus you get a better glimpse at Ryan and some of his current struggles.This second book is full of steam. There are some highly sens [...]

    10. This books focuses on Nicky getting a lot closer physically, to both Jerry and Ryan, but only emotionally to Ryan. My issues with the first book are still apparent. The whole she has no experience with guys and immediately jumps to being physical, if not all the way with two different guys, and with the idea that she's going to go wild and crazy in college. It's just a 180 personality shift that just isn't realistic. Seeing as your personality is formed by 14 if not 12 and barring any traumatic [...]

    11. In Fire Heart Nicky Young is trying to walk a path toward taking charge of her life. She has been accepted to Stanford, is making new friends, and is starting to get past the fears caused by a childhood of living with her unpredictable alcoholic father. Ryan, the young man seems to be falling in love with her, is trying to build the foundation of trust with her so that they can have a real relationship. This story shows the complexity of truly building trust for the first time in someone’s lif [...]

    12. I hated the first book because I hated the characters, especially Nicky, but I had this book already so I went ahead and read it. I still really dislike Nicky in this book; at least in the first book she wasn't a liar, but in this one she is, so she even worse than in the first book. She still can't make up her mind and she's stringing 2 guys along, and she can't make a decision; whichever guy she's with is the guy she'll let kiss all over her; it's ridiculous. I can't stand her. This book is pr [...]

    13. A copy was provided by Netgalley for an honest review.Fire Heart is book two of the Broken Bottle series and moves at the same slow pace of Shadow Heart. In book two, we get to know Ryan and Nicky’s sister Janise better. And we also get to continue with the inner ramblings of Nicky. She is confused about what she wants in life and her relationships with the men in her life. She is frustrated and quite frankly frustrating me. I really wanted to like Ryan but he just came across as passive aggre [...]

    14. I received an ARC from the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review."Fire Heart" continues the story of Nicky and Ryan. This story has more involvement between Nicky, her sister Jenise, her friend Alex, and Ryan. Jerry seems to drop in out of the blue just to push Nicky into becoming his girlfriend and giving him sex. I am still unsure what purpose Jerry serves in the story except to cause distraction for Nicky.Ryan is pushing Nicky too hard to commit to him and have an intimate [...]

    15. "Fire Heart," is strangely worded and put together. Odd wording makes reading this book unpleasant because the flow is constantly interrupted by trying to make sense of it. It's also frustrating trying to figure our which character is speaking. Sometimes, that's because of inappropriate paragraph changes and other times it just doesn't say who spoke and what is said doesn't make it clear. I'm ambivalent about the story itself but the above issues and stilted dialogue made the book off-putting. I [...]

    16. Received for w honest review from NetGalley. Again- 2-3 stars. Fire Heart is a lot like the first book in this series. It was really wordy and by the end I didn't feel like I was much farther along than I was from the start of the book. The book was almost like a text book on the subject of sex -Things a young women needs to know before they have sex. As much as it would be helpful it was a little to . stiff ( no pun attended.) the relationship was just as confusing to Nicky as it was to me, eve [...]

    17. I'm giving this three stars because it was good but a bit repetitive for me. I feel like a lot of book one was happening again in book 2 Niky is STILL uncertain about Ryan. There is a lot of "be a good boy" but my mind is saying, No no honey he is a man! Niky has a lot of trust issues and absolutely no experience with boys. This is a story about a girl becoming a woman. Niky has a plan she has been working on all of her life. She knows a relationship will only throw her off so she's battling her [...]

    18. I'm real puzzled on this one. This may be a fence book. I would definitely read the next one, only because of the damn cliffhanger. Ugly cliffhanger. Nicky is so indecisive, and such low self esteem. Not a real admiral character, and well.ither is Ryan. I'm still trying to get why he wants her so bad. Instead of broken bottleoken record seems apt. I know the author is going for something here, but I'm lost. Overall entertainmentree stars.

    19. Overall a decent read. Plot kept reader interested in what was to happen to the main characters. However as with the first book in series the text at times was juvenile sounding or unrealistic. I liked how the main character is struggling with the concept of losing her virginity and its not all about sex. The struggles shown by female characters are brutal but tactfully presented.

    20. Much like the first book in this series, the characters and dialogue seem a bit shallow. Then again, they are teeanagers and maybe this is how teenagers really act these dys. I don't know many of them, so I can't say. I just felt the main points of the story, dealing with alcoholism and dysfuntion, could have been better presented with a stronger story and less sexual encounters/dialogue.

    21. A great continuation to the first book. Nicky still struggles with her feelings and if she should act on them with Ryan and Jerry and who she should eventually chose. I can't wait to read the next book.

    22. A great continuation to the first book. Nicky still struggles with her feelings and if she should act on them with Ryan and Jerry and who she should eventually chose. I can't wait to read the next book.

    23. Ok I'm having a little trouble staying the with series it's all over the place with cliffhangers all around. Nicky has such low self estem and Ryan is so infatuated with her with little to see why. It's like a merry go around at some points and couldn't stay wi it as much as the first book.

    24. Fire Heart by Taeuffer is a story of restraint. One has to admire the guys not pushing it, like sex, because the protagonist is not ready. How realistic is this? Not in my world.

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