The Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye

The Rapture In the Twinkling of an Eye The final prequel will have the Rapture three quarters of the way through the book and then following characters such as Irene and Raymie and others up to heaven and being able to see events in the Tr

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  • Title: The Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye
  • Author: Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9781414305813
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • The final prequel will have the Rapture three quarters of the way through the book and then following characters such as Irene and Raymie and others up to heaven and being able to see events in the Tribulation from heaven s perspective The book will alternate between focusing on events on earth immediately after the Rapture covering lots of things the authors wished thThe final prequel will have the Rapture three quarters of the way through the book and then following characters such as Irene and Raymie and others up to heaven and being able to see events in the Tribulation from heaven s perspective The book will alternate between focusing on events on earth immediately after the Rapture covering lots of things the authors wished they could have covered in the original volumes and focusing on characters in heaven and how they view the chaotic events on earth Now available in trade paper.

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    1. This book is so awesome!! I got so excited while I was reading this book. It just made me look forward to going to Heaven and being with God and what's just waiting for us. f

    2. The third installment in the Before They Were Left Behind series is half Glorious Appearing and half Left Behind.The actual rapture doesn't occur until halfway into the book, the time up to then is spent setting up the situations in which people find themselves when the Rapture occurs, by and large information we didn't get (at least as explicitly) in Left Behind. Once the Rapture occurs the action splits between those who are raptured and their experiences in Heaven (the same kind of story as t [...]

    3. This was definitely the worst of the trilogy, which says a lot because the first two weren't great. Along with the multiple spelling/grammatical errors, the story line was seriously lacking. The actual rapture happens about halfway through the book, and from that point on, real time happenings in the world post-rapture are interspersed with the experiences of those who were raptured (mostly Irene and Raymie). I hate to say it, but these scenes were ridiculously corny. So much time was spent talk [...]

    4. This is another series with the Left Behind series although it is only 3 books in this series. It focuses on the beginnings of Nicholae and his early years before he comes into the Left Behind (12 book series) I guess a pre-quel to the Left Behind although it was written afterwards.

    5. Just finished this book and all I can say is WOW! I really enjoyed this book. Reading about people who actually lived before and during my lifetime and the great things they did was interesting. Looking forward to reading the final book in this series.

    6. I love to speculate on what it will be like when Jesus takes us home, so this book really kept my attention. Now on to the actual Left Behind Series!

    7. I wouldn't say this one is my favorite, but it is up there. I have officially been reading this series for over a year and I'm still as, if not more, into it than the first day.

    8. The copy on the box of CDs that I checked out of the library includes the possibly excessive claim, "Authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins are now among the greatest successes in the history of publishing." I wish people would refrain from making statements like that. Yes, there is always a hunger for depictions of the afterlife, and several books come to mind that have done quite well commercially, simply because they address that interest. So Messrs LaHaye and Jenkins may indeed be publishin [...]

    9. For those "raptured" it is eternal life with Him in His Kingdom in Heaven. Those "raptured" watch from Heaven on the Earth below the consequences of those left behind, who await the Great Tribulation; God's test of those left behind and His attempt to get those to follow Him and be redeemed, and will be rejoined with those "raptured".

    10. Completely disappointed by this book. It simply doesn't stand within the entire series. As I said in reviewing the second book it is very likely two prequels would have sufficed in telling the story.I was deeply disappointed at LaHaye and Jenkin's decision to include scenes from heaven. This is the same reason I did not like Glorious Appearing. The arrogance it requires for two men of earth to take the limited scriptural references and parlay those into fictional accounts of the moments immediat [...]

    11. So far I think there are too many characters in the book. Too much characters to predict by starting in the middle of this season. The author clearly has his mind set on something else besides on how to survive a rapture, more like a soap opera. Then he brings religion into these books which make it a little personal and agitated at some points. Out of all the apocalypse books I've read this is the worst. It doesn't really bring in Christians because they really don't enjoy reading end of the wo [...]

    12. This was the last book in the Left Behind Series for me to read. This book is focused on the Rapture occuring and the events surrounding it, for both those taken to heaven and those left behind. It closely follows Irene and Raymie as they enter the kingdom of Heaven and the events that transpire there: the appearance of Jesus; being judged for your works on earth; receiving your heavenly crowns. They intersperse these chapters with stories of others and their good works for Christ. Many of these [...]

    13. Wow!! This is my favorite out of the 3 prequels. My human brain can not even begin to imagine how it's going to be when I get to Heaven. I loved how the described Heaven and devoted most of the book to it. I was taught at an early age that Jesus was the way and it's hard for me to imagine churches not preaching it. Hard for me to grasp devoted church going people not being saved. And this was hammered throughout all 3 books I agree with slot of u that the writing is not the best. But they are qu [...]

    14. This book was definitely not as good as I thought it was going to be. I was really expecting a lot more out of Tim LaHaye. In this book, Nicolae becomes even more evil. And he is still cheating his way to the top with everyone else either disappearing or getting “left behind.” He makes it to the top of the Romanian Government, but that wasn’t enough for his to be satisfied. He was looking for world dominance. This book started off great, but once they were raptured, it just kind of died of [...]

    15. The Rapture:In the Twinkling of an Eye is a three book series (Before They Weer Left Behind) that was made after the 14 series book Left Behind. It's the last book of the three describing what happened,how it happened and how people were before the rapture happened. The book is half of the last book of the Left Behind series and the beginning half of the first one, Left Behind. It starts off on a plane that just had flown out of Chicago. It was a smooth late night plane ride, until the sun came [...]

    16. "The Rapture" by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye wraps up the prequel portion in the Left Behind Series. While I didn't enjoy the three prequel books as much as the original series, they still held their own as a good read. This particular books begins really well. Jenkins description of the rapture is engrossing and makes your heart beat with anticipation for that moment. However the rest of the book (slightly less than half) is filled in with life accounts of people receiving their reward in Heav [...]

    17. Borrowed from the Rockwall County Library.This one was not as exciting as The Rising and The Regime. It does have the point of view of those raptured, alternating with those left behind, which was interesting. I had wondered while reading the other books what the point of view was like for the raptured ones. It got a bit boring though. Shades of Glorious Appearing with beaucoup Bible quotes and a long lesson in Christian history.Nicolae was only really in the first half, with a little mention of [...]

    18. Book #3. One of my favorites of the series so far. As always I can't put it down. I enjoyed how the authors depicted Heaven with the raptured. **Spoiler Alert** One idea of Heaven I most enjoyed was judgment and receiving their crowns. I found the idea of hearing everyone's testimony/grace story of their life appealing. Just imagine in Heaven listening to God commend Mary, Paul, or even in today's world Greg Laurie, David Platt, Martin Smith, etc. How amazing that would be. I enjoyed the little [...]

    19. This book is the last in the prequel series to Left Behind.It isn't as good as the first two in the seriesa little slow. It was interestingh no one really knows anything about heaven. So they are painting their own version of heaven. I have always wanted God to have a super 3D theater so we could watch (or transport) all the events of the past. Adam and Eve, The Flood, The Pyramids, 9/11. It would be amazing. And Jenkins/LaHaye did add that in their own way. It was okaybut not as good as it's tw [...]

    20. This book was phenomenal and moved me tears. I loved the entire Left Behind series and while I know there are two other books in the Before They Were Left Behind series, I read this one because the Rapture fascinates me (I am a Catholic and never even heard of this until I met my husband, a Protestant, 10 years ago). I love how it details every moment of the Rapture and what it is like to be a chosen person. I expected the book to focus on only those left on Earth and was excited that it delved [...]

    21. The Rapture: in the Twinkling of an Eye has probably been my least favorite of the series so far. I think Nicholae's character is so strong, losing his point of view lost my interest. Though i will say, Irene's POV and how the authors describe being raptured up into heaven is quite interesting. I found this book to be pretty slow and not much to review on. Most of the book was describing heaven and then telling where everyone was when people started to disappear and how Rayford, Hattie, Christop [...]

    22. This and the second book before it (The Regime) could have been shortened to make one book. For two books the constant arguing between Rayford and Irene was TOO MUCH! I feel like the story could have been told in one book with everything leading up to the rapture and then perhaps concluding with the rapture or perhaps a LITTLE of the aftermath after the rapture But not half a book drawing out a story that was largely already told in the original Left Behind book. I found myself skipping a lot in [...]

    23. This is definitely not the best one of the prequels. I guess I don't understand why these books weren't put all together and included in the series. I love the parts about the Rapture and what happens after to the people that are Rapture. I didn't enjoy that it didn't really have anything to do with Nicolae in the last part of the book. I got tired of the others in their after the Rapture events. We already knew what Buck, Chloe and Raymond did. Just wish these would have been put into one book. [...]

    24. Did I miss something? When did being a Christian Fiction book exempt a book from having a plot? The authors start a 'world domination' type of thread, then forgot about it; they introduced characters that were completely forgotten about - and had absolutely no relevance to the limited story arc that did exist; then about halfway through, the authors switched completely away from any sort of story and just started recounting biographies of famous biblical characters.What a waste of time. Mark thi [...]

    25. Better in ways than the second book of the prequel. It ends up being more of a long prologue into the first book (Left Behind). When I read Left Behind I could see that the first dozen or so pages of the book was almost word for word the same as The Rapture. I did find interest in the authors depiction of heaven, the Christian's ascension to heaven and how the world responds. They did a good job for their interpretation because in the end, we don't really know what it will be like other than wha [...]

    26. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire series!!! I know it is a fiction book series, but to be able to share with others how the Bible says the end times will happen and use scripture to back it upI think this series does a pretty good job describing it. I am so glad to be a Christian myself and I look forward to the day that Christ comes to rapture His church and then comes back once more in the Glorious Appearing! I want to be with Jesus!!!

    27. This is the third "official" book before the original first book was released. This story is about Nicolae where he becomes more evil than he was before. He eliminates those that are in his way and rises to the top of the Romanian government. Rayford, is still trying to create a new relationship with the flight attendant and board a plane together. All of a sudden, millions of people disappear from the earth while those that are not are "left behind".

    28. This is the third book in the prequel to the Left Behind series and though you can read these three books before or after you read the Left Behind series, I find it more helpful to read these first. Like the other books I found this one to be fast paced and a quick read that takes the reader up to the rapture and gives you a look at heaven (through the writers eyes with Biblical teaching) with those who were taken in the rapture.

    29. This was an interesting take on the last days when the rapture is coming on the earth. Truly FICTION, it is only one man's view of what COULD happen. Come on even the bible the authority on the end times states"You know not the time or the hour" but yet there are so man people that are bending the literary press to put in their"two cents worth" on their version of what will happen on the last days on earth. Read with caution and please DO NOT TAKE THIS BOOK SERIOUSLY.

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