One thought on “Adolf Hitler”

  1. Hitler is perhaps the most significant figure of the 20th century. The existence of this one individual impacted the lives of millions.This account of Hitler's life was the first I came across, that, unlike the more popular biographies was much more concise and focused primarily on how Hitler went from a struggling artist to the behemoth we know all too well.It wasn't by any means a comprehensive account of his life but it provided a bird's eye view of the whole affair without delving too much i [...]

  2. I just wonder even in autobiography one can lie. After reading this,i realized most of the things Hitler written in his "Mein Kampf" was manipulated by him and not the exactly true one. To attract the german towards him ,he must be lied.I appreciate the author to bring out some of the reality about Hitler.Though i'm not much interested in history, I enjoyed it by reading.

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