An Unexpected Duke's Invitation (The Matchmakers of the West End #1)

An Unexpected Duke s Invitation The Matchmakers of the West End None

  • Title: An Unexpected Duke's Invitation (The Matchmakers of the West End #1)
  • Author: Eleanor Meyers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “An Unexpected Duke's Invitation (The Matchmakers of the West End #1)”

    1. Regency Romance: An Unexpected Duke's Invitation (CLEAN Short Read Historical Romance) (The Matchmakers of the West End Book 1) by Eleanor Meyers is an interesting Regency Romance. A great start to "The Matchmakers of the West End" series.A short story, only about 45 or so pages of pure joy. Ms. Meyers'packed alot of story in those few pages.Amy Ott is the niece of one of England's wealthiest dukes, the Duke of Hensman, who is willing to give his niece a dowry and a first season. Amy is without [...]

    2. I love recency era books and this book did not disappoint. This is a new to me author and I look forward to reading more of her works.

    3. A lovely read.Thoughtfully good with great characters and storyline. Very Clean and unusual for this day and time, Thank you, Danny Scott.

    4. I am rewriting this review since in my first review I was a bit disappointed. This story left me wanting more from certain characters. These characters are given their own stories further in the series. This is a short story that can be found in To Love a Lord of London. I recommend getting To Love a Lord of London so you can continue on with the other two short stores. All of the books have good characters and I have found a new series and author that I love.

    5. In this book, you get three separate but connected stories. All have well-developed characters with history. Story one: Nathaniel and Amy. A Duke propositions a young Lady of poorer circumstance. "What if I can make you the belle of the ball?" he asks. "Which one?" the young Lady says, "All of them" replies the Duke. The story takes off from there. It is very flirtatious and fun. Can a young innocent transform the "London Lover"? I won't tell you in this review. Story two: Andrew and Catherine. [...]

    6. It's complicatedAmy Ott is a naive young woman living with her uncle and aunt and being introduced to Society. She is wearing her cousin's discarded gowns because she is not worth the expense of a new wardrobe.She attracts the attention of Nathaniel, a rake who has no plans to marry --ever. He asks Amy to be his mistress.Nathaniel's father, the Duke of Wardington, offers to teach Amy what she needs to know to navigate her way through Society and become the belle of the ball.If I had proofread th [...]

    7. This book is several stories in one, one leading right into the other. It isn't Christian fiction, but it is clean Regency Romance, although it does get steamy on a rare occasion and the men in the story are womanizing men, their exploits aren't described, and they become faithful when they meet their true loves.

    8. Regency Romance: An Unexpected Duke's InvitationA cute prequel about a young lady who has been made a ward of her uncle a Duke. She meets another Duke's family and falls in love with one of his sons who has sworn not to marry. His father steps in. I can't wait to read the next story.

    9. I received a free copy for my honest opinion. Charming book, well written, interesting stores and wonderful characters! A plotting Dad, damaged heroes and feisty heroines! If you like to smile as you read, you'll love these stories. I fully intend to read more of Ms. Meyers books.

    10. A Wonderful ShortHer mother was once a lady but fell in love with mason and they had a daughter Amy. Her uncle decides to help her and she falls for a 2nd son who never wanted to marry but found it in her. Love can concur all.

    11. EbookHe's a rake, not going to marry anyone. She the daughter of disgraced women but taken in by her uncle and there's just something about her

    12. Charming StoryI was pleasantly surprised by this story. And I guess drawn into this new series! By an author that's new to me.

    13. Short and Sweet Regency RomanceI liked this book, it was fast moving, with nice characters. Typical Regency storyline, very enjoyable. I wish it was longer.

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