The Sheikh's Convenient Princess

The Sheikh s Convenient Princess From secretary the sheikh s wife Sheikh Ibrahim al Ansari knows a reconciliation with his estranged father means accepting his father s choice of brideunless he gets there first Luckily he has the per

  • Title: The Sheikh's Convenient Princess
  • Author: Liz Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780373744206
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • From secretary the sheikh s wife Sheikh Ibrahim al Ansari knows a reconciliation with his estranged father means accepting his father s choice of brideunless he gets there first Luckily he has the perfect princess in mind his new assistant Ruby Dance.After her last cheating boyfriend, Ruby is avoiding all commitments, but this promotion could help her family, soFrom secretary the sheikh s wife Sheikh Ibrahim al Ansari knows a reconciliation with his estranged father means accepting his father s choice of brideunless he gets there first Luckily he has the perfect princess in mind his new assistant Ruby Dance.After her last cheating boyfriend, Ruby is avoiding all commitments, but this promotion could help her family, so she agrees to a temporary marriage She should be craving her next assistant role, not the devastating beauty of the desert and the man who rules it all

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    1. MS Fielding has done it again written a story that will take you on a magical journey where we get to know a handsome Sheikh and the life he leads and get to know how caring he is I have to admit I do have a very soft spot for a Sheikh and Bram ticks all of the boxes and sends tingles up my spine.Sheikh Ibrahim (Bram) al-Ansari has lived in exile from his family after disgracing himself five years ago he was a great sportsman and all round good guy but suddenly he made this mistake and he pulls [...]

    2. Everybody loves a sheikh. Except his family when he disgraces himself in a public place and it goes viral on social media.Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari has been estranged from his family for around five years, living in a neighbouring Arab country and becoming even more rich through his own efforts. The last thing he expects is an invitation to his father's birthday party. The only thing is, the invitation back into the bosom of the family comes with strings. Strings that Bram has no intention of let [...]

    3. This book is a really good book. This author puts her stories together to give the reader dreams and long time memories. The cover of the book is just beautiful! This is a home run for Liz.

    4. Bram was next in line to the throne and was engaged to be married to a woman his parents chose for him since birth, however he enjoyed sports and his freedom. So five years ago, he went home to prepare for his wedding but found out that his fiancee was in love with his younger brother, so he sacrifices himself by planting a scandalous scene in which he gets disinherited by his father. Five years later, his fiancee is now married to his brother & his brother has taken his reign while he still [...]

    5. Liz Fielding elevates the category romance to an art form and this book demonstrates why. Loved every word.

    6. 4 1/2 STARS!A really fun connection between the main characters makes Liz Fielding's upcoming release a joy to read. Not only are we watching a romance spark, but we catch ourselves smiling quite often at the sass this couple shows towards each other. Really enjoyed them! The only thing I was left wanting was a little more time with them!Once banished from his home country, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari knows he can't return home without a bride on his arm unless he wants to be forced into marriage w [...]

    7. This book is exactly what a romantic getaway should be. I was swept away to a far away land while reading The Sheikh's Convenient. Bride The setting is beautiful, the hero is rich, head strong, smart, handsome, and a disinherited Sheikh. The heroine is smart, beautiful, sassy and strong willed and has been wronged in her past. The Sheikh's Convenient Bride by Liz Fielding is a wonderful book. Liz Fielding has a true talent for describing the setting and her characters, so you can close your eyes [...]

    8. In The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess, her 65th category romance novel for Harlequin, multi award-winning author Liz Fielding proves once again why she’s one of the genre’s best-loved and most gifted writers with this engaging, poignant and captivating tale I devoured in one sitting!Efficiency is PA Ruby Dance’s middle name. Conscientious, meticulous and dedicated to her job, Ruby puts all of her heart, soul and energy into her career and is one of the best personal assistants in London. H [...]

    9. Definitely a good read. A kind novel with people that have made mistakes and grown from them. A novel of love and life and passion as well as business and family. Each a building block within the story as the plot was unfolded. Characters of depths and love. Each of the items I have written above contributed to a novel of interest as well as one that was warming to the heart. I enjoyed the writers gift of telling the story in words of writing. One that allows the reader emotion to feel and just [...]

    10. Liz Fielding writes with depth and maturity of an author who knows her stuff which in turn makes for an story which has depth of characters mixed with an exciting plot full of exquisite places, words and feeling.Bram and Ruby are the stunning characters for a convenience marriage story which swirls of love and romance that left me with a smile! The plot may be standard but the way everything is described and laid out make it amazing and a read that you're sorry to finish. Their background storie [...]

    11. The Sheikh's Convenient Princess by Liz FieldingCan it possibly happen…From the Sheikh Secretary.To the Sheikh’s wife?Ruby Dance prefers to work temporary secretary jobs. She has been cheated on by her last boyfriends and now avoiding all commitments. When she has been sent to fill in for the secretary who was working for Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari as his regular one had suffered serious injuries and yet when the Sheikh needs her for more than his secretary she thinks of her family and what th [...]

    12. I loved the glimpse into the traditions and culture that this book provided. Bram is the disgraced heir to the throne and needs a wife to get back in his father's good graces. Ruby is his PA and Bram is certain she is the perfect fake wife for the job. Neither one of them counted on falling in love with each other. However, when a kingdom is at stake can you really trust your heart? This was a lovey read and I really enjoyed the characters and the glimpse into an exotic land.

    13. I liked this better than I thought I would when I started it. The storyline was rushed and formulaic, even for a romance novel. But as I was reading, I did feel transported and thought that the characters had unexpected depth. Enjoyable.

    14. The Sheiks Convenient WifeI liked this story, no nasty language no detailed search just a easy reading, with the happy end. I will look out for this author again.

    15. I purchased all four of the Romantic Getaways “series” that was released this month and finally started reading with The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess by Liz Fielding. First, let me say, I LOVE these two! They had their bits of “broken” that, for me, really drew them together and made them perfect for one another. Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ansari (known as Bram) has a temp show up at his island sanctuary when his PA breaks his leg whilst on vacation. The Garland Agency sends Ruby Dance and when [...]

    16. Liz Fielding writes heartwarming romance and alpha men that make you swoon. She describes the scenery beautifully.Bram has been banished from his home and can only come home if he agrees to an arranged marriage . It will be a chance to write the wrongs he committed before. Bram really doesn't want to do this, yet at the same time he wants to see his father on his birthday. Luckily his assistant has an accident and a temp arrives in the form of Ruby. If only she will agree to become his temporary [...]

    17. The Sheikh's Convenient Princess by Liz Fielding is a dramatic and emotive story with vivid prose, engaging dialogue and two leads who are sure to entertain you with their spontaneity! The story unfolds beautifully from the onset, grabbing your attention and keeping you mesmerized with each new chapter. I especially cheered for Ruby, who had been cheated on, so her heart is still fragile. However, seeing her and Bram together had me cheering for them both. Overall, I think Liz Fielding has done [...]

    18. Disgraced, disinherited and exiled "Bram" Aka Sheikh Ibrahim is summoned home for his fathers birthday.  Its an opportunity to mend the breach between them but it comes with secret deal, he is to marry a women chosen by his father.  Ruby Dancer comes to work for Bram as his PA when his gets injured skiing.  She has a past that left scars so being a temp PA works for her as she is always on the move. The scenes between the two of them will have you smiling and you will become totally immersed [...]

    19. "The Sheikh's Convenient Princess" by Liz Fielding is an enjoyable, quick read. Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari was banished from his country and can only return with a bride since he refused to marry the woman his family wanted him to marry. Ruby Dance comes into his life and becomes the convenient bride to be, but she is fighting her own personal issues. Love will find a way.

    20. received 4 1/2 stars @ harlequin (as of 3/31/17). To view reviews, go HERE> harlequin/storeitemMiniseries: Romantic Getaways

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