Game Breaker

Game Breaker This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B FKR KG He s becoming a Game Breaker on the ice With the playoffs right around the corner Nate Ghost Golston is focused on only one thing getting the Po

  • Title: Game Breaker
  • Author: Catherine Gayle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01FKR06KG.He s becoming a Game Breaker on the ice.With the playoffs right around the corner, Nate Ghost Golston is focused on only one thing getting the Portland Storm to the Finals so he can finally hoist the Cup But when opposing teams fans start getting under his skin, he can t ignore the ridicule that s suddenly all overThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01FKR06KG.He s becoming a Game Breaker on the ice.With the playoffs right around the corner, Nate Ghost Golston is focused on only one thing getting the Portland Storm to the Finals so he can finally hoist the Cup But when opposing teams fans start getting under his skin, he can t ignore the ridicule that s suddenly all over the Internet With each degrading word slung over the boards, he strains to keep his focus on the ice Now, everything he s worked for is in jeopardy.She s facing off with the Game Makers.Stunning sports reporter and aspiring filmmaker Anne Dennison is determined to use her smarts to get ahead in a male dominated career Producing a behind the scenes web series brings Anne up close and personal with skilled, sexy Nate Sparks fly, putting her plans in danger For Anne to succeed, she has to capitalize on Nate s struggles.Wanting to be together, they know they must bend for each other before one of them breaks If they can t, it s Game Over.

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    1. A sweet and heartrending story about acceptance, love and family. He may not be as tall or as heavy weight as his teammates, but Nate “Ghost” Golston is fast, agile and his quickly becoming one of the Portland Storm’s game makers intent on helping his team win the Stanley Cup. But when a couple of ignorant opposing fans insult his ethnicity, the incident goes viral and is coupled by rising racial tensions across the country, can he keep his focus on the game especially when the very attrac [...]

    2. 4.5 starsNate "Ghost" Golston is fast and skilled on the ice. But he has recently gained media attention for more than that. He's the only black man on is team and in a world where racial tension is high, he finds himself subjected to it. Anne Dennison is producing the Storm's new web show. She is a female reporter in a male dominated sports world and is dealing with sexism and scrutiny in the public media. She's sassy, tenacious, stubborn and independent-minded. But she also has deep insecuriti [...]

    3. I really enjoy this whole series. The Portland Storm organization has become family. In each new book, the author makes sure ti bring that sense of family into the story. The friendships among players, the wives group, the children. Everyone is playing and fighting for one another. this book holds that more true than most. Nate "Ghost" Golston is caught up on the political upheaval going on related to racial profiling. The NHL is not immune to the derogatory comments made by insensitive people. [...]

    4. I love Catherine Gayle. As my first hockey-romance author, she always holds a special place in my heart. So, when she releases new books--especially Portland Storm books--I'm all in. I go into these books knowing I'm about to fall in love and that there is a good chance my heart will fall right off my sleeve and into my pool of tears. She's great at that. She makes me feel for the characters. Which is exactly what I want to do when I read. Nate and Anne are a couple like no other. Each character [...]

    5. Considering the past common appearances of Nate and Anne, I really expected more in terms of romanceThis specific instalment was interesting in its articulation of acceptance of difference and overcoming prejudices regards sexual preference, skin color and women in the workplace. However all those demonstrations left little to no place for feelings to really build or for any emotion to be shared with the reader regards their relationship.Hero and heroine didn't feel mismatched, both were nice pe [...]

    6. I didn't feel confident this would address race issues well due to how shocked the male MC was by racism of fans at the first game we see in the book - I cannot imagine an adult black man who grew up in America being that shocked by it. Also see the spoilers in this review, I think the whiteness of the author is endemic here and a problem: /review/show

    7. Okay, so I'm giving this a 3.5 but rounding down. This was solidly my favorite book in the series until the last twenty pages. Let's start with the good. Black hockey player, biracial news reporter. He's dealing with racism from fans, she's dealing with sexism from readers, there's a homophobia subplot that's thrown in there about half way through, and two giant mastiffs that think they're lap dogs.What could go wrong?Well, nothing did go wrong until the end. Gayle was dealing with a lot of seri [...]

    8. 4.5 starsNate Golston is in the spotlight on and off the ice, but not the way he’d like. He’s on fire, scoring goals and playing at the top of his game. But he’s also getting attention from the fans and media because he is the only black player on the ice. He’s used to being the minority, but with racial tensions high, every little bit of attention seems too high to Nate, who just wants to play hockey.Anne Dennison is tasked with producing “The Eye of the Storm,” a web-based document [...]

    9. Game Breaker is the ninth installment in Catherine Gayle's Portland Storm series and it's a great one!Nate "Ghost" Golston is coming into his own in the NHL and is poised to be one of the stars of the post season for the Storm. He has been attracted to Anne Dennison for some time and the two have previously skirted around flirting with one another.When Anne is hired to be the producer of the Storm's new online web series, she is faced with having to make decisions about the way she does her job, [...]

    10. Catherine Gayle's Portland Storm series is amazing! Game Breaker (Portland Storm #9) looks at the flirtatious relationship between the hockey speedster Nate & Anne, the producer of the team's newest behind-the-scenes web series. As a novel, Game Breaker really drove home the theme and sense of family within the fictional Portland Storm hockey organization.I love Catherine Gayle's books, especially her hockey series, but this book takes very delicate look at the what it truly means to be defi [...]

    11. I was a little worried about how Game Breaker was going to play out since it started with racial tensions that are going on in the world today; however, as I started reading Nate and Anne's story, I really could not put the book down. The way Catherine described these characters and their relationship with each other (how they had been flirting with each other for about two years) as well as their individual struggles - Nate with racism and Anne with sexism I felt was very well-written. I really [...]

    12. This book gave me chills, right from the foreword from the authour and onward. The reflection of real life being stated in a book made it all the more real, all the more scary. The constraints and binds that loved ones can place upon you, no matter where or how you are raised, so trueThe hope and the optimism that comes out by focusing on your loved ones, what you have, and how you act, that was the most powerful thread in the story. Regardless if race, culture, or sexual orientation, you are wh [...]

    13. Intense read! Many topics covered that are considered off limits by society. Situation brought into play and discussed and lived that is currently affecting our nation. These two characters must face these issues. Will they face them together or choose to face them apart. Ghost has to face racism for the first time in his life. Anne being a mixed race female trying to make it in a mans world. Add in bigots, racist, sexiest , and ignorance mix it will a little alcohol and adrenaline makes for an [...]

    14. This book hit it right in the nail with today's issues and society it gives you an idea of what someone goes through during those difficult times while actually finding love where you never even looked! Miss Gayle gives us a beautiful story about 2 human beings trying hard to fit right in in a world where at the minimum mistake you're judge for being different or simply just for being you!

    15. Game Breaker is the latest instalment in the Portland Storm story, this time told through the Eye of the Storm webisodes filmed in various locations focussing on the behind the scenes life of the Portland Storm.Whilst following the Storm players and learning how each of them contribute to the team as a whole both on and off the ice; strength of character and family values are discovered when faced with the bigger issues of racism, gender orientation and cultural differences.I loved the entwined [...]

    16. This was Nate "Ghost's" story with Anne. He faces racial slurs while Anne tries to get the best story possible as a organization filming family journalist. This story had some repetitive gestures in it that was over done. Everyone was always winking at each other. I thought they might have all developed ticks. Although that didn't distract from the story line, plot, characters, or steamy romance. It did bother a bit to read that same line all the time.

    17. I'm not entirely sure why I didn't love this one like I usually do.It was a powerful story, with an incredible message and I think Nate and Anne got sort of lost somewhere along the way, if it makes sense? I just didn't connect with them the same way as with the others.BUT, that being said, the hockey is still fantastic. Can the Storm finally win the SC please?!

    18. Sweet sweet story. I love Ghost and I think the world of Anne. It handles the way the whole world feels/ felt when violence was so prevalent. I do agree with Ghostuntil we love (and he's in love) one another by showing respect it's going to be a violent world.

    19. For some reason I didn't like this as much as the rest of the series. Usually we know at least one from the the starring couple pretty well from previous books, which might be what I'm missing here.

    20. We’re breeding hate. And it has to stop. We have to start loving each other. That’s what I have to say.

    21. I really enjoyed Nate and Anne's story. I loved how they fell in love with minimal distraction. He was so cute.However I didn't buy her parents relationship and that back story. Otherwise great addition to this series

    22. "But I don't think that's what most of the world is like. I choose to believe that most people are good. Most realise that hatred based on someone being different is truly just fear of what they don't understand. So you can make this into something bigger than what it is if you want, but I'm not going to play along. I'm going to go about my life like I always have."It is this speech by Nate Golston, otherwise known as Ghost to his Portland Storm teammates and the rest of the NHL, that sums up th [...]

    23. I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the author for an honest review.Game Breaker is Catherine Gayle’s fourteenth book in the Portland Storm Series. The story revolves around Left Wing Nate “Ghost” Golston, the only dark-skinned player in the Storm and the sports reporter with Indian roots Anne Dennison who have been flirting with each other during interviews for the past couple of months. Anne has just been handed the production of "Eye of the Storm", a behind-the-scenes web series on [...]

    24. Catherine Gayle has done it again with Nate and Anne and another wonderful addition to the Portland Storm series! This book completely had me at the Dedication and Acknowledgements. Make sure you read those as Catherine so eloquently speaks about the less than tolerable state of our society these days, which also happens to be very relevant to this story. Amidst this love story about hockey player Nate Golston, Ghost as he is called by his teammates, one of the few colored athletes in hockey and [...]

    25. The latest in the Portland Storm series does not disappoint. In typical Catherine Gayle fashion, we have strong chemistry, well developed and interesting main characters, funny moments with secondary characters, including kids and pets (dogs, in this case) who are more than just plot devices, and an insightful and moving treatment of challenging issues in our world. Oh, and hockey, and sexytimes. I may have left some things out of my list, because Catherine Gayle’s books have it all, and Ghost [...]

    26. If this story was written to get your attention or to make you think then, mission accomplished. I have to be honest though, there was one thing in particular that really took me aback. Maybe that's what the author was hoping for but there are some things (and yes I know this is fiction) that make me uncomfortable regardless of the context. All that aside, I loved this book.Nate and Anne are both strong characters. Living in a world that's riddled with prejudice, they both just want to be treate [...]

    27. **********I was offered a ARC from the author, in return of a honest review***********Catherine Gayle posted the blurb and cover of this book a long time ago. Therefore I knew going into it, it would probably tear me apart. I wasn't prepared though for it to feel so much like a movie cut out of real life. This made it hard to read but at the same time so worth it.Nate is a hockey player who is slowly coming into his role as a "game breaker". Eventhough he is a full time professional NHL player h [...]

    28. ********3.5 Star Review*******I can't tell you how much I love coming back to the Portland Storm family! These books never get old and each one I pick up feels like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans. The Storm hockey team is one big family and when reading each book, you can't but help find yourself a part of this hockey family. You will cheer, laugh and cry with every player as they navigate this thing we call life. Nate Golston is finally making a name for himself after years playing f [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this new addition to the Portland Storm collection. Honestly, it took me a little while to get into it which is unusual for me and this series. Catherine’s writing touches on several really difficult subjects making them relevant to her story line while tying in to today’s common culture. Unfortunately we constantly hear negative news and her book really brings that home.I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but this book really sets up some future story lines brilliantl [...]

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