Bully No More

Bully No More Fat Cow Chubby Chunky Those were just a few names Kurt had called her growing up He was her bully and he didn t care One chemistry assignment changed everything Kim refused to give in to him so he h

  • Title: Bully No More
  • Author: Sam Crescent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fat Cow Chubby Chunky Those were just a few names Kurt had called her growing up He was her bully, and he didn t care One chemistry assignment changed everything Kim refused to give in to him, so he had no choice but to leave Ten years later, Kim s stubbornness gives him the chance to show her that he is no longer her bully Kim didn t like asking for help, but KurFat Cow Chubby Chunky Those were just a few names Kurt had called her growing up He was her bully, and he didn t care One chemistry assignment changed everything Kim refused to give in to him, so he had no choice but to leave Ten years later, Kim s stubbornness gives him the chance to show her that he is no longer her bully Kim didn t like asking for help, but Kurt made an offer she couldn t refuse She didn t want to be the girl that fell for the man who hurt her She was stronger than that Kurt was not that guy any, and no matter how much she tried to fight the boy, this was a man Can two complete opposites find love Can Kurt prove that he s no longer a bully, and is in fact the perfect guy for her Will Kim take that chance This is the story of Kim and Kurt from Fat.

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    1. Well this book was better than the hot mess that was the first book in this series. Just SLIGHTLY though. The dialogue is still bloody awful and juvenile. The book can be summed up by the followingKim: He bullied mewhinewhinewhinen I trust himI'm 28 and never even been kissedgglehe bullied mewhinewhinewhine.Kurt: Fat CowChubbyI was an assholeI'm sorryI'm sorryI'm sorryHow many fucking times am I going to have to apologizeI'm a changed manI'm a changed manI fucked everything that walked, but was [...]

    2. The H was a cruel asshole to the h when they were in high school he was calling her all types of nasty names. After they got paired to do an assignment he started seeing her in another way thank goodness the h didn't agree to go on a date with him. After 10 years he goes and tries to help her but I felt like he bullied her into moving in with him and I felt like he was still a jerk. Oh here's the kicker She's still a virgin, a 28 year old virgin while he got to fucked anything and everything eve [...]

    3. I like the storyline and it has promises, but execution wise it has a lot to be desired. I think this one actually suffered from the length restriction of the novella and a lot are not dealt with with enough depth to make this more of a satisfactory read.Simple premise, bully turned besotted suitor. Ideally it should be filled with angst and tons of sweetness as H makes it up to h. H did indeed try to make it up to h, was sweet and gentle to her all along and even patient with her at all times. [...]

    4. I made the through to the end. I congratulate myself. The author had a good idea but the execution was a bit weak. Ok a lot weak. I also didn’t read the first book “Fat” so there were thing that I know I missed out on but it didn’t really matter. I don’t think it would have enhanced my experience of reading this book at all. This one is a bit of a stinker.

    5. Ok so it was not as bad as I thought it would be. At first I did not understand. He is making fun of her then buff like magic he wants her!? What? They did not even talk to form any kind of connection! I don't see how this is working in his head here. He mentions nothing about being attracted to her or loving her smile or anything just I have been an asshole and now I want you! Also I did not understand how a 28 year old woman who is actively looking at porn and is sexually healthy could still b [...]

    6. Repetitive, repetitive and some more repetition! This shit got old real fucking fast! I was looking forward to Kim and Kurt's story but this was far from what I thought their story would be about. A virgin at 28e you fucking kidding me right now? Why, because she was hung up on Kurt, the same fuckwit that bullied her so badly she flinched every time he even came near her. Yet and still Kurt fucked everything that claimed a pussye where my annoyance comes in? Why do the females in books like this [...]

    7. Kurt knew his words hurt when he was paired with Kim in highschool for a project. Jittery and untrusting, Kurt saw first hand how bullying affected Kim. He wanted a chance to make it right, but Kim's feelings were to raw to give him a second chance. Ten years later, Kurt had a second chance. He moved struggling artist into his home and tried to show her how he had changed. Kim is not sure she can give Kurt the chance he wants, but as they begin to co-habitate, she realizes she is falling for him [...]

    8. I"ve been waiting for this book since I read Sam's book, "Fat". Kurt was a bully to Kim all through high school when he finally realized what he was. Now Kim won't give him the time of day. Fast forward 10 years and Kurt has come to Kim's rescue. She wanted to make it in the art world by herself but it's not working out. Kurt packs her up and moves her to his place where she has not one but two art studios and the freedom to do whatever she wants. I love how this story progresses as Kurt is pati [...]

    9. Sam Crescent was one of my favorite smut author. Every single day I never absent to check her new book and every time I read her new book, it was like a fresh water to my thirsty smut soul yeehaaa!!And this book was not different. I already fall in love with Kim and Kurt from Fat and from that book itself, it was sweet.Reading them was a nice time to spent and I crave for another and another book from this author!

    10. Bully No More!So loved Noah and Elsa's book but loved this one even more. This book is of Kurt who bullied the one person who he realised too late was the one person that was meant to be his. But ten years later he comes to the rescue and offers kim a chance of a lifetime which she has no choice but to accept his offer but still has doubts and is being weary on his true motives. This was such an awesome read and Ms Crescent did an excellent job in writing it.

    11. I enjoyed this book. I didn't love it but it was still a good read. Kurt was such a dick in high school but even before he finished school he realized how hurtful words can be. So I think that helped me get over his bullying a little faster. I think the story would've been a little more believable if she wasn't still a virgin or if less time had lapsed. 10 years is a really long time to hold that grudge and I'm not trying to excuse what Kurt did but ppl change so much between high school and bei [...]

    12. Loved it!!It was great to read Kim and Kurt's story. They came a long way to get to where they needed to be.

    13. Wow. I totally fell in love with this story. It took over my heart and had me guessing and fingers crossed for the outcome. Awesome storyline. Totally wished there was more.

    14. Bully no moreAmazing, awesome and a wonderful read. I enjoyed every page and words can't wait to get more of Sam's books.Thanks again for a wonderful read.Hengy Etebar

    15. It would be a 3.5 stars. I read this one more thoroughly than the 1st book, it was more CR with a twist from the past, where the guy wasn't the most appreciated guy, in another word, he was a bully who made a great impact into Kim's life, not in a good way. But this teenager boy got the opportunity to understand and regret his path and he led another life, one with someone in its center, all for her. Not because of regrets but because of love, he loved her because he spent time with her, he love [...]

    16. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewI think after everyone read Fat we couldn't wait to read Kim and Kurt's story. And maybe a lot of people won't like it but I enjoyed it.It picks up 10years after Kim and Kurt went their separate ways and Kim is not doing so well. She is basically broke. Her paintings are stunning but her boss is just not selling her paintings. So he sold his business and guess who buys it. The one person who made her life a living hell.Kurt is taking this is his chanc [...]

    17. This was hard to get through. Not the best by SC, it felt like a whole book of filler. Very little character development.

    18. 3.5 starsThis novel requires you to read the first novel where the actual story begins. This is really the conclusion of the story that had already started. I liked the first book because of the two characters here and the character development of these two. The heroine stood firm in her rejection of the hero until now. His life has been about growing and maturing to be worthy of having her.I give kudos to Sam for taking bullying seriously and not portraying it like some authors nowadays who sug [...]

    19. Although I enjoyed this book, I enjoyed book one more. I have been waiting what feels like forever for Kim’s book. I understood Kim not trusting Kurt; after all he did bully her. Words have a way of scaring someone’s heart. Kurt finally realised the affects of being a bully, a little too late. At the end of high school, Kurt realised he was falling for Kim, a victim of his bullying. Kim refuses to forgive or date Kurt. Ten years later, Kurt and Kim meet again. Kurt is still in love with Kim. [...]

    20. Another book from Sam Crescent that has made me swoon. In her book, Fat, you first meet this book's couple. After ten years, Kim can't forget the hurtful words that Kurt used to called her on high school. On senior year, he changed but the damaged was done or so she thinks. Ten years later, he is the one saving her from a bad deal and assuring himself that she learns he's a different man, a man that has loved her from some time now.

    21. I was happy to know that Kurt & Kim will have their own story after reading Fat. And theirs story didn't dissapointed me. Liked how K&K reconnected after the year's of separation. It was sweet and sexy. Liked how Kurt grow up in personality. He become something special. And that something special made Kim one lucky lady. I love this kind of stories. And Blyth No More has everything you need for a good time.

    22. Would not recommendI read the first book "Fat" but I didn't post a review, because I was going to wait too see if the second book made up for the firstdrum roll pleaseNO it didn't. The writing was awful, the words didn't make sense sometimes. there was nothing to the story????? Just a bunch of pages thrown together that the writer called a story, but in reality should have call gar-bage. I gave 2 stars for effort

    23. This couple had a journey to go through before their happy ever after. Kurt was a silly nasty boy who had to come to his senses and realise the damaged done. Kim had to forgive and believe that this boy could change and grow into a loving man.

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