For All Eternity:A four talk set to strengthen your marriage

For All Eternity A four talk set to strengthen your marriage Includes five CDs Owning Our Words and Behavior Learning the Love Language of Others Conflict Resolution Skills and Apologies and Forgiveness Popular speaker author and marriage and family mediator

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  • Title: For All Eternity:A four talk set to strengthen your marriage
  • Author: John Lewis Lund
  • ISBN: 9781591562450
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Includes five CDs Owning Our Words and Behavior Learning the Love Language of Others Conflict Resolution Skills and Apologies and Forgiveness.Popular speaker, author, and marriage and family mediator Dr John L Lund shares his wealth of knowledge, insight, and humor on the all important topic of improving communication and strengthening marriage relationships This boIncludes five CDs Owning Our Words and Behavior Learning the Love Language of Others Conflict Resolution Skills and Apologies and Forgiveness.Popular speaker, author, and marriage and family mediator Dr John L Lund shares his wealth of knowledge, insight, and humor on the all important topic of improving communication and strengthening marriage relationships This book will make you laugh as you and your spouse see yourselves in Dr Lund s descriptions of the differences between men and women and how we communicate You will be enlightened as you take his Love Language Quiz and find out how to speak your spouse s love language You will learn how to use active and reflective listening skills to resolve conflict in your relationships Finally, you will understand the art of giving an apology and accepting responsibility All of these tools and , combined with Dr Lund s trademark humor and stories, will make this volume an important resource in strengthening your marriage and helping it last for all eternity.

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    1. This is different than it implies on the title. The author talks more about communication, conflict resolution, and forgiving. It applies to more relationships than just marriage and is full of amazing realities to human behavior. I can listen to it again and again, and what's so funny is Jeff bought it when he had to go on a road trip by himself and needed something to pass the time. He loved it even more than me. Good stuff.

    2. This lecture series was recommended to me by a mentor at work. It was transformational in my relationship with one of my kids. Though the speaker is focusing on marital relationships, the concepts can easily be applied to any relationship, any communication scenario.He's speaking to an LDS audience, and his reliance on scripture and the words of prophets increases as the lecture series progresses. I perceived it as a desire to preempt attempts by members to justify resentment, anger, etc by usin [...]

    3. Abby and David Chipman gave us these CDs as a wedding present and I am so glad that they did. It was so helpful to listen to the talks and to practice some of the exercises. I think the most important thing I learned was that it is important to be proactive about strengthening your marriage vs. waiting for problems. It's not when your house is on fire that you need to buy fire alarms for example. Casey and I will most likely listen to this in future years as well as read and listen to other mate [...]

    4. "All frustration [or anger] comes from unmet expectations. There is no such thing as someone who is frustrated who didn't have an expectation." If you want an excellent book on all relationships . . . friends, relatives, spouses, siblings, coworkers . . . this book is a must. It covers communication styles, love languages, apologies and forgiveness, expectations, criticism, conflict resolution. It also comes written as a book; however, I actually love the audio because Dr. Lund is quite humorous [...]

    5. I really liked the practical things he says about the knowledge and skills related to quality relationships (lack of willingness will always trump lack of knowledge or skill but that's outside of his influence--ya gotta wanna). I'm going to teach my family content communication (and thereafter when my daughter screams that she's not eating anything for dinner she will be taken at her word and invited to go brush teeth and put her pjs on). Loved the talk about forgiveness. Such powerful real-life [...]

    6. Wow! Great ideas of how to make your marriage better. I found myself feeling sorry for my husband having to put up with me for all these years! I found tons of things that I need to work on & make me a better person, better wife, better mother, better grandmotherjust make me better. Found the lost language quiz good, but knew who my husband was totally. Very few answer surprised me, but likewise he felt the same. But I've found that since taking it, we are both more aware & working at sp [...]

    7. I actually listened to this book on tape, so if any of you want to borrow it you are more than welcome to it. I loved this book! It is written for married people and I am not a married people but, it has really great advice about all relationships we have in our lives. The way the author playfully describes the situations we have all encountered in our lives makes you want to keep reading or listening to more. The last part of the book had me in tears. I recommend this book to everyoneeveryone c [...]

    8. I really enjoyed listening to this book. It's actually a series of talks that was giving over a 5 week period. There was so much great stuff that made me think about how I communicate with others and what my expectation of others is. I've actually taken some of the things I've learned about content communication and have been teaching my kids how to communicate. There are many religious references but the basic concepts apply to anyone and would help anyone learn to communicate better with other [...]

    9. My father in law gave me and my husband copies of this and we both have enjoyed this. I never thought I could listen to books on CD because of how much I love my radio and music, but listening to this has really changed my mind. This talk is a good reminder on how to really improve communication in your marriage and how to improve communication in your life. I plan on listening to it one more time to pick up on anything that I missed the first time around. I listened for 15- 20 minutes a day (wh [...]

    10. My husband and I listened to these CDs independently and then talked about them whenever we had some time together. They are insightful and they are also hilarious. I laughed out loud quite a few times. Dr. Lund has a way of hitting the mark when it comes to relationships. There are practical tips for how to change yourself and your relationship for the better. These CDs were really helpful. We both learned a lot about communication and how to better meet one another's needs. I definitely recomm [...]

    11. I would give this 4.5 stars. I loved Dr. Lund's ideas on content communication, love languages, B.I.N.G.O, setting limits and sticking to those limits and burying "the hatchet" by writing letters yourself and others that you need to forgive. Dr.Lund used humor and great stories that helped make his techniques more relatable and personable. I think this book is a great one to have in your home. Especially if you want to have a stronger relationship with your spouse or anyone that's important to y [...]

    12. This was an excellent read. The concepts Dr. Lund discusses are the basics of communication everyone should have learned in high school. He is a fantastic speaker, you don't realize the pearls of wisdom you are absorbing. Note: the final CD includes more LDS doctrine (scripture references) than the other CDs. It is about forgiveness and was truly inciteful for me. Don't let the religious overtones scare you away. They are basic human principles.

    13. This is at least my 4th time listing to this talk set and I recommend everyone listen to it no matter your relationship status it will help you to improve your relationships of all kinds! If you are married it can only make your relationship even more awesome! :) I try to listen to it at least once every year!

    14. I learned alot from this book! I actually listened to it on CD. It was nice because I could go back and listen to parts that I really needed to hear. I also shared it with my brothers, sisters, mom and dad. There were so many communication examples in it that I could learn from. Now I just need to remember them and put them into practice.

    15. this may be cheating because technically i'm listening to this book but i highly recommend it! It's the best to do with your significant other, there are alot of potential discussions in it. it just kindof gets you thinking ya know? i'm glad i got this in the beginning of my marriage, it's extremely insightful.

    16. This is one of the best wedding presents my husband and I received. The talks are full of practical communication and relationship skills based on real research instead of many pop culture marriage advice books. Lund is both entertaining as well as knowledgeable, and he uses real life examples/experiences to explain his points. My husband and I recommend this to all of our newly wed friends.

    17. I have read several books on strengthening marriage, and this is by far my favorite. Lund gives practical skills and tools that can be fitted to any marriage. I have searched for a book like this for a while. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is married or thinking about getting married (or hoping to be married some day!).

    18. Kris and I listened to this one together. Almost caused some arguments but it was really good. Very interesting to understand the way the male brain functions compared to the female. Explains a lot!!

    19. My friend Laurann recommended this book to our dinner group one night. It was recommended to her by her bishop for affective communication. I thought it had some really great insights- some was a little much for me "The Red Hour" but all in all a great book with many fascinating perspectives.

    20. Great book with good practical things to implement in a relationship instead of just theory. It does require a very structured personality to do some of the things he recommends so may not be as useful for every relationship.

    21. I want to listen to this once a year. John Lund gives pratical advice to strenghen marriage. I especially liked the forgiveness section. It is filled with stories, some with profound meanings and others that will make you laugh out loud.

    22. I listened to these a long time ago on the recommendation of Melissa S. and besides being funny they have good insights into forgiveness, charity, and how we express and receive love. I especially enjoyed the cd on the difference between the ways men and women communicate.

    23. Classic marriage book. I learned more about forgiveness (do it! I am responsible for my own actions, and not for others!)and being realistic in my expectations of myself and my husband. Lots of help on communicating clearly. He can be brutal, but he is loving and entertaining to listen to.

    24. I loved it. In fact, I keep wanting to listen to it again and use it (the communication skills) with my kids. I love how it is broken into sections on each CD so you can go right to the part you want. And Dr. Lund is funny in his delivery.

    25. The year I first listened to this, I bought the Cds for all our kids and my siblings. It is a great book to listen to and talk about. In fact, I think it's time my husband & I hear it again. So easy to fall back into old bad habits. Loved the humor in this.

    26. Very good book on strengthening marriage. Dr. Lund has an engaging writing style and is good at bringing gospel insights to his academic and professional view on these matters. Stories are touching and convey his points well. A must-read for any couple--young or old.

    27. John L. Lund speaks write to my soul! I love all of his inspirational talks on CD. This is a great set on strengthening your marriage. He has great ideas that are gospel based and a sense of humor that helps you swallow the pill a little easier. :)

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