Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 1

Yona of the Dawn Vol Yona reels from the shock of witnessing a loved one s murder and having to fight for her life With Hak s help she flees the palace and struggles to survive while evading her enemy s forces But where

Yona Akatsuki No Yona Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Yona , Yona is the titular protagonist of the manga and anime series, Akatsuki no Yona She is the princess of the Kouka Kingdom, the only heir of Emperor Il, Yona of the Dawn Yona lives the carefree life of a princess in Hiryuu Castle, being sheltered by her pacifistic father, King Il, and protected by her bodyguard and childhood friend Son Hak During a party being held for her sixteenth birthday, her other childhood friend and love interest Soo Won comes to pay tribute to her. Yona of the Dawn Season Release Date, Characters, OVA Yona of the Dawn Akatsuki no Yona is a Japanese manga series The first season had episodes and was aired by the creator and producer, Pierrot Co Ltd on th October . Yona Yona of the Dawn TV Series Oct , Yona is a princess who lives happily in the palace with her father and friends, oblivious to the misery of the kingdom But the day of her sixteenth birthday her life changes the emperor is killed Yona has to run away to survive She ll be helped by her friend and bodyguard, General Hak. Yona of the Dawn Season Could be Released in Yona of the Dawn is the anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name The popularity of manga series converted into an anime television series which premiered in October and aired for episodes between October , March , . Yona My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki FANDOM Yona, or Yona Yak, is a female yak and one of the Young Six who appears in season eight of the show as a student at Twilight Sparkle s School of Friendship Contents show Akatsuki no Yona Yona of the Dawn MyAnimeList Synopsis Princess Yona lives a life of luxury and ease, completely sheltered from the problems of the seemingly peaceful Kingdom of Kouka however, the sudden murder of the king and betrayal of her beloved cousin Su won places Yona s life in mortal peril. Yona of the Dawn, Season , Pt Original Japanese EPISODE Princess Yona Once upon a time, in the Kohka Kingdom, there lived a beautiful, crimson haired princess named Yona There she lived a comfortable life with her VIZ The Official Website for Yona of the Dawn Manga Princess Yona lives an ideal life as the only princess of her kingdom Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by her faithful guard Hak, she cherishes the time spent with the man she loves, Su won.

  • Title: Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 1
  • Author: Mizuho Kusanagi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Yona reels from the shock of witnessing a loved one s murder and having to fight for her life With Hak s help, she flees the palace and struggles to survive while evading her enemy s forces But where will this displaced princess go when all the paths before her are uncertain

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    1. Status: OngoingMagic, tragedy, betrayal, war… this manga has it all and it handles it SO well. My favorite part about it is the relationship between the three main characters: Yona, Hak and Soo-Won. You get a good intro from the blurb: Yona is the only princess of her kingdom. Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by her faithful guard Hak, she cherishes the time spent with the man she loves, Soo-won.What the Blurb doesn’t tell you is that Soo-Won is Yona’s cousin and they have b [...]

    2. Rating only volume one for now, but I've read up to volume 21.*waits patiently for a second season of the anime**please*

    3. I finished the anime yesterday and I LOVED IT! (I really really really love it). so I started the manga because I need to know what happen later.

    4. Yona of the Dawn is rated Teen and has incidents of violence and at least one instance of someone trying to put the moves on the princess so if either bother you then be weary of this book. Otherwise welcome to the kingdom of Kohka and the three Rs (rebellion, regicide, and recycling wait that's not itoh yeah romance.) :)What is a 15 year old princess to do? She has a doting father who spoils her but her mother is no longer with them and the man she has fallen in love with in her even younger da [...]

    5. Dieser Manga vereint einfach mal alle Dinge, die ich an solchen Geschichten hasse. 1) Eine schwache, dumme und naive Protagonistin, die ständig beschützt werden muss. 2) Ein Liebesdreieck inklusive Kindheitsfreund und Verwandten. 3) Diese seltsame Anwandlung der Japaner, dass eine der Figuren irgendwie in einen Blutsverwandten verknallt ist. Nein einfach, nein! -_-

    6. I have been devouring this manga series for the last week or so.When I first saw the anime, I thought it was going to be your typical romance, but in no way did it meet those expectations!I am currently on volume 12, chapter 67, and am loving the action and adventure the characters are on. The only thing I can really pick at is the pacing. It affects both the anime and manga, that the pacing can be very slow at times, and requires me to muster up every ounce of patience.If you love a historical [...]

    7. This feels like a light kind of an Asian game of thrones and I feel an addiction coming onPrincess Yona is spoiled and sheltered but all her dreams are shattered when the King is killed in front of her on her sixteenth birthday by none other than her beloved cousin Soo-won. Betrayal and bloodshed from the start as the throne is usurped and Yona and her faithful bodyguard General Hak flee the castle. The cover looks like a typical Shoujo but I think romance will not overtake the dramatic plot. Ex [...]

    8. Read up to chapter 110This is a tale of a kingdom, but it actually begins with a dragon. It's a story about leadership, friendship, and finding your place in the world. It's also about war - how it starts, how it affects people of different status - and about peace. Because in the real world there is no black and white - your best friend could kill your family, and your enemy could save your life. Altogether this is a tale about life.Akatsuki no Yona in three words:----------They are hilarious!

    9. I love this series so much, it's not even remotely funny anymore. The characters, the art, the world, the plot. I love it.

    10. currently on: Volume 26The characters, the plot, the world, I just love it all so much.Hak is just <3This moment right here is the embodiment of why I love this manga.It is the bonds that are thicker than oil, it is the strength that comes from the soul, it is the friends who will fight to the death for you, and it is the family that is so much deeper than blood.I will be oh so sad when the time comes to say goodbye to these idiots.My Dark Dragon and Happy Hungry Bunch.You are all beautiful a [...]

    11. 4 bis 4,5 Sterne | Mir hat es total gut gefallen und ich bin gespannt, was die nächsten Bände so bringen. Vor allem den Humor mochte ich sehr. :)

    12. Rereading the whole seriesjust because it's my favorite manga series in the world!I mean, when you see a guy like Hak, how can you not fucking fall in love?like ohmagerdke here is all douchey and maybe just a tad insane (got his game face on):here he's a smug bastard:here he's just too fucking hot:and let's not forget when he gets like this:and this:and goddammit this too cause flustered Hak is the best: Also, I'm one hundred percent behind this:Yet I must say that I have a soft spot for: So yea [...]

    13. Jujur, awalnya saya agak meremehkan judul ini. Dari gambar-gambarnya, sekilas seperti reverse harem berlatar fantasi dengan putri kerajaan yang dikelilingi bishounen berwarna-warni. Walau plotnya berkisar tentang petualangan, geopolitik, dan peperangan, saya pun lumayan ragu seberapa serius komik ini mengangkat tema-tema tersebut tanpa tenggelam dalam lautan fanservice (*untuk pembaca cewek). Whew, saya salah. Yona: Sebelum Cahaya mampu menyajikan plot yang sangat menarik dari sejak volume perta [...]

    14. I often complain that good epic fantasy anime/manga no longer are being made. Now all that comes out is fanservice and overpowered dull MC's trapped in video games. Yona is a call back to the series that focused on building epic stories like The Vision of Escaflowne, Monster, Wolf's Rain, Beserk, The 12 Kingdoms, and etc. Yona is going back to the good days of anime where the characters, the world, and the story sucked you in and never let you go. And is one that can be enjoyed by both men and w [...]

    15. *****SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST VOLUME OF THE MANGA*****I first heard about this because of the anime which started the day before I saw that it existed. I read the plot on Crunchyroll and was unimpressed with the seemingly bland topic yet something COMPELLED me to watch the first episode. After the conclusion of the first episode, I then tracked down the entire up to date manga ant the time and read through it like there was no tomorrow.A somewhat ditzy princess named Yona has had everything [...]

    16. Ever thought about reading a book that's not from your country? Your probably thinking "Reading a book from another country means reading a book in an other language," but don't worry. There are books in America that are from other countries, and they are translated into English. For an example, Mangas, and the book I'm about to tell you is a manga. If you don't know what a Manga is, I suggest you search it up right now or another time. The manga, "Akatsuki no Yona" is translated as "Yona of the [...]

    17. This manga (and anime) is beyond breathtaking. Not only is the art so beautiful, the plot line is as well! Any fans of Throne of Glass and Falling kingdoms will highly appreciate the themes and elements within this manga. It deals with a princess who has her family and Throne violently ripped from her, leaving her to deal with betrayal and loss and shock. It also introduces the power of friendship and loyalty in such a wonderful and realistic way. *SPOILERS AHEAD* What I liked most about Yona of [...]

    18. Thank goodness for friends who loan their books! I tried to read this series online a while back and just couldn't find a reliable (safe) scanlation site. Now I've got a stack of 10 volumes on my desk, to my great delight.So far - though I don't know that the true plot is really in motion yet - this is a solid start. I particularly liked the way grief is being handled; it's realistic, and it makes a good start for character growth.

    19. La verdad es que ya me vi el anime, pero me gusto taaaanto que decidi leer el manga; la verdad es que este primer tomo me pareció de lo mejor, con un gran inicio y todo. Amo rotundamente a Hak y a Yona, los personajes se me hicieron demasiado entrañables y magnifícos, sin duda seguiré leyendo los tomos que siguen.

    20. I am going to start this review by blatantly stating that Akatsuki no Yona is one of the best manga serials that I have read in a long time, quite possibly ever. Fear not, the spiel as to why my love for this story is so profound will follow with bits of fangirling theatrics, but I felt that it needed to be said upfront. I absolutely adore Akatsuki no Yona by Mizuho Kusanagi, who is also known for NG Life. My exposure to Yona of the Dawn (as it’s called in English) occurred during the Fall 201 [...]

    21. When I watched the first episode of the anime for this a while back, I disliked it. I didn't hate it, but I had a lot of trouble getting through just that one episode. I'm glad I gave the manga a shot anyway.Yona of the Dawn is a bit of a slow starter. The beginning needs to introduce all the characters and their relationships to each other. Episode one made the series seem as if it were going to be a historical rom com or something until the end of the episode (or maybe it wasn't until episode [...]

    22. This is beyond anything I have expected from a manga series. The series is still ongoing so no spoilers :)I have to say the anime (yes, I watched it after reading 10 chap of the series) actually does justice to the manga. What grabs me is the character development of Yona, who started off as a spoiled princess daydreaming over marrying her long time crush to a strong woman she is now. You don't expect to see character with such depth and transition in a manga series. There are so many other elem [...]

    23. Mi ero ripromessa di aggiungere solo libri su (No, ok in realtà ho messo anche i manga di Soulless ma son dettagli) e alla fine ho capitolato.A dire la verità in questo periodo non ho molta volta di leggere romanzi, ma cristo santo se non vorrei prendere a sprangate la mangaka ahahahaBeh, sarà la ottava o nona volta (diciamo tranquillamente anche decima) che rileggo da capo questa serie. E niente.Hak è una creatura da proteggereNo sul serio, dovrebbe essere sotto la protezione del WWF.Ma po [...]

    24. Gets off to a very slow start, but starts to pick up a bit more about halfway through. Just not interesting enough to keep my attention. The characters are flat, hard to connect with, and justbland. Even (view spoiler)[Su-Won's betrayal didn't seem shocking (except for the fact that despite his reasoning, I just couldn't see him actually killing the king. (hide spoiler)]Probably won't finish the series.

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