Brody's Vow

Brody s Vow A trained assassin on the run Trinity Durant isn t accustomed to relying on anyone for help She s the deadliest of all her Valkyrie sisters getting up close and personal for her kills But this time

  • Title: Brody's Vow
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: 9781535422444
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • A trained assassin on the run Trinity Durant isn t accustomed to relying on anyone for help She s the deadliest of all her Valkyrie sisters, getting up close and personal for her kills But this time, it s different When she s injured on a job, she has no one to turn to except the handsome stranger holding a weapon on her Since she needs to escape the city, she reluctaA trained assassin on the run Trinity Durant isn t accustomed to relying on anyone for help She s the deadliest of all her Valkyrie sisters, getting up close and personal for her kills But this time, it s different When she s injured on a job, she has no one to turn to except the handsome stranger holding a weapon on her Since she needs to escape the city, she reluctantly accepts his help Too late she realizes that he poses the biggest danger to her of all, by making her question everything about her life and threatening her jaded heart A man unwilling to walk away When HRT sniper team leader Brody Colebrook heads home on medical leave for a well deserved break, the last thing he expects is to stumble upon a mysterious woman in danger She may be a stranger to him, but she s a friend of his commander s and now that Brody knows she s in trouble, he can t just leave her to be hunted down and executed The moment he puts her in his truck it places them both in the crosshairs of a killer bent on revenge She might trust Brody to have her back, but he wants far than that He wants everything she has to give, and he ll do whatever it takes to get it.

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    1. Great start to a new series. Brody is another great hero and Trinity has had such a lonely tragic past that she deserves happiness. They have a short but intense time together and discover love. You also meet Brody's father (Gray) and brother Wyatt. They are a couple of former Marines and the Colebrooks are a close family. Trinity is a Valkyrie (along with Briar and Georgia from the HRT series). She had the most brutal experience during their "training" by the government. She was trained to kill [...]

    2. Trinity is an assassin for the government. She is a femme fatale and is good at her job. She has to kill a man who traffics women but afterwards there is a slight problem. His bodyguard is in the mob and hunts her down to repair his name. Brody is a Marine but is off for a gun shot wound. He gets a call from his commander wanting him to check his house out because the alarm shut off. That’s when he meets the gorgeous but dangerous Trinity. She is a good friend of the commander and his wife, Br [...]

    3. Loved itmantic and a mysteryTrinity broke into Brodys bosses house. They were at a standstill holding guns at the other. She had killed an evil man and his bodyguard was trying to find her to save his reputation.?She has a lot of secrets and Brody meant to learn them all. Even though she seems like a bad, tough woman you feel sorry for her. Great story, romance and action. Can't wait to read the second one.

    4. Seriously good spin off Ms CrossAnother fab series from Kaylea Cross. Anyone need a reason to binge read, here's a great spin off you'll just love, linked to the HRT series, this picks up characters you've been curious about since you met them in HRT. This is Brody and Trinitys story, how fate conspires to bring them together, the twists, turns and HEAt spoiling it read the book, noooo read the whole series you will love it!

    5. Kayla CrossMs. Cross never lets you down. This new trilogy is great going from the first book alone. She knows how to set up the story so when your finished with one your ready for the next.

    6. Short but GOOD!!So great to be continuing the HRT series with a new series. I want my own Brody. Quick paced, a bit rushed, love came a bit too quickly, but still a very good story by a very good storyteller!

    7. 3.5/5I keep jumping between Kaylea's HRT series and DEA FAST series and now this somebody tell me to stop and finish one series at the time first-

    8. Awesome!I really loved this book! I couldn't put it down! Now Im gona have to read all the others before! Excellent! Love a good series!

    9. Kaylea Cross - Brody's Vow - (Colebrook Siblings Trilogy Book 1)The first book in this Trilogy is connected to the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) Series and both characters have been in previous HRT books. Brody is a relative new character and we met him in the previous HRT series book 10, “Reclaimed”. Brody is Team Leader with the HRT-Sniper Team and was injured during that particular mission. Brody is now on medical leave and heading home to southern Virginia to the family horse farm. The Trilo [...]

    10. Brody's Vow by Kaylea Cross pulled me into the plot quickly and kept me there in an intriguing plot full of possibilities. Trinity is an unusual heroine because it's not often I've come across a heroine who does what she does. Her story fascinated me because it felt believable, like something that really could happen. I really liked her, and liked being privy to her inner thoughts and feelings. What she does has defined her for so long and I couldn't wait to see what would happen after this job [...]

    11. More Than I'd Expected!!!Trinity was the deadliest of the three Valkyrie sisters, she was introduced to us through Kaylea Cross' HOSTAGE RESCUE TEAM series. The bond she, Briar Jones and Georgia Randall shared was strong, they would do anything to protect each other.Trinity found herself between a rock and a hard place when he got injured on a job, she didn't had any other choice but to head to Quantico in search of help. She usually don't like to ask for help but when sexy as sin Agent Brody Co [...]

    12. What a nice surprise to find this book in its own series straight after I'd read one of the HRT books that had Brody appear in it!! I love reading books by this author and this one was just as enjoyable. Overview:Brody Colebrook is wounded during a rescue op and is on his way home to his familys ranch when his commander calls in a favor. No big deal, just check his boss' house as the security alarm has been breached, possibly a malfunction but better to be safe than sorryWhat Brody finds is nowh [...]

    13. We finally get Trinity's story yay the Valkyrie girls all deserve a happy ending and none more so than Trinity.We have already seen Briar and Georgia get their men now Kaylea Cross pairs Trinity with Brody Colebrook.Brody is FBI and part of HRT his boss is Matt Deluca and when Matt rings asking for a favour Brody doesn't hesitate even if he is still recovering from an injury that could still sideline him forever.Trinity is in trouble her latest contract is dead she did her job but now she finds [...]

    14. Yay!!!Finally, Trinity gets her story! I love everything Kaylea Cross writes, but I'm very excited about this series. Meeting Brody's family through this story had me ready and waiting for the next book. I already loved Brody from previous books. Now I can't wait to see who can capture the wounded heart of his brother and hopefully get updates about how Trinity finds her place in their family.

    15. A fantastic start to a new seriesI love Kaylea's books,I'm a huge fan, this book has everything you would expect from a Kaylea Cross book, suspense, romance and a happy ending. Great to connect again with Trinity and Briar,and be introduced to our next hero Wyatt. So looking forward to the next book,cannot recommend this author highly enough

    16. PERFECT! Another 5 star book by the amazing Kaylea Cross. I can't recommend her books enough, they are a must-read for me and I can't seem to ever get my fill. If you like romantic suspense then you have to give her a try. If you have never read romantic suspense then Kaylea Cross is the absolute best place to start.

    17. Brody's VowI loved Brody's and Trinity's love story! It is definitely my favorite of the Valkyries. Trinity had never been loved by anyone. Trusting Brody only on the word of one of her Valkyrie sisters was not easy, but Brody had her back. Together they work to extinguish the threat to Trinity's life and along the way they find a love of a lifetime.

    18. ****4 1/2 STARS****A government trained assassin, she has since become a paid killer. On!y she can alone can choose her jobs and only the worst criminals will do. When her latest hit goes wrong and she finds herself on the run, a sexy hero comes to the rescue. Now he not only has to save her life, but to rescue her heart. Great Read!

    19. I really like this new series with Brody Colebrook and Trinity who is from HRT books. I love how they all together. Even Alex Rycroft from The Titanium series. Great job Kaylea Cross and I look forward to reading the next book on the trilogy

    20. Great Read!Kaylea Cross you don't disappoint!!! You manage to write books with likable, complex characters and this one is no exception. Great storyline. Readers will be drawn into the book from the very first page. Can't wait to delve into Wyatt's story!!

    21. More more more!!!So I'm not surprised that another Kaylea Cross series has captured my interest. Trinity had to have a story resolution and what a guy to help!! I can see a beautiful relationship starting with this!!!

    22. It's Kaylea Cross writing military/law enforcement romantic suspense 'nuff said.She really knocks it out of the park (yet again) with Brody and Trinity. Do yourself a favour and pick up her entire backlist.

    23. GreatI enjoyed reading this story it's got everything, suspense, action and sexy scenes. It's a great start to a new series. I also enjoyed appearance of some of the HTR guys. Can't wait to read Wyatt's story.

    24. So, I tend to dislike complaints that a book isn't long enough, but I wish this one was. It was great to see these characters together after seeing them in other books. This will be a great transitional series. I'm looking forward to reading about the other Colebrook siblings.

    25. Another solid read! It was so hard to see the HRT series end. So glad we got the Colebrook trilogy to go too. Great solid quick reads.

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