Blackwing Defender

Blackwing Defender Panther shifter Winter Donovan has her life all planned out claiming marks marriage cubs and pledging to the Red Havoc Crew But when the man she cares for chooses another her life gets caught in

  • Title: Blackwing Defender
  • Author: T.S. Joyce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Panther shifter, Winter Donovan, has her life all planned out claiming marks, marriage, cubs, and pledging to the Red Havoc Crew But when the man she cares for chooses another, her life gets caught in a tailspin A new crew announcement could mean a change in her stars, but there is a catch It s the Blackwing Crew, and is run by fire breathing dragon shifters Not onlyPanther shifter, Winter Donovan, has her life all planned out claiming marks, marriage, cubs, and pledging to the Red Havoc Crew But when the man she cares for chooses another, her life gets caught in a tailspin A new crew announcement could mean a change in her stars, but there is a catch It s the Blackwing Crew, and is run by fire breathing dragon shifters Not only that, but when she finds her bravery to travel to the Smoky Mountains and apply, the crew has somehow attracted the most damaged and terrifying shifters in the world And one of those has his sexy eyes on her Logan is decisively deadly when it comes to protecting the fledgling Blackwing Crew, but the grizzly in his middle is a monster He s here for one reason, and one reason alone to go out fighting But the quiet beauty, Winter, has him wishing he could be saved When the alpha of the new crew, Dark Kane, finds out what Logan really is, the choice of life and death may not be up to him any And now he and Winter will have to go to war if they want a chance at forever Content Warning Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets Intended for mature audiences.

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    1. A lot of fun and I breezed right through in one sitting! Surprised by how much I enjoyed this! Can't wait to read Dustin's story next!

    2. Yummy broken bear shifter with a broken female Panther shifter looking for a HEA.Great short read with off the charts chemistry.I'm really liking this paranormal/urban fantasy authors voice!

    3. 3.5 starsLiked the hero much more than the heroine. She was too weepy about her ex mate who cheated on her and abandoned her.For a change the "get you head out of your ass" tag is for the heroine! The ex drama is all about her ex. No OW drama! Yippee!I felt like I was missing something not having read the previous series. But I was not intrigued enough to go backwards.

    4. How does she do it?I don't have many words right now, which is rather unfortunate for a review. Butmetimes I still can't believe how amazing TS Joyce's books are. They blow me away every time, and this one took my breath away.There was such a strong connection, right away. Between the characters and the reader. Such intense emotion throughout the book. I laughed, I cried, I connected. I felt everything the characters felt, so strongly. I was immediately drawn to Winter, the heroine. I felt like [...]

    5. What a wonderful surprise! I liked it much more than expected. Can't wait to read Dustin's story, he is such an ass;-)

    6. Interesting. I found myself wishing for more story. Would be worth reading the next book just to see where the story goes. I did like the world building. I liked the rest of the team as well. Their HEA's may be interesting.

    7. You Settled The Storm In Me!!!Winter Donovan, a Feline (Panther) shifter was a city shifter, but things went wrong then she found herself in a dark place until she went to the Red Havoc Crew. Technically she wasn't a member, just stayed there because she didn't know where else to go.She was in love with Brody but the man betrayed her when he strayed leaving her heartbroken and feeling like she didn't belong. Even the Alpha of the Havoc Crew, Benson Saber (we met him in BLACKWING DRAGON) knew tha [...]

    8. Reviewed at Shifter HavenWe’re about to begin new adventures with a brand newly created crew in Kane’s Mountains. If you haven’t read the over arching series of Damon’s Mountains or Harper’s Mountains – don’t worry, this is a new crew, each with their own unique story. However, (you knew there had to be a but, right?) I would strongly recommend reading at least the final story in Harper’s Mountains which is Blackwing Dragon – there you will read Kane and Rowan’s story which w [...]

    9. I can tell already that this series will be my favourite!! It's litterly going to be a pack full of nut jobs!! The excitement is containable for now. Eeeeek.I loved this book, I love a broken hero who's saved by the lady and I also loved both winter and logan, they are perfect for eachother. The story was fast paced and packed full of sarcastic wit, stuiped humor, real hot sexy time and some great fight scenes. I can't wait for the next!!

    10. Could any of her books get any better, I honestly did not think they could but wow even triple wow. It sure did get better.Logan and Winter both looking for something and hoping to find it on Kane's Mountains. Winter running from a past so different from others, when she finds the help she needs she is taking a step in the right direction to self healing, she even found a mate who in the end betrayed her by taking another mate and further hurting Winter.Logan's past leads him to Kane's Mountains [...]

    11. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!This book is MASSIVE 10 STARS! I absolutely fell in love with the characters in this book. Meeting the characters for possible Blackwing Crew. This is Logan and Winter's love story. There were twist and turns I did not see coming in this book. T S Joyce you have done it again, this was amazing.

    12. Pretty good start Good start. It was touching to see broken people come together to create something better. They became better then a family. It also proved that you can't judge a book by its cover. I line Winter and Logan is right she is the binding force and the strongest one of the bunch. Will read the next oneeven though I thought he was an a-hole in this book.

    13. Really enjoyed this book. Having problems finishing books lately but this one obviously got done :D I always love the hero who's running out of time and him and the heroine have a strong connection and she's his salvation blah blah #I'msuchasucker.

    14. Fun storyI really enjoyed this story it was fun and fast paced. I cant wait to read more from o m this crew

    15. 3.5 starsThis is my first by this author. I was drawn into the story straight away but it felt rushed.A bear and Panther shifters who are broken but find what they crave to survive in each other well trying to get into a new crew.Good read

    16. I knew in the first few pages that this book was something special. A few pages in and I was in tears and the feels just kept coming. Winter's pain was something I felt right along with her because I've been that girl. Watching the person you love be happy with someone else is one of the most isolating things that can happen to a person. Seeing every plan, hope and dream basically shrivel up and die a horrible death is gut-wrenching and life-changing. This hit so close to home but was so wonderf [...]

    17. Finding out one's fated mate has cheated with your best friend might be a bit hard to deal with. Discovering he's gotten your best friend pregnant certainly complicates things more.Winter Donovan makes the decision to leave her home to start a new life with a new crew. Encouraged by her existing alpha, Winter applies for a slot on the newly formed Blackwing crew headed by dragon shifter Kane Reeves. Problems arise when Winter shows up for the open interview only to discover all manner of shifter [...]

    18. This is the first book I have read by this author and I am impressed. Shifter romances are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine and I haven't truly enjoyed many of them. But this book felt so new and refreshing! It was different enough to stand out from the crowd.The story begins with Winter's sad tale of betrayal and I was already sucked into this story. The minute she sees Logan you can feel the connection and it only gets better. The chemistry these two have just sizzles on the page. You could j [...]

    19. True to the title.You have to wait till the end, but they are defenders. In this book you meet Logan and Winter. You know their gonna be mates, but so much stands in the way. In this book you'll meet the future characters in this series. We have dragon shifters, panther shifters, grizzly shifters, Bengal tiger shifters, humans and werewolves. That's just in this book. I really like all the T.S. Joyce books I have read so far and that's almost all of them. I'm gonna read this series too and I exp [...]

    20. Blackwing CrewLogan and Winter, what a couple! So much heartache and sadness but Winter and Logan do fight and fight and fight back as hard as they can. A lot of the shifters are looking to join the Blackwing Crew but what a mixed match crew! So many stories but what a good plot and extremely well developed characters. Dark Kane and Rowan are the alphas looking for a crew and do they have their work cut out for them but with Logan and Winter they are off to a good start!

    21. Excellent start to seriesI thoroughly enjoyed this book, which is the first in this series. Went right out and bought the next book. First book was a stand alone, and the next is about another character that was in the first series. Strong and lovable characters that suck you in. Very good start to this series.

    22. This story reminds me of the Gray Back interactions so much! The next book is centered around Dustin whom I like to think of as "Clinton/Bash Werewolf Jr." and I'm super stoked for that as well as Emma's and Beast's future books! This crew is gonna be interesting and T.S. Joyce thanks for writing more stories!

    23. Another great beginning to a series.I've been indulging in T.S.' books all day, and can't seem to get enough. It's just one great series after another.

    24. Great read!Another great series - can't wait for Dustin, Beast and Emma's stories! TS Joyce is my favorite author and every series leads to even better stories.

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