The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre In this compelling and thought provoking fantasy set in the world of The Two Princesses of Bamarre Newbery Honor winning author Gail Carson Levine introduces a spirited heroine who must overcome deep

  • Title: The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre
  • Author: Gail Carson Levine
  • ISBN: 9780062658210
  • Page: 165
  • Format: ebook
  • In this compelling and thought provoking fantasy set in the world of The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Newbery Honor winning author Gail Carson Levine introduces a spirited heroine who must overcome deeply rooted prejudice including her own to heal her broken country.Peregrine strives to live up to the ideal of her people, the Latki and to impress her parents affectionate LoIn this compelling and thought provoking fantasy set in the world of The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Newbery Honor winning author Gail Carson Levine introduces a spirited heroine who must overcome deeply rooted prejudice including her own to heal her broken country.Peregrine strives to live up to the ideal of her people, the Latki and to impress her parents affectionate Lord Tove, who despises only the Bamarre, and stern Lady Klausine Perry runs the fastest, speaks her mind, and doesn t give much thought to the castle s Bamarre servants, whom she knows to be weak and cowardly.But just as she s about to join her father on the front lines, she is visited by the fairy Halina, who reveals that Perry isn t Latki born She is Bamarre The fairy issues a daunting challenge against the Lakti power, Perry must free her people from tyranny.

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    1. WrensReads Review:I liked this!Peregrine strives to live up to the ideal of her people, the Latkis. They are all about strength and war and nothing about the arts and the comforts like those STUPID Bamarres. They have concurred those weak-minded worthless people and have made them their servants and have put them in their spots: under their feet. Peregrine has grown up this way and has never thought about those with the green tassels on their heads. All she has known is her Latki father Lord Tov [...]

    2. What is it about Gail Carson Levine's writing that is so enjoyable? I don't know. But I always love her novels, despite the fact that there's not much particularly special about this one. I can't help but compare this to masterpieces like Fairest, Ella Enchanted, andThe Two Princesses of Bamarre. I have to admit, I'm not sure it holds up. It's good, but there's nothing setting it apart. Of course, I should be fair: some of that disappointment comes from my nostalgia. The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre [...]

    3. Aaahhhhh!!!!!! So EXCITED RIGHT NOW! The Two Princesses of Bamarre is one of my favorite kid's fantasy books and definitely in my top 2 of Gail Carson Levine's books. Loved it when I was a kid, so I FLIPPED OUT when I saw this prequel on Edelweiss! SO EXCITED!


    5. Loved this! Such a great prequel to The Two Princesses of Bamarre and subtle Rapunzel retelling! I've always loved Gail Carson Levine's writing, especially Fairest and Ella Enchanted! Loved this book!

    6. Not as good as most Levine books, but did a great job setting up Two Princesses. Drualt was a character. <3 3.5 stars

    7. I'm SCREAMING LMAO gail carson levine wrote a prequel 16 years later and recast the male-centered legends* in two princesses of bamarre (a book I LOVE) into a female-centric story that deals well with oppression of and prejudice against an entire people, digs into adoptive, biological, and found families, all narrated by a girl with a sword that didn't feel second-wave at all. NICE* so much so that I literally whisper-screamed DRUALT BARELY DID SHIT at the end, though I know he'll go on to kill [...]

    8. Gail Carson Levine is one of my favorite fantasy writers. I was riveted to this story from page 1. I loved the character of Lady Mother, even though she stole the Bamarre children. The other characters were well developed as well. Just enough magic to keep it hopeful, and a bit of humor thrown in as well, I was cheering for Perry and wondering how she would overcome her troubles. It played out very well, was exciting, and not anticipated.

    9. I loved this book so much that I really don't want to give it back to the library. When I saw this book was coming out I was ecstatic, The Two Princesses of Bamarre has been an all time favorite of mine since I was little, so I was naturally very excited to return to that world, even in an earlier setting with little character overlap. I didn't think it would be possible for Gail Carson Levine to write a book that could live up to my childhood favorite, but she did not disappoint. Pretty much im [...]

    10. Heeeyyy, I’m back!! I feel bad I just kind of vanished from the blogosphere for a while without telling anyone, but I was pretty overwhelmed with real life and needed some extra time to catch up for a little bit! (I was also too lazy to announce it.) But I’m so glad to be back now that my life is a little more organized :D.It was hard not to feel a little nervous going into this book. Gail Carson Levine was my favorite author for years when I was little, and I read and loved all her books. F [...]

    11. Thank you, dear Gail Carson Levine, for another winsome fantasy novel! The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre is a prequel to The Two Princesses of Bamarre (which I read when I was younger and loved), but it stands alone. The writing style was impeccable and captivating the whole way through, and the characters were multi-dimensional and well-developed, each with some mystery, faults, and sympathy (from the reader). There was realistic pain without gore. I found myself caught up in the world described and [...]

    12. Achingly gorgeous, this is a tale of courage, family, love, loyalty, and a dangerous quest for freedom.The name Gail Carson Levine evokes strong memories - my first discovery of her beautiful stories, an eternal love for her wonderful characters, sharing her books with other readers, and rereading the tales many, many times over. Of all her books, The Two Princesses of Bamarre was always my favourite, so let's just say I was completely thrilled that there was to be a new book, a prequel to this [...]

    13. This all the elements of a great middle grade story-- a smart, tough girl protagonist, with a hero's journey to conquer and some serious questions about her family, friends, and place in the world. Plus a teeeeensy bit of [super age-appropriate, non-story-dominating] romance.As a bonus, the book deals very seriously with the issue of prejudice-- disconnected from real-world specifics and from factors like physical appearance or race. The Lakti and the Bamarre are two different nationalities, wit [...]

    14. Although I have not re-read it in several years, The Two Princesses of Bamarre has always been my favorite Gail Carson Levine book, so I was ecstatic to learn Levine was publishing another book about Bamarre this May.  The slight catch:  This stories takes place many years before The Two Princesses of Bamarre, and the kingdom featured is not quite the one that fans know and love.  In fact, the Bamarre people are subjugated under the Lakti, forced to wear tassels and work only as servants rath [...]

    15. My all time favorite book of Gail Carson Levine's is The Two Princesses of Bamarre, so when I heard about this book I was ecstatic. This book is as good as a prequel gets. I am not at all disappointed. To me Perry was a really good main character. Her struggles as well as her strengths were believable. There was also a very subtle Rapunzel retelling throughout the story. Gail Carson Levine's fairy tale-retellings are not like any other. It was wonderful to know more of the backstory of the world [...]

    16. This was very much enjoyed. :) All of Gail Carson Levine's writing has this neat cadence to it an unexplainable style of writing that puts feelings into words so well and draws you in. Even though I didn't love it as much as I have loved some of her other books, I honestly had a hard time putting it down.I only found it lacking in a couple areas (very minor things). For instance I felt like the romance wasn't as strong as in her other novels. Maybe it was that Willem was kind of an empty charact [...]

    17. I have a bit of a sense that Gail Carson Levine can do no wrong - as my all time favorite childhood author I have yet to read anything by her that I don't just enjoy. It was fun to revisit the fantasy world she built in "The Two Princesses of Bamarre," and the fact that her books are still full of kick-ass girls doing things for themselves makes me really happy. This one was a quick, intriguing, and well developed story, with characters you could get behind and an uplifting ending.

    18. I love The Two Princesses of Bamarre, so I was super excited to hear that GCL was writing a prequel to it. I was not disappointed, and it was very fun to be back in this world, and to get to see young Drualt in action. I liked Perry a lot, and found her journey interesting and believable, and found her troubled relationship with her family (well, both of them), super satisfying. I probably won't reread the heck out of this one like I have Two Princesses, but I'm glad it exists and feel like it i [...]

    19. That was everything I ever wanted out of a Bamarre prequel. The Two Princesses of Bamarre was such a stand-out book in my childhood, so I was nervous going into this one, but wow. Just wow. It's a little Shannon Hale mixed with Howl's Moving Castle mixed with Gail Carson Levine's own magic. It felt like the perfect timeless fairy tale, and I loved Perry.The only thing that upsets me is how well Gail wove in certain mythological figures and humanized them into real people with families who love t [...]

    20. Lady Peregrine is a Lakti, and her mother has taught her that the Bamarre are far inferior to her people in many ways, even though her loyal servant, Annet, is Bamarre. Soon, however, Perry learns secrets from the fairy Halina that make her doubt her entire existence. Still, she accompanies her father on a mission to her father's military headquarters, armed with several magical implements that her mother has given her. Among them are seven league boots, as well as a pendant that could keep her [...]

    21. Given that I’ve loved Gail Carson Levine’s other works, I was very disappointed.This didn’t work at all for me. It’s not just a ‘teaching story’, that’s blatantly focused on particular issues (racism and prejudice) and putting forth morals about them instead of telling a compelling story that leaves the reader with new thoughts on those issues. No, it’s also a teaching story that, unwittingly I’m sure, brushes away the very points it’s trying to make.Peregrine, the main chara [...]

    22. Out of a land laid wasteTo a land untamed,Monster ridden,The lad Drualt ledA ruined, ragtag band.In his arms, tenderly,He carried Bruce,The child king,First ruler of Bamarre."-from Drault, the epic featured in The Two Princess of BamarreMany centuries before Princess Addie went on a quest to save her sister. and long before Drualt and King Bruce created the kingdom of Bamarre in the monster-ridden land it is today, Bamarre did exist, in a kingdom hidden behind the Eskern mountains. But when mons [...]

    23. Ah, a lovely retelling of the Rapunzel story. With twists and turns that you would NEVER think of! Gail Carson Levine has done it again and made that wonderful story that is great no matter if you are 14 or 40!

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