One thought on “Writing Novels That Sell”

  1. This book does for the craft of the novel writer what Swain's book "Techniques of the Selling Writer" does for the short story. Both authors taught creative writing for years at the University of Oklahoma school of journalism. Their approach was different than what is found in the English department. They showed their students and the readers of their books what one needs to know in order to write a story that will sell. Both authors wrote and sold hundreds of published stories and novels, betwe [...]

  2. I have to admit, I was a little put-off by this book when I read the Foreword. But when I started the actual content I quickly got over it. This Book is an absolute must read for anyone that wants to write fiction books, unless of course you were born with the skills and know-how embedded into your soul. Jack M. Bickham explains the concepts of writing in a way that just makes sense. And he doesn't skimp on the fact that it takes hard work to be good. He gives you the tools for success and leave [...]

  3. Why oh why is this book out of print?? This was quite possibly the best book on writing craft that I've read. It contained a lot of advice I've not seen other places. Very much worth the trouble of ordering through the library or picking up used.

  4. I can't believe this book is out of print! It has been a fantastic read and is a definite must in any fiction writer's library.

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