Devils In Dark Houses

Devils In Dark Houses Devils in Dark Houses featured connected novellas each a case featuring a pair of old school cops in the Pacific Northwest The new millennium is getting downright bizarre From high tech games of sa

  • Title: Devils In Dark Houses
  • Author: B.E. Scully
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Devils in Dark Houses featured 4 connected novellas, each a case featuring a pair of old school cops in the Pacific Northwest The new millennium is getting downright bizarre From high tech games of sabotage to vigilante murder and ghosts who may or may not have their own dark agendas, Detectives Shirdon and Martinez must put their 20th century street smarts to work on foDevils in Dark Houses featured 4 connected novellas, each a case featuring a pair of old school cops in the Pacific Northwest The new millennium is getting downright bizarre From high tech games of sabotage to vigilante murder and ghosts who may or may not have their own dark agendas, Detectives Shirdon and Martinez must put their 20th century street smarts to work on four 21st century cases in which nothing is what it seems, and every answer reveals questions Case 1 The Eye That Blinds When three college friends graduate with plans to conquer the world, they find out that the world has its own plans As their supposed real lives spiral further out of control, they retreat into the one place they still reign the online kingdom of fantasy and masquerade After a seemingly random accident puts Shirdon and Martinez on their trail, the trio s tangled web of lies threatens to unravel into consequences real than any of them could have imagined Case 2 Each Castle Its King When Cal and Rachel Goodman flee their high volume life in Los Angeles for the peace and quiet of rural Oregon, they sink both their savings and their hopes in a fixer upper the locals call Blood House But their dream turns into a nightmare as they discover that their marriage is as cracked and crumbling as Blood House and hiding just as many sinister secrets Just when they think things can t get any worse, they meet their next door neighbor Case 3 Nostri For sixteen year old Emma Kaster, summer vacation is turning out to be as boring and lonely as the school year until she meets a charismatic street kid named Senz with an obsession for the Roman philosopher Seneca and an itch to put his theories to the test in modern times What starts out as a series of pranks soon turns deadly as Emma and Senz confront the ultimate revolutionary question are you willing to die for your beliefs And just as important, are you willing to kill for them Case 4 Devils in Dark Houses Shirdon and Martinez are on the case of a charismatic, controversial homicide detective whose mysterious disappearance eleven years ago comes back to life in the form of a mentally ill man calling himself the Hound Not only does the Hound know astonishing secrets, he learned some of them from the long dead figures of Oregon s colorful frontier past As the two detectives try to unravel fact from fantasy and truth from lies, the past and present collide in an explosive show down that will test the detectives deepest beliefs not just about the world in which they live, but about themselves, as well.

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    1. Detectives Shirdon and Martinez are two cops in the Pacific Northwest that catch some bizarre cases in this Netgalley find.Case 1: The Eye That Blinds A man's life falls apart as he devotes every waking moment to The Eye, a reality show in which he will be the star once it goes live. Meanwhile, his best friend is putting the moves on his ex-girlfriend.Yeah, this story was pretty chilling, if only because it was so realistic. Tyler was an epic douche and while Ross's delusion was sad, I was prett [...]

    2. This review and the rest of the crap I write can be seen @ my blogBark's Book Nonsense . Stop by and say hey.Devils In Dark Houses is a book of short stories that are tied together because they feature the same two investigators on these mysterious cases of murder and general weirdness.The Eye That Blinds tells the tale of three college friends who are completely messing up their lives. They once had bright futures but now they’ve immersed themselves so deeply in the unreality that invades our [...]

    3. I'll start off by saying over all I enjoyed reading all four storys. The first one: The Eye That Blinds I read last year and thought it was a solid read and gave it 3 1/2 stars. The second one: Each Castle Its King was a creepy little story that was just as good as the first story and I gave it 3 1/2 stars too.The third one: Nostri which had a very good storyline and made it a better story then the first two. I gave it 4 stars. The fourth and final story: Devils in Dark Houses. Hows that go, the [...]

    4. 3.5 starsVILS IN DARK HOUSES, by B.E. Scully is a collection of four novellas, linked only by the common factor of the two detectives that worked on each case--Martinez and Shirdon.The first novella, THE EYE THAT BLINDS, is one that I had previously read. This one showcased just how easily someone can utilize today's technology to infiltrate the lives of others around them. 3.5 stars.The next, EACH CASTLE ITS KING, describes a couple moving into what they refer to as the "Blood House", due to it [...]

    5. Devils in Dark Houses is a good collection of stories connected by a pair of detectives, Martinez and Shirdon. They are working cases and working thru their own life issues along the way. I really liked how the stories progressed along with the two detectives.The Eye That Binds – I had read this one previously as a standalone novella. The internet, reality TV and a truly messed up protagonist. A well done and dark tale. 3.5 StarsEach Castle Its King – Cal and his wife move into a little fixe [...]

    6. Devils In Dark Houses by B.E. Scully is a collection of four interrelated crime novellas, linked together by the appearances of Detectives Shirdon and Martinez.The first of these novellas, The Eye That Blinds, was released as a stand-alone title by DarkFuse last year. Although I gave that one three stars at the time, I'd be hard-pressed to tell you much about it more than a year later. Having already read it, and despite not recalling anything about it, I opted to not reread it but do believe th [...]

    7. Review: DEVILS IN DARK HOUSES by B. E. ScullyThis is literary horror in fine fettle, a collection of subtly horrifying vignettes, interwoven into a thought-provoking, terrifying tapestry certain to lodge itself into the reader's mind and linger there for an extended duration. This is the Pacific Northwest as you've probably never witnessed: gritty, deep, complex, and riveting. Each vignette Is complete in and of itself, connected by the framework of two city homicide detectives, Cass Shirdon and [...]

    8. Well, this was surprisingly awesome. I read the first novella in this collection of four interconnecting ones when it first came out as a stand alone. I liked it despite the lack of likeable characters, but Scully seems to have really improved his game since. In fact every story in this book is stronger then the previous one building up to a really impressive read. It isn't horror per se, it's primarily psychological and procedural as two cops solve crimes that are ever so slightly off kilter, t [...]

    9. B. E. Scully is a very talented writer. I read Verland last year (I was a bit late getting around to it) and it was one of my favorite novels that year. I have also read some short stories and was quite impressed. Definitely an author to follow if you enjoy well written and thoughtful dark fiction.The Eye That BlindsVery interesting story. In some ways my favorite, more from a narrative standpoint. It was more compelling in the way the story was set up. Much more direct and action oriented. More [...]

    10. Two detectives, four of their most unusual cases, love, hate, deceit, death, a touch of the unexplainable and a few looks at the fragility of the human mind under pressure. Devils in Dark Houses by B.E. Scully is dark, twisted and perfect for telling around a campfire in the fall. Bundle up, grab a flashlight and pull up a log as the wind whistles eerily in the bare treetops and let the goosebumps begin.The Eye That Blinds – Three young adults discover that life in college is NOT the real worl [...]

    11. Four creepy novellas with two common factorsI enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I was going to. Usually when a book is set up as separate stories or novellas like this one is, some stories are weaker than others. I didn't find that with DEVILS IN DARK HOUSES. Each novella was totally different than the others but all were good reading.And I thought author Scully did a good job intertwining the stories, using a backdrop of Oregon plus having Detectives Monte Martinez and Cassie Shirdon [...]

    12. Review copyHaving never read anything from B.E. Scully before, I had no idea what to expect. Truthfully, I didn't anticipate being entertained as completely as I was.Devils in Dark Houses is a set of four equally powerful novellas set in the author's home state of Oregon. The stories are all connected through a pair of homicide detectives assigned to the individual cases.Before the tales, the author shares a pretty dark quote from Teddy Roosevelt - There is not one among us in whom a devil does [...]

    13. This book is a collection of four novellas, linked by a pair of detectives that become involved in each story.As is the case with a collection, I responded to these stories in varying degrees. The first two stories left me unsatisfied for different reasons; in "The Eye That Blinds" the plot hinges on extraordinary coincidences that took me out of the story, and "Each Castle Its King" was so vague I wasn't sure what to think. I usually like some ambiguity but this was too much for me. The book st [...]

    14. I liked the idea of a book made up of four linked novellas, and I did find one of the novellas (the second, 'Each Castle Its King') atmospheric and creepy. Sadly, the others were less effective, with plodding plots and huge dollops of dull backstory. The linking device of the same detectives investigating each case didn't work that well either, as they weren't interesting or well-drawn characters. Still, I'd read more from this author, if the potential of 'Each Castle Its King' is anything to go [...]

    15. A very good novella collectionFor a full review, please go to areviewerdarkly/2 and follow me on Twitter @josenher

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