How Did This Happen?: Poems for the Not So Young Anymore

How Did This Happen Poems for the Not So Young Anymore From the bestselling authors of The Hell with Love a fierce funny touching collection that takes the sting out of aging while female

  • Title: How Did This Happen?: Poems for the Not So Young Anymore
  • Author: Mary D. Esselman Elizabeth Ash Vélez
  • ISBN: 9781478970057
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Audiobook
  • From the bestselling authors of The Hell with Love, a fierce, funny, touching collection that takes the sting out of aging while female.

    One thought on “How Did This Happen?: Poems for the Not So Young Anymore”

    1. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestWomen are held to more rigorous standards when it comes to their appearance, and it's a losing battle. We all get older: it's an inevitable by-product of growing up & gaining maturity - so why are women the ones who are punished for it; the ones who are mocked for either not trying or trying too hard; the ones who are criticized, debased, sexualized, and dehumanized?It occurred to me recently that I hadn't read any poetry since I picked up Edn [...]

    2. Aside from the publicity push of superficial beauty, health, and wellness books written by ex-models and celebrities able to spend thousands on various surgical procedures and enhancements—it is possible to age with dignity and grace. “How Did This Happen? Poems For The Not So Young Anymore” is written by Mary D. Esselman and Elizabeth Ash Velez: both women are teachers, also former reporters of People Magazine, and have enjoyed an abiding friendship that includes a mutual love for literat [...]

    3. This collection is perfect for women of all ages. I loved the introductions to each sections and there were a handful of poems I will treasure for years to come!

    4. A wonderful collection of found poetry to help soothe the soul as the body ages and time passes. Definitely a book I will be revisiting in the future. A lovely and reassuring read that sits with you like a good friend.

    5. What a good collaboration Mary and Elizabeth!I thoroughly enjoyed this book.It hit on many topics that we all deal with as we grow older.Just listening to my friends and co-workers about things and then reading these-I have to pass this along for them to read too.I know they will take something from it too.Two struck me the most-"You see,I want a lot" was one of them.I felt right at home in this poem.The other one from Rabbit Ableegumooch on "what the living do".The killer closing stanzas is rig [...]

    6. I'm not a huge poetry reader, but I was drawn to this collection by the list of funny contemporary women contributers and the grown-ass women themes of aging and the different ways women cope (or not) with that. The surprising thing about this wasn't how much I liked the poems (I did), but how awesome the editorial intros to each themed chapter were. Tying together different poems is their purpose, I know, but the way they've done it was amusing, insightful and inspirational: "There's a liberati [...]

    7. This is the first time I read an anthology of poetry straight through from beginning to end, almost as if it were a novel. The authors group the poems into stages of aging, which gives it a sort of chronological order. Their introduction to each section, although occasionally a little twee, had enough truth and humor to make them worthwhile. And as far as I can see, they nailed the stages pretty well. A nice birthday present for myself.

    8. I have received this book as an arc on netgalley.I was quite excited about this one. It wasn't up to my expectations, but I did enjoy some poems. Had to put it down though.

    9. This book is the BESTI this book to be refreshing, honest, hilarious and a delightful look at aging and all its glory, heartache, ups/downs and everything in between. There is something awesome about taking ownership over the aging process and celebrating all the stages, because let's be honest it cannot be stopped! It can be lonely, humbling and outright scary, but this book is a gift of poems that helps us find grace. humor and joy in growing older! A must for ALL women!!!

    10. This poetry collection was humorous, insightful, thought-provoking, and refreshing. It encourages us to not approach aging with dread and fear, but to approach it with grace and dignity. The drawbacks of aging are met with humor and the benefits of increasing wisdom and life experiences are focused on. As a woman in my late 30s I read this book hoping that I would be able to relate to it. I was so happy I did! I especially agreed with the idea that we should embrace the aging process, because th [...]

    11. This book is full of soft healing poetry, and some of the descriptions felt like the author was talking directly to me. I found some parts of the book healing while other parts made me laugh. I read this book in one day - April 13th.Based on a five-star rating, I give it five stars!1) Buy from the author in the future? Yes2) Did it keep me intrigued? Yes3) Story line adventurous, mysterious, and believable? Yes4) Would I recommend to a family member/friend? Yes5) Did my idea of the book based on [...]

    12. I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an impartial review.How many ways can I say fabulous? How Did This Happen? strikes to very heart of what it is like to be female and growing older. The anthology of poems is divided into sections depicting various states of aging:Insult (When You Don't Recognize Yourself in the Mirror);Injury (When You Realize Aging Is a Thing);Defiance (When You Think You Can Make It All Go Away);Dread (When You Realize You Can't Even); Grit (When You Find A [...]

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