Marked by Fire

Marked by Fire Eighteen year old Arthur burns for two things a warrior s ink and Bedwyr his older brother s friend and shield mate Though the warlord s son is beyond his reach a Saxon incursion finally brings Art

  • Title: Marked by Fire
  • Author: Mia West
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eighteen year old Arthur burns for two things a warrior s ink, and Bedwyr, his older brother s friend and shield mate Though the warlord s son is beyond his reach, a Saxon incursion finally brings Arthur s chance at the tattoo that will brand him a fighter But when he abandons his training in the heat of battle, his reckless ambition costs Bedwyr his sword hand.Once, BeEighteen year old Arthur burns for two things a warrior s ink, and Bedwyr, his older brother s friend and shield mate Though the warlord s son is beyond his reach, a Saxon incursion finally brings Arthur s chance at the tattoo that will brand him a fighter But when he abandons his training in the heat of battle, his reckless ambition costs Bedwyr his sword hand.Once, Bedwyr trusted in two things he was a warrior, and the presumed heir of Uthyr ap Emrys Now, reeling from injury and banished by his father, he s lost everything The last person he can face is the cub who ignited his disastrous instinct to protect, especially when he arrives with Bedwyr s armor and a dangerously hopeful scheme to restore him to his rightful placeRKED BY FIRE is the 1st novel 50,000 words of SONS OF BRITAIN, a fresh, dark, sexy retelling of Arthurian legend.2nd Edition Note This title was originally published in 2016 as a novella The author has significantly expanded the story for republication.Content Note Includes depictions of violence in battle settingsNS OF BRITAIN seriesThey re a long way from legendary Amid the volatility of 6th century Britain, Arthur and Bedwyr are just two young men, born to fight and bound to their warlord by blood and oath But when fierce hearts collide, loyalties can shift, creating bonds far stronger and ideas far riskier than their world may be ready forNS OF BRITAIN is the second series of the STORM S EDGE saga.

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    1. This is an engrossing version of Arthur and Bedwyr, written in a naturalistic historical way without strong magic/mysticism. Both men seem very real, and the setting, context and events feel very plausible. The two men begin with a friend/hero-crush relationship. Bedwyr is the shield-mate of Arthur's older brother. But in a horribly misguided and plausible overconfident teen moment, Arthur's first big mistake costs Bedwyr his sword hand. That shifts everything, and puts the two young men togethe [...]

    2. “You’re stubborn, cub. And gods help me, I like you that way.”I can’t say that the entire story of this book is bad. In fact, I really enjoyed the moments where the main characters were alone. Arthur and Bedwyr might have lived in the same tribe, but it wasn’t until Bedwyr’s exile that they truly got to know each other. Bedwyr might have hated Arthur because he costed him his sword hand, but that made the story even more interesting for me. I loved reading about how these two started [...]

    3. A stunning take on the Arthurian legend. The groundwork was laid in the first series of the saga, Into the Fire, where we’re introduced to the generation before Arthur and I highly recommend starting there. It’s erotic, brutal, poetic and quite gorgeous. However, this isn’t the Arthur that’s associated with knights and chivalry. There’s no magic or Ladies of the lake, but rather a folk tale of survival, honor and hopeful love. 5 stars and highly recommended!

    4. Mia West is so good at giving us short stories that are literally PACKED with greatness!This is not long, but every word is important. Right from the start we understand how important being a warrior and being with Bewyr are to Arthur. Soon after both are taken from him – seemingly – and his struggle to right his wrongs.What happens next is a funny, sexy, touching story of both recovery and connection between the two. I loved watching Bedwyr heal and the fact that Arthur never backed down (e [...]

    5. 4 stars*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review through the MMRG DBML program*Synopsis: Arthur has been in love with his brother's best friend, Bedwyr, since he was a young boy. He knows that Bedwyr doesn't even really notice him. Arthur is finally allowed by Uthyr, Bedwyr's father to participate in a battle against the Saxons. Arthur mostly just wants to fight his first battle and get his first tattoo, and doesn't pay attention to his training once he is on the battlefield. Bedw [...]

    6. I really liked this reimagining of the Arthurian legend. Loved the authenticity of the names of the characters and the depicted world. What I do not love is the price for the books. Would love to finish this trilogy but don't want to pay $2.99 for around 100 pages. Would also love to read the grandfathers stories as wellbut again, too high a price for the potential reading pleasure.

    7. 4.5 Stars, great beginning to the series. I loved Arthur and Bedwyr as well as Bedwyr's sister Gwen. I had a good feel for the setting and the characters. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.

    8. Mia West does it again with her new Sons of Britain series. It jumps ahead from Marc and Wolf's story, where we get the story of their grandson, Arthur, and Uthyr's son, Bedwyr. As a reader can expect from Ms. West, the story is beautifully crafted, well thought out, with characters that you can't help but adore from the beginning. I wasn't simply reading the story, I was living in it. The chemistry between Arthur and Bed, their struggle to figure out what they are to one another, how they can b [...]

    9. I'm a huge fan of Mia West'sInto the Fire series, and this one picks up with Marc and Wolf's grandchildren. I have been looking forward toSons of Britain, wondering if it would live up to my warm memories ofInto the Fire, and Ms West does not disappoint!Marked by Fire has all of the wonderful qualities of its predecessors. I can't wait for the next installment!Although this book can be read and enjoyed without having experienced Marc and Wolf's story, theInto the Fire series should not be missed [...]

    10. 3.5 of 5 stars - Enjoyable Start to Refreshing Version of Fav Legend.[Thanks to the author and ' MMRG Don't Buy My Love program for a free copy in exchange for an honest review]Probably like many, since I was a kid, I fell for the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the roundtable. Only then, I didn’t think in terms of m/m romance. Although not the first to render that version, this did a decent job of kicking off the series, relating a viable “origin” story around a teenage Arthur an [...]

    11. A good start to a new series that I liked better than I thought I would. I am not overly familiar with the story of Arthur so any winks and nods to the original story were lost on me but may be enjoyable by people who know the story well.On one hand, it’s a fairly typical wounded hero story with the hero’s injury and subsequent feelings of lack of worth and a friend who steps in to push the hero back to greatness. Though we get both POVs, this is basically Bedwyr’s story. How he is injured [...]

    12. “Marked by Fire” is the first installment of a series that pulls from Arthurian lore set in 6th century Britain, and explores the relationship between Arthur and Bedwyr, Arthur’s most trusted fellow warrior and loyal friend. In Mia West’s rendition, Arthur is an 18-year-old man waiting impatiently to prove himself in battle to impress not only his leader Uthyr, but also Uthyr’s son and heir, Bedwyr. Although Arthur has looked up to, watched and desired Bedwyr from afar for years, they [...]

    13. I got this book for Free in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program at the M/M Romance group.Well this was literary mother's milk for me as I cut my teeth on Arthurian Legends and Tolkien. I was a little bummed that Merlin wasn't in this book but this was the early year when Arthur was maturing into the man he was to become. Pay attention to the warning for the battle violence was present and the lost of a hand was prominent in the story. Arthur and Bedwyr's love progressed slowly [...]

    14. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. MARKED BY FIRE is the 1st novel of the SONS OF BRITAIN series. A Medieval, Historical M/M Romance. Mia West has written a beautiful, emotional love story.Arthur has desired and looked up to Bedwyr his older brother’s friend and shieldmate, even since he was ten years old and would do anything to get his attention. Arthur’s chance at the ink tattoo that will brand him a fighter is Bedwyr end as a warrior a [...]

    15. A free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book, but I didn't love it. I liked the setting a lot, and thought it was a great context for an Arthurian re-telling. It was also interesting to see a story where same-sex relationships weren't exactly approved of, but also weren't -the worst thing ever- since it seems as though many stories (especially historical) choose one extreme or the other.The characters weren't terrible, and neither was th [...]

    16. 4.5 starsAt first, I wasn't sure I was going to like this book. But once they set off to fight the Saxons, things got pretty interesting and a bit graphic. I found myself really enjoying the story. Bed and Arthur were quite the pair. I liked their banter and seeing them grow closer and closer. But man could they both be stubborn. Other than the explicit battle and injury scenes, they were really fun to read. I'm curious to see how their story will play out in the next book and if they'll ultimat [...]

    17. Marked by Fire (Sons of Britain, #1) by Mia West is a highly entertaining and enjoyable read. A unique twist on the old Arthurian legend, this M/M historical romance is very intense, action packed, slow simmering of attraction. A powerful storyline that is packed with emotional depth, I really loved this book and the characters of Arthur and Bedwyr. A Great start to this series and I eagerly await what comes next.

    18. Marked by Fire is an interesting take of King Arthur and the knights of the round table with a M/M spin. Arthur is depicted as a teen along with his revered warrior Bedwyr and the relationship between the two that builds into a powerful attraction after the injury sustained by Bedwyr. Quite intriguing!

    19. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving an honest review. A dark taboo tale of Arthur as a young man and his warrior companion Belwyr as they become closer than they should. There are many twists and turns in this story which leads to the next installment in the series. Well worth a read with complex characters and an excellent storyline.

    20. Arthur and Bedwyr are fighters in their village. They develop a sexual and romantic relationship after a fight leaves Bedwyr hurt. A story based on the legend of King Arthur. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    21. Great book. I was not familiar with this authors work before reading this book. Afterwards I was CRAVING more! I'm so excited about part 2 releasing in July and more SOB to follow. I just purchased the 9 book set of Into the Fire series and after reading book 1, I'm wishing I had read this series first. No spoilers but I want to say I want a love like this!

    22. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.Enjoy reading this book.

    23. Historical fiction is not my thing, but I couldn't put this down. *It was a simple story and wasn't weighed down by excessive world building but I still got a good sense of the place and time they lived. *I loved both MC's. Their friendship changes over the course of the book and it works really well against the backdrop of war with the Saxons. *There's no flip flopping or long drawn out internal dialogues. It's such a refreshing change from many of the dual POV MM books I read. *The tension is [...]

    24. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsMarked by Fire was an amazing novella that perfectly captured the beginning of the Arthurian legend with realism and true emotion. The story of Arthur, his round table, and the creation of Camelot were the stories of my childhood. They were the tales that fueled my love of history and folklore and, as a result, I’ve always been partial to Arthurian retellings. But rarely have I seen them done so well as in Marked by Fire. Despite its shortened form, this early sce [...]

    25. I needed a quick read as I was in between books and Marked By Fire fit the bill. What I know about King Arthur is essentially what I've been exposed to in pop culture - lady in the lake, sword, knights, round table, Lancelot, Guinevere - so I was naturally curious about Mia West's reimagining of the legendary king. She certainly had fun with it. In West's version, Arthur is an impressionable young lad of eighteen who's ready to prove to his family and king that he's prepared for warfare. His fir [...]

    26. How I loved to immerse myself in this world again, albeit a fair few years down the line from Marc and Wolf. Whilst I missed those two dearly, Arthur and Bed are already worming their way into my heart.Matthias as a dad gives me the feels and already I have an intense dislike for a certain warlord!This is a fabulous start to a new series.No spoilers, but needless to say I am itching to delve into book 2!

    27. Really Good!I learned about this book as a recco from because I gave the books of the Captive Prince Trilogy books 4-5 stars.I love this book!The story takes place during an interesting time-period/location--post Roman Empire Britain.I loved the build up of the connection between the two MCs--no insta-love in this book! I've added the other two books of this series to my wish list--I can't wait to read them!

    28. Five Stars!As always your stories are completely engrossing. Captivated from the first page to the last, it reads itself.Another story of love where there should not be any. Two realistic characters in a real life scenario.Will lust, affection and devotion win or will duty to family and community keep them apart?Can't wait to find out.

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