Just One Touch

Just One Touch USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks continues her suspenseful and sizzling Slow Burn series with the fifth book featuring the men and women of Devereaux Security Services Abdu

  • Title: Just One Touch
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks continues her suspenseful and sizzling Slow Burn series with the fifth book featuring the men and women of Devereaux Security Services.Abducted as a young girl and raised in a strict religious cult, Jenna has no connection to the outside world beyond vague flashes of memory that seem to be from another life Mem 1 USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks continues her suspenseful and sizzling Slow Burn series with the fifth book featuring the men and women of Devereaux Security Services.Abducted as a young girl and raised in a strict religious cult, Jenna has no connection to the outside world beyond vague flashes of memory that seem to be from another life Memories she clings to when the cult leaders discover her extraordinary ability to heal and punish her Years held captive and forced to do the cult s bidding have turned Jenna into a meek, timid woman or so they think In truth, she is merely biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment to escape When a terrified young woman stumbles across Isaac s path, Devereaux Security s toughest recruit is intrigued by the beautiful, sheltered stranger Jenna seems to know nothing of the world around her and refuses to tell him what danger haunts her, but Isaac will do whatever it takes to gain her trust When it becomes clear that very powerful, dangerous people are after her, he vows to protect her at all costs because with just one touch Issac knows he wants Jenna to be his forever.

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    1. Too much too muchOkay I like alphas and I like men loving their women and being overly protective. I love that stuff actually but enough is enough. This was so very over the top at one point I just threw my hands in the air and yelled no more please. I love Maya banks and I was loving this story but it just became too much OTT sappiness and just took it too far. I am going to back and read it again later. Maybe I am just not feeling it today.

    2. Review posted on Got Fiction?DNFI have to stop reading her. I haven't like anything she's written since her Highlanders. Someone remind me of that next time I pick up one of her Romantic Suspenses.Full Review:Why do I keep reading her books? Sigh. I haven't like anything of hers since her Highlanders. And even those were iffy to me.Look, I love insta-love. I truly don't mind that trope (which I know is a huge problem for some people). But Ms. Banks takes it to the next level. In every single boo [...]

    3. I started reading this a few days ago and gave up. Tried again while I have a free hour and I'm giving up again.The basic plot is interesting, but since chapter two it's been nothing but "Oh baby, I know we just met but you're my reason for breathing. I'll do anything to make you happy. I love you so much!" Just nonstop cheese and corn. It's fucking awful.And Jenna is a mass of contradictions. She's weak, then she's stubbornly strong. She's ignorant and brainwashed, then she's a sassy sarcastic [...]

    4. Ugh.Requires total suspension of disbelief. I mean, she's been living with a cult since she was four, but knows what a Goodwill store is?? Furthermore, the relationship just develops too quickly. It made me so uncomfortable for her to go from being"owned" by a cult and drug lord to being "owned" by Issac. Yuck. Lots of repetitive​ writing, as well. I skipped whole pages where the author just said the same thing over and over again.

    5. DisappointedI love Maya Banks but this novel was terrible. I ignored all the other negative reviews and bought it anyways, i wish i didn't spend the money. It felt soo rushed and ridiculous i ended up just skimming the pages just to make it to the end.

    6. This book wasoblematic. In the beginning of the book, Jenna gets reintroduced into society after over 20 years of captivity by a cult (since she was four years old). Upon her escape from the cult, she finds herself stealing Isaac's car. Now Isaac is one bad-*ss alpha warrior, but these two almost immediately fall into instalove despite her thievery. The rest of the book revolves around Isaac trying to keep Jenna safe and Jenna trying to find a way to keep Isaac and the rest of the DSS crew out o [...]

    7. I'm sorry, I'm over the "Hello, nice to meet you - I LOVE you!!" trope. In the first couple of pages, this incredibly sheltered woman (who we find out later didn't know what a television was) managed to drive off in a truck with a manual transmission. Between that & the insta-love (occurring IN the 1st 10 PAGES!), I knew I was done with Ms. Banks. I struggled to finish this and am sorry I wasted my time doing so. Blech.

    8. This was my first Banks novel and my last Banks novel. I haphazardly purchased this at an airport prior to vacation. This was one of the worst books I have ever read. Plot was weak, no character development. Cursing on every other page. I finished it but I lost brain cells in the process.

    9. Him: I'll protect you. We'll protect you.Her: You can't protect me. You'll be hurt.Him: I'll protect you. We'll protect you.Her: You can't protect me. You'll be hurt.Him: I love you. I'll protect you. We'll protect you.Her: I love you. You can't protect me. You'll be hurt.Some hot intimacy.Him: I love you. I'll protect you. We'll protect you.Her: I love you. You can't protect me. You'll be hurt.Some more implied intimacy and sexy talk.Him: I love you I'll protect you. We'll protect you. Oh, and [...]

    10. This book was terrible - I can't begin to enumerate the ways. The main characters managed to make me hate them pretty quickly -- Jenna was a crybaby and Isaac was stupid. I did not read any of Banks previous books and have no plans to. This one was MORE than enough. Really, one star is too much.

    11. As is (unfortunately) becoming a long-established habit of Ms. Banks, Just One Touch had the hero falling deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with the heroine within a quarter of a second of being in her presence.(view spoiler)[In the very beginning, Jenna has escaped her compound and is trying to (clumsily) hijack Isaac's vehicle -- only things go awry when there's a shootout, he gets hit, and she works her mojo to save his life, which seriously weakens her to the point where she passes out for [...]

    12. This is one of those books that I dread writing the review for because even after pondering I still don’t quite know how I feel. To read this book you need to suspend your beliefs, which sounds weird seeing as how I have it labeled both Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance right? Just go with me here. Of course when you read anything with paranormal elements you have to suspend belief. It’s impossible, it cannot happen. That’s not exactly what I am talking about in the case of Just One [...]

    13. What happened? Did Maya Banks really write this? I was shocked at how fluffy this novel was, and not in a warm and fuzzy way but in a redundant this story could be told in 40 pages had it been edited way. Not to mention the number of time God was mentioned in the story (I counted 125 not counting the goddam which was used excessively as well). Just a dissapointment because I've loved Maya Banks early works and her latest works have not been the same quality.

    14. Oh my, what did I actually think? This book started off with a bang and I was immediately pulled into this world Maya Banks created. But then it kind of died off. With little character development and a lot of repetitive phrases, I began page skimming to simply finish the book. I was slightly creeped out by the epilogue as well.

    15. I can't believe all the people who rated it high. This book is so bad and so far over the top. Jenna adjust to the real world far too easily. Isaac falls too fast for Jenna, and he doesn't even know her age, she could be a minor. Maya Banks has definitely written. Don't waste your time or money.

    16. This series by Maya Banks is one of my favorites. It's just the right amount of suspense and paranormal to keep you riveted. And I devour the books as soon as they hit my eReader.Jenna is on the run. She was raised in a cult, sheltered from the world around her. So when she makes a run to leave, you doesn't quite know what to expect from the outside world. She hold a special power, that she's been abused because of. She is quite naive, which plays up to her charm through the book and hooks our h [...]

    17. Despite my love of Maya Banks’ books, Just One Touch did not do it for me at all. I hated Isaac a whole lot pretty much from start to finish. I enjoyed Jenna and felt bad for her and the life she fell into. I felt like after all that control in her life she deserved happiness. Instead she got Isaac who was the world’s most dickish lead man yet. He was controlling, he yelled at Jenna a lot, he got upset and just raged most of the time, and he didn’t believe in the company he worked for afte [...]

    18. I've typically loved Maya Banks's books and I hate that I'm rating this one so poorly but I really did not like this book. At all. Summary: DSS agent Isaac Washington is shocked to find someone trying to steal his SUV and he's even more surprised when he confronts the person and finds its a scared, battered woman. Before he can adjust his thinking, all hell breaks loose and next thing he knows he's shot and dying. Then, to his shock, the mysterious woman places her hands on him and heals the mor [...]

    19. ***ARC Provided via Edelweiss and Tasty Book Tours***3.5 StarsJenna and Isaac have one heck of a first meeting. And, I think in a way this makes the insta-love work. I admit, I am not the biggest fan of the whole insta-love thing, and Jenna's history and complete lack of exposure to the world made me at times wonder if she would be able to function in an adult relationship. I am not 100% positive this was ever fully addressed, but at the same time, I am not sure I would want it to be, as that be [...]

    20. Although at first h's ability reminds me of Grace in Echoes at Dawn (KGI, #5) , these two stories had little in common.I always love romance with action, esp H was able to protect h from danger, but this story was just ok for me. Although this story was supposed to make me feel bad for h… I didn't feel anything for h. Her past was sad, but she annoyed me more with she constantly told H and others how she didn't want to get them killed esp her foolish behavior to get herself into trouble. So H [...]

    21. Me ha sorprendido. Lo único que me chirría un pelín es el instalove, pero si trago con lo de los dones especiales, pues también trago con el instalove. Las protagonistas femeninas son lo mejor. Son mujeres con dones especiales, que han tenido un pasado muy complicado. Jenna en muchas partes del libro me daba una pena infinita. Sólo quería achucharla.Adoro a los protagonistas masculinos. En cuanto uno necesita ayuda, los demás no se lo piensan y no dudan en ir a su lado, aunque sea una mis [...]

    22. I really, really want to add this book to my favorite list. I really do. But as much as I adore the plot and Maya Banks herself, I can't. Mostly because this book is a bit too much for me. I was hoping for a classic Maya Banks heartwrenching romance with vulnerable yet strong heroine and Alpha Hero. In this book, I didn't exactly get them; sure the Hero is Alpha but the heroine I just can't stand her. She's way too weak, clingy and needy even to my taste. Sure I love thick and over-exaggerated d [...]

    23. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. As an avid fan of Maya Banks, I'm sad to say I was disappointed in this book. It had so much potential, to be so much more. The insta-love plot devise didn't work for me in this book. Jenna was kidnapped as a child and held in a cult for the past twenty years and on her first/second day of freedom she meets Isaac with DSS security. Within hours - hours - Isaac is thinking of Jenna as his and within days professing his love. [...]

    24. So, several weeks ago I read Brighter than the Sun by Maya Banks and was blown away. See, years ago, I had tried an Maya Banks book and it did not work for me. As it turns out, it was in the Slow Burn series. Given my new admiration for Banks, I decided to give Just One Touch a shot. My reading tastes have evolved since my first attempt at this series and I felt pretty good about giving this a shot.My first step whenever I start a book is to head to good reads and mark the book as "Currently Rea [...]

    25. Just One Touch by Maya Banks is the fifth book in the Slow Burn series. Even though characters from the earlier books features extensively in this instalment, it can be read as a stand-alone. It is a romantic suspense with a touch of paranormal. There were some exciting and suspenseful moments, which kept me glued to the pages.Jenna Wilder grew up in a strict religious cult, with no access to the outside world. Kidnapped for her extraordinary healing powers, she was subjected to abuse, exploitat [...]

    26. "But the simple truth was that he needed her every bit as much as she needed him, and he couldn't come up with a reason that made any sense to him."FINAL DECISION:  A good romantic suspense with a paranormal bent.  The weakest part of the story is the instant love between the main characters.  That being said, the two are a good match and the story is well paced and filled with twistsE STORY: Isaac Washington comes out to his car after getting coffee and bagels to find someone attempting to s [...]

    27. I haven't read any of the books in the Slow Burn series, but this one somehow worked for me.I didn't feel like I missed out on anything from the previous books, nor was it confusing.There was a varying array of cast and characters, and I quite liked the concept and the author's way of execution.I'm a fan of Maya Banks' other series, and I jumped on this one without even reading the blurb properly.I'd thought that this was just a romantic suspense series.Lol!*facepalm*It is romantic suspense, but [...]

    28. 2 1/2 stars Just One Touch is the fifth book in the Slow Burn series by Maya Banks. I've tried really hard to like this series, but it just isn't my favourite from this author. I like the storylines revolving around all the female leads from each book having a special gift, and needing protection and falling very quickly for their protector, but the storylines really don't grab my attention or keep me enthralled.In this book, Jenna has the gift of healing, she can save those that would otherwise [...]

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