Benched Mr Right has never been so freakin wrong I m a single mom and a cop When some arrogant superstar thinks he can speed through my town and smirk and charm his way out of a ticket he s wrong I wrote the

  • Title: Benched
  • Author: Abigail Graham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mr Right has never been so freakin wrong I m a single mom and a cop When some arrogant superstar thinks he can speed through my town and smirk and charm his way out of a ticket, he s wrong I wrote the ticket and impounded his car Then he moved in next door This muscled up god with his glorious physique, panty dropping smile and smart mouth is my new neighbor He ha Mr Right has never been so freakin wrong.I m a single mom and a cop When some arrogant superstar thinks he can speed through my town and smirk and charm his way out of a ticket, he s wrong I wrote the ticket and impounded his car Then he moved in next door This muscled up god with his glorious physique, panty dropping smile and smart mouth is my new neighbor He hates the burbs, but that doesn t seem to stop him from flirting with me every chance he gets As if strutting around in boxers with his abs and chest on display is enough to make me forget his snide comments and wisecracks Oh sure, he knows how to turn on the charm like I ll fall for that I bet that would make a great story, bagging the cop that gave him the ticket but I m not some ditzy arm candy lining up to be the next notch in his bedpost I don t have time to fool around It doesn t matter if he s hot, and younger than I am, and just looking at him makes my legs shake The closer we get, the I think I misjudged him Somewhere beneath that arrogant smirk is a good man, maybe even the right man, but my past threatens to shatter us both BENCHED is a standalone, full length romance with an HEA This special edition includes a second full length novel, Player s Princess, with an all new, exclusive epilogue

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    1. ARC for Honest ReviewI have read Abigail Graham books before and they were ok for me, but I loved this one. I absolutely loved everything about this book. It was humorously charming.So, he is a big time football player, he gets a ticket for driving 100mph through a school zone in a little town. She is the cop that pulls him over (which I love). Since he has been in trouble before he is sentenced to community service in this little town with the peewee football team. Ends up renting a house right [...]

    2. When Phoebe pulled the speeding sports car over, she had no idea who was inside. Giving him a ticket and impounding his car, Alex was stuck in the little town, forced to do community service. Enjoy this story as Phoebe and Alex find themselves spending time together. Can she get past his cocky personality? Will he get over the fact he is in this miserable town because of her? What if spending time is better than they both thought it could be? I enjoyed this story of bad boy football star, strong [...]

    3. I received an ARC for honest reviewI absolutely loved this book the chemistry between Alex and Phoebe was scorching hot phoebe didn't want to go there at first as she was a cop and her past was catching up with her and Alex took control of everythingI was hooked from the start and finished in one readAnother great book from a fantastic Author

    4. Great story-line, well-developed characters, a hot bad boy football player, secrets, humor, hot as hell chemistry, love, and a HEA. What's not to like about Benched by Abigail Graham.I was provided a courtesy ARC for an honest review.

    5. I received this for a honest review. If you have ever read anything of Abigail Graham then you already know you are in for a real treat. This book was truly amazing. Hear you had a man that was trying to find himself. He had wealth, fame, and a job most guys would dream of but yet he was not happy. There was also a woman that had secrets and was a single mom. She was living her life just getting by and not letting a man get to close. The story holds such a great meaning. It shows no matter how m [...]

    6. We meet Alex, who is a super star linebacker! He was caught speeding and sentenced to coach pee wee football! Oh and he says he doesn't like kids! He is not really happy with it but he takes that instead of going to jail! He is also angry at the cop that arrested him because effectively she ended his career!Phoebe is totally angry at Alex for his speeding and his attitude towards it too! She thinks he's an arrogant jerk! She is the only female on the force and she's stuck being a traffic cop! No [...]

    7. Once again, author Abigail Graham delivers a first-rate, well-crafted and delightful romance worthy of five stars. The sex scenes are over-the-top hot – smokin’, actually – and envy-worthy (who wouldn’t want her very own Alex?). Some readers may be surprised at the pace Alex’s and Phoebe’s relationship takes off considering how it started, but frankly it’s worth hanging on and enjoying the ride. Phoebe initially took her time and allowed her feelings to simmer, and then poof!, she [...]

    8. Traffic cop and football PlayerCute 3.5***On one of Phoebe's daily traffic stops she pulls over a really cocky Alex. He was going 100 mph in a school zone. He of course makes a disparaging comment, which Phoebe is sick of hearing because she is the only woman cop in her small town.Even with all his money and connections, Alex's agent and attorney cannot get him off with a fine and slap on the wrist. He is given community service coaching a pee wee league and has to wear an ankle bracelet so he d [...]

    9. Phoebe Maquire was a small town traffic cop who just so happened to stop and ticketed a famous football player Alexander Wright while he was speeding through their little town. He thought she was cute but not his type but there was something about her that attracted him and when the judge told him that his sentence was to work with the peewee football team as community service for the next 6 months and has to wear an ankle monitor while serving his time in town he was livid but he didn't have a [...]

    10. I received a complimentary copy from the authorI need an Alex of my own!!This book was so good. It had cute moments, scary moments, loving moments and downright naughty moments. Nothing felt rushed even though the book moved fast paced and I just loved the character interactions. Alex was such a cocky football player in the beginning and Phoebe was trying to be tough as well as hard just to gain the respect of her fellow cops. This book was different for me in a great way because Alex changed hi [...]

    11. I obtained this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review and I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the story and I fell in love with the feisty single mom and cop! Officer Phoebe Maguire pulled over a lime green Ferrari speeding through her little town, unknown to her, the speeder was the famous, Alex "Broadside" Wright of the Philadelphia Corsairs football team!Alex Wright was amused when the rural cop pulled him over for speeding over 100 miles over the speed limit on a Saturday. S [...]

    12. Phoebe is a single mom, a cop, and running with her daughter from an ex, three strikes against her already. So when Mr. Hot shot football star moves in next door to stay in town all of those work against her. She wasn't looking for a relationship or Mr. Right, you could stay he just speed on into town. Alex loved to drive, it cleared his head from life and made it to where he didn't have to think. So after caught doing 100 mph in a 30 mph zone he finds himself in a rental living next to the sing [...]

    13. Loved It!!, September 17, 2016 By Toni MyersThis review is from: BENCHED (Kindle Edition) Loved this book, great short story. Alex will melt your heart, he comes to town with a cocky attitude, and falls for cop Phoebe, she changes the way he thinks about everything, and he finds himself caring for her daughter Carrie. Phoebe is just trying to raise her daughter the best she can, that is until a storm name Alex rolls into town, and turns both their worlds upside down.

    14. Sexy and HotSomething different than I normally read. Sexy and hot read with football player and cop. Good love story that will capture your heart.

    15. BenchedWhat a great read! And nice surprise bonus book Both stories held me captivated until the very end! I highly recommend! Happy reading!

    16. Footballer. I really enjoyed this story. Though it did have its pros and cons. Let's do cons first. Something's didn't add up. The book description states Phoebe is older then Alex and it also says in the story she is pushing 30. Firstly Alex is 28 but she has her baby at 18/19 and the kid is only 6. Doesn't add up. Also she says she didn't know she was pregnant before she wasn't able to talk to her mom before the coma but before that it said while Phoebe was sick her mother was watching her 18m [...]

    17. 3.5 Stars I like this story but it had a little too much drama for my personal taste. I read romance to relax, if I want drama I watch the evening news The book is well written and if you like to experience a full range of emotions while reading this book is for you. I received a ARC copy from the author for my honest review

    18. GoodGood story. Loved the little girl and how he fell in love with both the mom and the daughter. Got to love a man that can cook, take care of you and still let you be you.I didn't read all the bonus stuff that is at the end.

    19. BenchedThis book kept me on my toes. It was a who done it kinda book because it kept you guessing as to what's gonna happen next. It's worth the read.

    20. This is the first book by this author and while I really enjoyed the majority of it I was very disappointed that the book ended at 37%. The last chapter spanned six or seven months and it was very rushed while the rest of the book was a great easy read. This would've been a five star book had the last chapter been done better and expanded. I like the main characters, not great character development but it didn't distract, fun storyline, easy read, and great steam. This is the story about Alex, a [...]

    21. Not your usual football romance - nice change of pace. Kind of irritating that the "bonus" book was longer than the main title (ends 35-40%, rest is bonus), but that seems to be a KU trend now

    22. Mr. Right has never been so freakin’ wrong. I'm a single mom and a cop. When some arrogant superstar thinks he can speed through my town and smirk and charm his way out of a ticket, he’s wrong. I wrote the ticket and impounded his car. Then he moved in next door. This muscled up god with his glorious physique, panty-dropping smile and smart mouth is my new neighbor. He hates the ‘burbs, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from flirting with me every chance he gets. As if strutting around i [...]

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