Collected Poems

Collected Poems His is a unique voice in modern lyrical poetry ferociously independent by turns ironic colloquial lyrical

  • Title: Collected Poems
  • Author: Patrick Kavanagh
  • ISBN: 9780393006940
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • His is a unique voice in modern lyrical poetry ferociously independent, by turns ironic, colloquial, lyrical.

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    1. I was introduced to Kavanagh’s work through several quotations in Christian Wiman’s My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer. Those lines convinced me I had to seek out Kavanagh’s poetry.Patrick Kavanagh wrote of Irish farm life, which he knew so well, without romantic sentimentality. His poetry revealed undiluted truth, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the abhorrent. This stance and his undisguised disgust at the phonies and parasites of the literary world meant that Kavana [...]

    2. A man with no reason or way to sing finds a voice. It's fashionable to knock Patrick these days as another mid-50s Irish bar poet, but his was one of the few live voices coming up from the mine disaster that was pre-60s Ireland. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

    3. Kavanagh's poetry as presented here is an amazing story of a farmer turned poet turned disillusioned voyeur. I strongly recommend his work for any aspiring poet, english teacher, student, or liver of life. He uses a blend of traditional forms with a modernist twist and even subversion of those forms, and his mastery of language and allusion is impeccable.Of course, most readers probably already know this. If you don't, check him out.

    4. The quintessential voice of rural Ireland. By turns, angry, nostalgic, satirical, philosophical, romantic or humorous, he never fails to impress and startle. There are not many who can 'find a star-lovely art/In a dark sod' but Kavanagh does it every time.Absolute genius and a delight to read.

    5. Kavanagh's poems succeed where most broetry fails, managing to create work that could be described as 'masculine' while also being rich in imagery and emotion.

    6. Kavanagh is the third best Irish poet of the 20th century (no shame in coming behind Yeats or Heaney, though he would disagree). Kavanagh published a "Collected Poems" in his lifetime which has a better ratio of good to inconsequential verse, but this new edition features a couple of great long poems ("Lough Derg" and "Why Sorrow?") which were apparently unpublished during his life. The bitterness which Kavanagh constantly vents towards critics and other poets is tiresome, as is the doggerel he [...]

    7. Kavanagh has an angry, frustrated voice speaking in resistance to the prevailing notion of his time, that rural, simple, Ireland was the real Ireland. His long poem, "The Great Hunger," obviously has metaphorical value in its allusion to An Gorta Mor, but it is the story of a miserable clay-scrabbling man. The poem might be read along with William Trevor's short story, "The Hill Bachelors," as explorations of Irish men sacrificed to Ireland.

    8. I'm glad I didn't go to school in Ireland and have to study and memorize Kavanagh. Self-assigned reading is much more fun.

    9. Kavanagh's early poems, up until and through "The Great Hunger" were wonderful. The later ones, after as he put it he "lost his messianic impulse" did not seem as powerful or immediate.

    10. The poor farmer as poet. The modern Irish John Clare. Brilliant. I found "The Ploughman" to be the finest of his poems.

    11. I launched into this after recently reading Kavanagh's extraordinary biography by Antionette Quinn. This collection features some of his best poems, and some of the not-so-best I was stunned by the delicacy of his poetry on the whole, as the man himself appears less than delicate. In fact, according to Quinn, very not so. There is also a biographical introduction in this volume which bears this out, and an 'Author's Note' at the end, both fascinating. If ever you go to Dublin townIn a hundred ye [...]

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