The Dark Dark

The Dark Dark The acclaimed novelist Samantha Hunt s first collection of stories blends the literary and the fantastic and brings us characters on the verge girls turning into women women turning into deer people

  • Title: The Dark Dark
  • Author: Samantha Hunt
  • ISBN: 9780374282134
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • The acclaimed novelist Samantha Hunt s first collection of stories blends the literary and the fantastic and brings us characters on the verge girls turning into women, women turning into deer, people doubling or becoming ghosts, and Strange things happen all around us all the time, but is it best to acknowledge or to turn away from moments when the weird pokes its wayThe acclaimed novelist Samantha Hunt s first collection of stories blends the literary and the fantastic and brings us characters on the verge girls turning into women, women turning into deer, people doubling or becoming ghosts, and Strange things happen all around us all the time, but is it best to acknowledge or to turn away from moments when the weird pokes its way into our ordinary lives In these marvelously inventive stories, Samantha Hunt imagines numerous ways in which lives might be altered by the otherworldly An FBI agent falls in love with a robot built for a suicide mission A young woman unintentionally cheats on her husband when she is transformed, nightly, into a deer Two strangers become lovers and find themselves somehow responsible for the resurrection of a dog A woman tries to start her life anew after the loss of a child but cannot help riddling that new life with lies Thirteen pregnant teenagers develop a strange relationship with the Founding Fathers of American history A lonely woman s fertility treatments become the stuff of science fiction.Magic intrudes Technology betrays and disappoints Infidelities lead us beyond the usual conflict Our bodies change, reproduce, decay, and surprise With her characteristic unguarded gaze and offbeat humor, Hunt has conjured stories that urge an understanding of youth and mortality, magnification and loss, and hold out the hope that we can know one another deeply or at least stand side by side to observe the mystery of the world.

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    1. Posted at Heradas Review“voices that insist on being heard, stories that demand to be told, writers who are compelled to show us something new.” is how FSG Originals describes the books they publish, and I would absolutely describe Samantha Hunt’s writing in this way. Her stories are brutal yet beautiful, magical but grounded, sincere, horrific, and essential. Her characters have such unique perspectives on their lives and the events surrounding them; a lot of the time these were perspecti [...]

    2. A fascinating and sometimes disturbing collection of short stories. Samantha Hunt blends magical realism with more conventional literary form to showcase issues of dangerous desire, technology gone awry, and relationships that reveal secrets both sinister and important. Across these stories runs a theme of dissatisfied suburban women who transform in some way, which lends itself to interesting feminist analysis. I most appreciated how Hunt took her characters into vivid and uncomfortable emotion [...]

    3. I initially set this book of short stories aside because of a fertility theme, but decided to pick it back up in an attempt to read all the books I received in 2017 from subscriptions (and #theunreadshelfproject2018 helped.) It was also included in the long list for the Tournament of Books, but not in the shortlist. My favorite story was "A Love Story" (which you can read or listen to the author reading on The New Yorker. I like the little zings throughout this one, about married life, and so on [...]

    4. These three short storiesBeastThe yellow A love story instantly reached my all-time short story top 20. They are wild, inventive, compelling and in between 'tongue in cheeck'- funny and 'laugh out loud'-funny.If the other stories (ranging from average to really good) were as sublime as those three, this would've been in my top 3 books of 2017

    5. I haven't read Samantha Hunt's novels, but I picked up this story collection after reading a review. I found Hunt's prose delightful. These stories are so strange and interesting that I now want to check out her other books.

    6. I would not say I really liked all of the stories in this collection, but I want to set aside personal taste and a reader's natural want for personal connection and rate based on ambition. Some stories read like things I have read before ("Beast" seemed like something Kelly Link might have written). For the most part, though, Samantha Hunt's stories of shifting existences explore places I've rarely, if ever, read about before: an alternate history fantasy of a love robot sent to kill the Unibomb [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars.Hunt's short story collection is full of strange, haunted characters confronting some of the darker parts of human existence—from infertility and infidelity to loneliness and mortality. In her surreal and often frightening world, the mundane becomes transformative, both literally and figuratively. Motherhood is the prominent theme, and Hunt's female characters are compellingly raw and animalistic.It's hard not to compare The Dark Dark to Roxane Gay and Ottessa Moshfegh's recent short [...]

    8. This may just be the best short story collection of 2017. "The Story Of" and "The Story Of Of" are drafts upon drafts of the same story woven together to dramatize a character's desperation to conceive. Absolutely brilliant.

    9. The stories in The Dark Dark keep getting better as the book goes on, and by the end I was spellbound. You'd be hard-pressed to find another author like Samantha Hunt. These stories explore not only the extraneous terrors (the dark night and the unknown horrors it holds), but the deep-down fears and savagery and strangeness that exist beyond our understanding. Hunt mines the depths of our subconscious inhumanity to reveal what connects us in ways we can't imagine, and in her fantastic stories li [...]

    10. I'm just floored by how good this short story collection was! Samantha Hunt is such a talented writer, and the audio narrator is among the best I've listened to.

    11. My experience with Samantha Hunt's The Dark Dark did a real 180. There are ten stories in this story collection. I hated the first five and was feeling quite disheartened that I hadn't enjoyed a single story in this collection I'd purchased. But then I really enjoyed the last five stories. My experience with this book kind of echoes the Rorschach blot on its cover, which when turned on its side says Dark and has the imprint of the word Dark beneath it. I certainly liked one half of the Dark more [...]

    12. I won this book thru First Reads. I liked most of the stories in this collection. As usual there are always do that I do not like or skim thru. I was expecting these to be really dark and creepy stories, they were not. Most where women working thru different tough spots in their lives.

    13. *** checks head for ticks*** (me whilst reading this because it immerses you so deeply into the stories that you, too , wish to be a deer, if only for the immunity against Lyme disease ;)

    14. The Dark Dark is a collection of short stories by Samantha Hunt that were often weird and always a little off-kilter, some stories veering directly into George Saunders/Karen Russell territory, and other stories remaining superficially more ordinary, but with an undercurrent that hints of something else. This was an excellent collection of stories, where each story felt completely different than the one before. The book begins and ends with two variations on the same story and were the strongest [...]

    15. These stories really got under my skin. I read the first half of the book in the morning, thought about those stories all day, then finished the book at night. Wow, that last story I need to read more of this author's work.

    16. There's so much to admire here, from story level to sentence level. This one will go on the "books to reread" shelf.

    17. These stories are haunting, obscure but somehow playful and a little funny! Definitely enjoyed some more than others but as a whole I think it's a great collection.

    18. 2.5 starsWhy do I keep reading short story collections when, on the whole, I do not care for short story collections. You must save me from myself, reading friends.

    19. It begins with the cover art – a Rorschach blot that could be interpreted as a body, a mask; any number of things. And then there’s the title, suggesting an extension of the dark world we all know and that some of us live within, an even darker realm where rules do not apply, where anything is possible. In her latest short story collection, Samantha Hunt celebrates the strange, the otherworldly, the unclassifiable, and the dark, dark side of human nature. Hunt’s stories are spellbinding, i [...]

    20. I was very excited to read this book, but I was sorely disappointed upon finishing. The stories seem to run together and were difficult to keep straight. I don't know if there was supposed to be a running theme throughout the book other than the fact that all of the narrators seem to suffer from severe mental illness. Where I was looking for stories of the macabre, I ran into stories of schizophrenia and depression, or at least that's what I perceive them to be since there were no resolutions I [...]

    21. 4/5 stars. I definitely enjoyed some stories more than others in this one. These are stories about women in often strange, surreal situations. But sometimes, she'll hit on something that totally speaks to my own life. She's not trying to give answers; she acknowledges the difficulties of being a woman in this life.

    22. I like themed short story collections, to an extent, and on paper. But practically, after about 3-4 stories of a similar nature, the stories start to run together. I zone out. It's especially true when I'm listening to an audiobook, as I did with this collection. The first three stories I paid attention to. Somewhere along the line, they began to sound similar, and it took me quite a while to figure out that the last story was actually the first story, with some changes. I thought it was another [...]

    23. Like all of Samantha Hunts books, this one will blow you away. I don't normally read or like short stories but these are AMAZING. They are dark, strange and fascinating. I was spellbound long after the last sentence.

    24. okay, I need to process that last one, but ugh. these were brilliant. all at least 4 stars. gotta go read everything Samantha Hunt has written now!

    25. Samantha Hunt's short story collection THE DARK DARK is a masterpiece of weird normalcy. Although there are some overlaps in characters between them, each of the stories are so dark, engaging, and different from each other in tone, topic, and style - with the exception of the first and last stories. She takes the everydayness of life and twists it a bit; holding a fun-house mirror up to the bizarrity we all experience. In "All Hands", we follow 3 characters - two Coast Guard officers and a high [...]

    26. I liked this collection of short stories more and more as I went on - I wasn't really into the first few, even though they were written very well, but I really enjoyed the last half of the collection. Hunt uses magical realism really effectively to show something meaningful about the interior lives of her characters. The stories are concerned with fertility and motherhood, infidelity, and (in different ways) anxiety about the dark. My favorite was "A Love Story," in which a woman powerfully cons [...]

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