Point Blank

Point Blank The explosive action kicks off as treasure hunting FBI agent Ruth Warnecki is on the trail of stolen Confederate gold hidden in Winkel s Cave in western Virginia She never expects to find herself chin

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  • Title: Point Blank
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9780515141689
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • The explosive action kicks off as treasure hunting FBI agent Ruth Warnecki is on the trail of stolen Confederate gold hidden in Winkel s Cave in western Virginia She never expects to find herself chin deep in a grisly murder that leaves her nearly dead and rocks the town of Maestro.And at a stakeout in Maryland, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Dane Carver are nearly killed iThe explosive action kicks off as treasure hunting FBI agent Ruth Warnecki is on the trail of stolen Confederate gold hidden in Winkel s Cave in western Virginia She never expects to find herself chin deep in a grisly murder that leaves her nearly dead and rocks the town of Maestro.And at a stakeout in Maryland, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Dane Carver are nearly killed in a horrific explosion while attempting to rescue a kidnap victim, Pinky Womack.They are led to Arlington National Cemetery, where they not only find Pinky, but Savich also takes a fateful call on his cell from an old man out to kill both him and Sherlock The thing is, they have no clue why Pitted against an insane killer and his psychotic teenage girlfriend, Savich and Sherlock find themselves fighting a hate driven villain with a very long and terrifying memory.

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    1. The story line is two-fold, and at first glance extremely interesting. We find married FBI agents Savich and Sherlock involved in a case of kidnapping and murder, the victim being a stand-up comic at a club Savich is involved with. The two kidnappers, an old man and his equally young side-kick, seem to be engaged in a personal vendetta against Dillon Savich, and have targeted Lacey Sherlock as one of their next victims. Meanwhile, Special Agent Ruth Warnecki is treasure-hunting in a cave in Virg [...]

    2. I have a large number of books by this author and have loved reading about Savitch and Sherlock, who are such an amazing couple. I picked up Point Blank because it was the only book I still had to read in the series…and what a disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt as if this book had been written by a different person.It was nothing like “The Maze”, “The Edge”, “The Cove” which I really liked. The story…well more than one, even two stories here….just didn’t get going for me. It s [...]

    3. Oh my GodI am only about 20 pages into this book and it sucks so far. Too many characters are introduced at once. No background info. on any of the characters. So at this point, I don't really give a damn what happens to any of them since I feel so disconnected. I refuse to give up on the book though. If anyone else has read this book, please tell me it gets betterlol.I gave up on this book. Never picked it up again. Blah

    4. I love agents Savich and Sherlock. Good characters are essential to a really good read and there are other characters who have depth as well.

    5. I have read most of the books in the series. This is one of the best! Coulter manages to do something that not a lot of authors can do. She is very versatile in her writing. If you read this Siri's, Sherlock and Savage, don't convince yourself that this is the only genre that she can write. If you have read any of her historical romance books, you might think that they were written by a different author. Much like a singer who can sing music from any genre, and do it well, Catherine Coulter does [...]

    6. For ages I've avoided what I think of as "Sherlock and Savich" books when browsing for new reading material. Whenver I'd see their names in a synopsis, I'd put the book down, vaguely thinking, "No, I don't like those." I didn't remember which book or books of this series I'd read in the past or even why I didn't like them.Then, just recently, I saw Point Blank on the sale rack of the local bookstore, a hardcover for under $8, so I thought, "What the hey, times are hard; I'll give it a try."Well, [...]

    7. I think this is a book best listened to in "pieces" such as long drives. The plot is two fold. FBI agents Savich and Sherlock hunt a kidnapper and killer only to find themselves being hunted by a psychopath out for revenge. Meanwhile, agent Ruth Warnecki is on vacation treasure hunting in a cave. Instead, she finds a body and is herself attacked. Suffering from amnesia, she becomes a target by unknown assailants, and eventually becomes embroiled in murders at a local prestigious school for music [...]

    8. I first read this in December 2008. It is the 10th book in the FBI Thriller series with Savich and Sherlock, but probably the first book i read of this series. I liked it well enough at time. I did not go back and start reading the whole series because of this book. I think I did that without even realizing that I'd read a book in the series, then when i came to ten, i saw i'd already read it. i liked it a bit better the second time, because i knew the people already. i didnt remember much from [...]

    9. Another Savitch and Sherlock FBI story. I think I'd give up on them except they are very easy to listen to on my Ipod. Typical Coulter story, one mystery with the FBI married duo and another that they are involved with that leads to romance for someone else. I appreciated this time that their own child wasn't in danger and they seemed to use good police work to solve the mystery. But all that being said these are just average stories and not "thrillers" or anything that will stick with you when [...]

    10. Point Blank (Catherine Coulter) And FBI ThrillerFBI Agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich face the most explosive case of their careers, pitting them against an unstable villain-with a very long memory. Special Ruth Warnicki is kidnapped by a madman while on vacation, looking for treasures. A bit disappointing, since I am a big Catherine Coulter fan, and have read all of her books. This one was a bit slow, a few too many characters to remember and it just dragged on (too long for my liking). B [...]

    11. This is my 1st by this author, I enjoyed the story and the variety of characters. From some of the reviews I have read, many felt this was not her best work. This makes me want to check out her earlier books.

    12. Good interesting story but way too many characters to keep up with. It jumped around a lot too but wasn't too awfully hard to keep up with.

    13. Oh boy…well, being kind, there were good sections to the book. But the dual-plot line thing she tends to do had the best of intentions. But consistency, and tying all things up, and ending neatly just don't seem to be her forte.

    14. We listened to this on a road trip this summer. I've always enjoyed her FBI series, this one is no different. It has great humor and suspense. I love reading a series as you get to know the characters well. These characters are great.

    15. Previously read this book. Wanted something light so we read summer of 2017. Two mysteries that involves many many characters The FBI and local sheriff in Maryland Virginia and DC

    16. One of the two story lines in this book left me slightly disappointed at the outcome. As always, this series is easy to blast through.

    17. I have a little time between deadlines now so I dug into the latest bag of books a friend gave me and pulled out this Catherine Coulter paperback. It's one of her FBI thrillers so I knew I would enjoy it. Her star characters, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, are married now and have a son. They are like old friends. I can count on their adventures being both scary and full of relationships that captivate me.Point Blank begins with their colleague Ruth Warnecki caving in Virginia as s [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the book Point Blank, by Catherine Coulter. It’s an “FBI Thriller”, so there is plenty of action and suspense throughout the whole book. Another thing I thought was really neat was that you can kind of piece all the clues together and speculate who the culprit is. It made reading this book engaging. I felt like an FBI agent on the case the whole time as I was reading. The adjectives used to describe the settings and characters as well as their personalities made me feel li [...]

    19. Fast paced book with lots of twists and turns. Two interconnected stories. A few unanswered questions at the end, but overall a good story.

    20. This is a Savich/Sherlock suspense that not only had one mysterious and dangerous case, but two; the second one centered around FBI agent Ruth Warnecki. That said, it wasn't an edge of your seat, can't put down kind of book. I'd give it 3.5 stars. (I'm sure I've said this before, but I really wish we had that option.) It was engaging enough that I would recommend it, not just to Savich/Sherlock fans, but to anyone who enjoys a decent who done it. Ruth's story was actually the more interesting on [...]

    21. I'll start this review off with a short summary. FBI Agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich face the most dangerous case of their career while trying to save the popular entertainer Pinky Womack who was kidnapped by a crazed madman with an extremely long memory. He is set on torturing and killing Dillon Savich in revenge for hurting and killing a woman who meant a lot to him. Also, there was FBI Agent Ruth Warnecki on a treasure hunt and she ends up in the woods by the Sheriff Dix (I don't reme [...]

    22. The book started off as a women in a cave looking for lost treasure. She found her self in a dark area of the cave and everything went blank.For an FBI thriller, Point Blank was a very good book. I like the fact that there was a lot of different scenes in the book that would keep you focused and want to know more. However, the deranged crazy people were a normal type of killer that roamed a town/ city. The two physopaths that were in the book had a way to manipulate the FBI agents to get what th [...]

    23. This was a great story. FBI agent Ruth Warnecki is spending some of her off time exploring a cave in Maestro Virginia. She found an old map of the cave, and has set off yo find the gold hidden there. What she doesn't expect is to be drugged, hit over the head and left for dead in the woods. She is found by Sheriff Dixon Noble. When she recovers, she has no idea who she is. But someone was very unhappy that she was in that cave.Dix puts Truths fingerprints and pictures out to other agencies to se [...]

    24. Finding buried treasure sounded like a fun vacation for Special Agent Ruth Warnecki, but after finding the tunnel, she ran into some problems and then lost her memory for a bit. Luckily the local Sheriff, Dixon Noble, took his dog for a walk and found her in the snow. Savich and Sherlock were quickly deciding that they wish they had gone on vacation too. A new bad guy was in the area and he targeted Dillon Savich and anyone he knew. They needed to find the connection to him, while Ruth and Dix t [...]

    25. Point Blank - FBI Thriller #10 - Savich and Sherlock - (Ruth Warnecki and Dixon Noble - also Dane Carver). While treasure hunting in Virginia, Ruth is terriozied and rescued by Sheriff Noble.Point Blank's propulsive story takes off when FBI agents Dillon Savich and Dane Carver are nearly killed while trying to rescue popular entertainer Pinky Womack from kidnappers. Lured to a motel in Pumis City, Virginia, by a known snitch, the only thing the agents discover is a glowing red timer. The place i [...]

    26. This was the first Coulter contemporary I've read. I've tried several of her historicals and while they are OK, they aren't exactly great, IMO. Part of that htough I think is the narrator who did a few of them. Something about the one narrator's voice drives me batty and ruins books for me. I picked this one up for a series challenge in one of my Good Reads groups where we had to try another book by an author we've "given up on." I did like this one better than the historicals, but I don't fores [...]

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