An Enlightening Quiche

An Enlightening Quiche Dysfunctional Deceptive Demure More than meets the eye at face value Augusta Bergeron stuck in a holding pattern engages in morally destructive behavior she attributes to maternal abandonment In fo

  • Title: An Enlightening Quiche
  • Author: Eva Pasco
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dysfunctional Deceptive Demure More than meets the eye at face value, Augusta Bergeron, stuck in a holding pattern, engages in morally destructive behavior she attributes to maternal abandonment In for a rude awakening upon eggs huming her mother s quiche recipe, she unravels its significance and forsakes erroneous assumptions Enlightened, Augusta feels compelled to rDysfunctional Deceptive Demure More than meets the eye at face value, Augusta Bergeron, stuck in a holding pattern, engages in morally destructive behavior she attributes to maternal abandonment In for a rude awakening upon eggs huming her mother s quiche recipe, she unravels its significance and forsakes erroneous assumptions Enlightened, Augusta feels compelled to redress all the havoc she s wrought in the aftermath of a tragedy Augusta Tarry with us unpretentious French Canadians from northern Rhode Island called Canucks, eh Tried and true friendships tested Quest for Mr Right Impoverished mill Unleashed secrets Enriched by geographic entities, historic references, and regional culture Blackstone Valley beckons.

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    1. This book was such a cleverly written story that kept me smiling and shaking my head at the situations that Augusta Bergeron found herself in, the thoughts she was entertaining and the truths that were being discovered. Lindsay Metcalf was the other baker and these two had issues greater than their recipes. The rivalry was intense between these two women and only through a challenge such as a quiche-off could they settle their differences.The words chosen by Ms. Pasco made for a delightful and c [...]

    2. An Enlightening Quiche is One Novel You'll Wish You Could Live In!No Despite that yummy photo of a luscious quiche on its cover, this book is not a cookbook! But the small French-Canadian mill town of Beauchemins, Rhode Island is certainly brewing up a recipe for disaster in Eva Pasco’s alluring novel, “An Enlightening Quiche”!With such an unassuming title, one goes into “An Enlightening Quiche” thinking it might relate a simple story—one of no consequence to a single soul except tho [...]

    3. Pleasant stories revolving around Lindsay and Augusta and their love for quiche. Thankyou for this free book.

    4. A wonderful mixture of friendship, secrets, and a bitter rivalry. It is an excellent book that will whet your appetite for more from Eva Pasco.

    5. I know what classic literature is. I can’t say I read a lot of it, but that’s not for lack of understanding. I simply get distracted by the Janet Evanovichs and J.R. Wards of the world. Not to say the authors I read don’t write incredible books – I LOVE them. And if I have a choice between “War & Peace” and the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood bookI think you get the picture.When I picked up “An Enlightening Quiche,” I knew right away I was in for a challenge. There were no va [...]

    6. I won an eBook copy of An Enlightening Quiche in a giveaway I’d entered because the story sounded intriguing. Contemporary women’s fiction is not a genre I usually read, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Honestly, it took me a chapter or so to get into the rhythm of the prose simply because I’m not used to reading such detailed descriptions of both the inner thoughts and external actions of the characters. I’m sure glad I stuck with it! Once I did understand the flow, the story [...]

    7. Augusta and Lindsay come from two different worlds. Augusta born and bred in Beauchemin, a small Rhode Island town, and Lindsay, a historian, who resides in Boston, Massachusetts, cross paths because of Beauchemin's French Canadian historical past.They tell their stories in alternating chapters in somewhat of a soliloquy style with discourses and bantering monologs about past lovers, friends, family, and the people of Beauchemin's. Augusta is an administrator in the town's main factory. Lindsay [...]

    8. Most writers put words together in an attempt to create an understandable story. Few writers are considered artists who bombard the pages with vivid colors of vocabulary. Eva Pasco is an artist. Her book, “An Enlightening Quiche,” is a gallery in a novel. The author emptied the dictionary with the words magically falling into a rich, intricate, perfect prose. The reader must stay sharp to catch all the metaphors and watch the turn of a phrase at the turn of every page. The abundance of pop c [...]

    9. Reviewed by Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers' Favoritereadersfavorite/book-reviAn Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco is, to shamelessly promote a theme, superbly rich and delicious. One cannot know if such writing comes naturally to the author, or if she suffers from the agony of meticulousness required to produce such an exquisite work. The end result hearkens to the classics for its resemblance to such deeply thoughtful plotting, characterization, and the gorgeous prose used in its exposition. With [...]

    10. A Story You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into.Just the right proportions of history, secrets, adultery, passion, and rivalry are mixed together to form the wonderful sensation that is 'An Enlightening Quiche'. Rich in detail and sassy narration, Eva Pasco paints a portrait of small-town life that rings true for anyone who has lived in such a place. On the surface, everything is clean and just-right, but underneath there is a surging, heaving mass of emotion, ambition and self-interest that immerse [...]

    11. "Cosmopolitan! Pedigreed! Privileged!" cries Augusta as her rival arrives. "Vamp! Temptress! Femme Fatale!" Observes Lindsay. Little does small town native Augusta know, she's been judged and condemned by a writer from Boston named Lindsay. Lines are drawn and the competition is on.Wickedly sharp, bitingly sarcastic, Eva Pasco creates an unforgettable novel about life in a small town. Charming Beauchemins, Rhode Island is stuck in a time warp. The same families have lived there for years. Secret [...]

    12. Unwavering Friendship what was lost has been found. The bond between two long time friends, can it stand the test of time? Secrets, infidelity, laughter, Love, family coming together in the tough of times and in the best of times. You forget this small, close-knit Community is a Fictional Town of Beauchemins, RI, as it draws you into the lives of Augusta, Estelle and Lindsay during this amazing journey of friendship. Eva Pasco has done an amazing job intertwining the reader and characters in the [...]

    13. Felt like I was thereVery descriptive narrative. I felt like I could walk down the streets and actually have a conversation with some of the characters. This was an insightful look at relationships and friendships. How we see ourselves as opposed to how others see us and with a backdrop of familiar cuisine. Made me hungry for quiche but without the onion.

    14. Olly Olly oxen free! Those exact words are in this book. No lie. Review over.Tabarnak! Tabarnak! Tabarnak! This word is also in this bookoften. I cannot wait to see if the “Machine of Freedom Less Speech” aka picks it up and rejects this review because of my faux pas.An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco is home sweet home. Every chapter opening my vaulted memory bank, some robbed and some placed there intentionally for safe keeping. The Venus de Milo, Providence Place Mall, Providence Journa [...]

    15. I hope you're hungry because An Enlightening Quiche is a book you will want to sink your teeth into! Eva Pasco has done a magnificent job with this novel. Her descriptions are so rich and detailed I found myself falling right through the pages and into the French-Canadian town of Beauchemins, surrounded by the amazing history, places, and people. The story centers around Augusta, long-time native of this historic mill town, and the outsider, Lindsay.I really loved the characters. Flawed and beli [...]

    16. A Tapestry of Culture, History, and Blue Ribbon QuicheA review of Eva Pasco's new novel, AN ENLIGHTENING QUICHEFor a deep, warm read, settle in with a cup of cafetière a piston and a creamy slice of hot quiche, and retreat to the inner sanctum of Eva Pasco’s Proustian search for the meaning of family in the Rhode Island mill town of Beauchemins.Weaving together synchronicity and history, karma and chance, Pasco reveals the breathtaking story of two women living in a tightly knit French Canadi [...]

    17. What an incredible story from start to finish. The way Pasco weaves the story around a winning heirloom quiche recipe is nothing short of spectacular. I loved everything about this novel from the characters, to the world, she made everything believable. There is not one moment in this story where I questioned what was happening or who these characters were. Well done, Eva Pasco.The story follows the lives of two women in their forties who have been rivals since their youth. A third women's outsi [...]

    18. 5 starsA MUST READ! 5 Glowing stars from meWowwhat an engaging story. Eva's voice is warm, candid and left me hungry to read more. I liked the fact that i could imagine the streets and taste everything.In fact, I felt like Eva pulled me right into her story!!! How fantastic is that!!The reflective thinking and observation in the story was refreshing and thought provoking for me, adding more depth to the plot. I now want to learn to make quiche and invite my family and close friends!!I officially [...]

    19. This was a hard book for me to really get into and enjoy. Although the book is really well written with engaging characters and storyline, the word play, the puns, and the descriptions were very distracting for me and disrupted the flow of the story. The Canadian-French connection in the book is a bit lost on me – so that is a connection I never made. This is also written in the first person narrative and switches between the main characters – which worked fine, but within those narratives, [...]

    20. Book 40 of my Reading ChallengeSorry but this has not been rated purely because I read halfway and gave up. It really was not what I expected. Maybe I will re-visit at a later date?

    21. Written in the classic style, this story reminds me of Dickens. I am enjoying each tidbit as she develops the characters I feel like I am a visitor to the town rubbing elbows! The story unfolds with a walk down main street Beauchemins and a description of all the shops and their proprietors. Lindsay Metcalf is invited to the town in the hopes she will be able to write an article that will make certain the local mill will forever be spared a date with a wrecking ball. She is just coming to terms [...]

    22. I was given a signed copy of this book in exchange for a review.I personally couldn't get into this book because I realized that literary fiction is not a genre that really clicks with me, especially since I am a teen. Although I had to DNF in the first 100 pages, I do hope that someone else may try out this book and enjoy it.

    23. Hooked from the First Forkful to the Last Crumb========================================(I've received this book in return to an honest review from BookGobbler)Sholem Aleichem is a Jewish author who lived in the 19th century. While he wrote mainly in Yiddish, the dying Central-Eastern-European Jewish language (nowadays spoken only by orthodox communities), you can still find some of his work translated to English and Hebrew. His novels, as well as short stories, were a mirror of the Jewish societ [...]

    24. It only takes a few paragraphs to fall into the rhythm of Eva Pasco’s clever, well-crafted writing style, then the reader is off and running on a wild romp with well-fleshed out, quirky characters in the small French-Canadian mill town of Beauchemins, Rhode Island. Both thumbs up!

    25. Took me a few chapters to get into but once I did I loved it. At times it felt like a lot of detail but then I got caught up again and enjoyed the twists and turns of the characters lives. A great read.

    26. I had heard a lot of good things about this book and was prepared to enjoy it but really, I have to say - it’s one of the best novels that I have read in the last few years! Exquisitely written and clever; Eva Pasco is a talented wordsmith, her pages are filled with wit, puns and smart wordplay and that’s without even mentioning the story itself. The setting is Beauchemins, a town steeped in history and rich with wonderful characters. The narrative is amusing and poignant in tone and the sto [...]

    27. Well written and I think a lot of people will like this book. The reason for the low rating is personal preference only. I prefer my stories to be less flowery in the descriptions and more direct. Also the author littered the story with colloquialisms, that while it gave the story a unique voice, has possibly limited the audience more to the US. Expressions such as 'a gown that exposed her fanny' are a lot more inappropriate in countries outside Nth America where 'fanny' don't not mean your behi [...]

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