Axion He s there to court a bride on behalf of his captain she needs to start over preferably as far from Earth as possible The last unregulated vortex in the galaxy is located in the Red Rock mountains of

  • Title: Axion
  • Author: Erin Kellison
  • ISBN: 9781945115028
  • Page: 351
  • Format: ebook
  • He s there to court a bride on behalf of his captain she needs to start over, preferably as far from Earth as possible The last unregulated vortex in the galaxy is located in the Red Rock mountains of an out of the way world called Earth Refuge to outlaws, space pirates, and deserters from the Light Wars, Red Rock is the place where a captain of an interstellar vessel caHe s there to court a bride on behalf of his captain she needs to start over, preferably as far from Earth as possible The last unregulated vortex in the galaxy is located in the Red Rock mountains of an out of the way world called Earth Refuge to outlaws, space pirates, and deserters from the Light Wars, Red Rock is the place where a captain of an interstellar vessel can warp through the vortex to go back in time Some do so to right a wrong, some for vengeance, and some to thwart death chrono repercussions be damned.

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    1. Nina has always dreamed of moving off planet Earth and finding a real life alien of her own! Well her chances are pretty high as she just happens to live in Sedona, aka alien central as that's just where the wormholes collide. Plenty of off worlders are there and some are even looking for a mate but there's one in particular Leif, who really antagonises Nina . However what would happen if Leif could be in two places at once and this time he could truly rock Nina's world?The author takes her orig [...]

    2. Man, I like these aliens. They're hunky and driven and some of them *might* be a wee bit conflicted on what path they're going to take with the Light. *cough*Leif*cough* Good thing his future self shows up to put things in perspective.And, you know, he's smart enough to sort through all the information he's been given before deciding what his next step is going to be. Even when the information is coming directly from him. (Time travel! It makes things so complicated sometimes, doesn't it?)It sho [...]

    3. We met our main couple in the first book of this series by this author. I liked Leif but I had no idea he’d be so funny in his own unique way. He was aloof and cold, and the least thing in his mind was love. Nina on the other hand had been looking for love and a way out of this world for most of her life. Although Leif was there and she thought he was attractive they never really clicked. That is until a visit from the future changed everything in their present and battle for survival and to f [...]

    4. 4.5 Stars! Axion is the second novella in the Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides series and should be read after the first book in the series, Quantum. This book centers around Nina and Leif who we met in the first book. Nina and Leif don't particularly get along although they are attracted to each other. Leif is an assassin and used to working alone although he is now working for Counselor Sai and the Consortium of Light. Nina has been selected to be one of Counselor Sai's wives. Nina who has alw [...]

    5. Title: AxionAuthor:Erin KellisonGenre:SciFi RomanceFormat:EbookPages:92Rating:4Heat:5Thoughts: Short but very hot! I really liked that future Leif and present Leif were so COMPLETELY different yet the same. Although I think it's funny that this is a mail order bride series but the women are like screw this I want a different guy lol. Both books the women sign up for the mail order brides but don't end up with the alien that was using the agency. I would do the same thing though, love is way more [...]

    6. **3.5 Stars** ***I voluntarily received this ARC book for a clear and honest review from the author*** Nina Simms is a smart woman with a righteous stick up her butt that puts her in naive side of things it's iterating. Regardless I still really enjoyed the book and can't wait to read more from this series.

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    8. Axion is the second novella in the Red Rock series, and it is Nina and Leif's turn for a story. Nina made her first appearance in Quantum where she proved that she can be a menace with a curling iron. Leif also appeared there, when we find out that he was an assassin, although he is trying for a more 'proper' appearance these days.Nina is about to have a meeting with Cindy when a Leif appears that seems to have no bearing on the Leif she knows. She finds out that he is from the future and that t [...]

    9. Wow! Another amazing novel. Time travelling paradoxes where the heart always knowstely keeps your mind whirling about whatifs in time travelling paradoxes to save the planet from invasion. Kinda like Minority Report, Universal Soldier, Men in Black and How to lose a guy in 10 days (had to add a chick flicking ) for you movie buffs who need an excuse to open a book!ARC Review

    10. Axion by Erin Kellison has definitely raised the bar for this series! From beginning to end the action didn't stop. I had multiple moments when my heart dropped for fear of what might happen. It didn't disappoint. I'm very excited for the next one!Voluntary Review of Advance Reader Copy

    11. Another time-twisting, mind-twisting sci-fi adventure with romance. I would recommend reading 'Quantum' before this one, but 'Axion' is very much it's own story, building on what came before. Lots of action and plenty of scope for more to come.

    12. Oh, my Cowboy L, RIP :( You will not be forgotten!How sad. I hate it when the characters die sometime and I know it's only fiction

    13. AllianceIt takes a trip from the future to change the mistakes of the past. Leif makes the decision to return so that his past can change for the better. Nina listens to the plan but puts her spin on the outcome.

    14. Book 2 in the series is just as fantastic in its short length as book 1. I am still in awe over Kellison's ability to cover a fully developed plotline with a believable romance in such a short package. She is the queen of arcing storylines that grow into something epic and involved, while keeping each book enjoyable on its own. The foreshadowing for this pairing was in book 1 but they way it worked out was completely unexpected. Surprises and character growth make for an excellent read.Voluntary [...]

    15. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha:Another incredible read by Ms. Kellison.The Red Rock Aliens' story continues, as Mr. Leif works with Cindy and her Intergalactic Dating Agency on their quest to find an Earth bride for his boss, Counsel Sai, a governor with the Consortium of Light. Only things get interesting when a Leif from the future shows up on Nina's doorstep and beseeches her not to go to Sai, and lays out all sorts of unthinkable repercussions if she does. Not to mention the f [...]

    16. Leif is a Pact supersoldier, created specifically to be an assassin. Each Pact soldier was grown in a pod and programmed for a specific function to fight in the wars for the Consortium of Light. With the wars over, Leif now works for Councilman Sai, who wants a bride from Earth.Nina has an interest in all things alien, and has even signed up for the dating service. Sedona and the Red Rock mountains are hot spots for alien activity due to the vortexes, so they come looking for brides, among other [...]

    17. Title: Axion   Series: Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides  Intergalactic Dating AgencyDestination: Book 2 92 PagesAuthor: Erin Kellison Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #SciFi #AliensMy Score:   #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡Talk about Dynamite this book is explosive Ms. Erin has written this whole series to be just a remarkable as the first book. Everything you would want in a book is here, [...]

    18. Nina lives in the red rock mountains and her best friend, Sophia just mated to her own slien super-soldier, hottieRaider aka stone. Nina has dreams to travel in space. So she signs up to the red rock intergalactic dating agency to gave cindy fin her an off world mate. On the day she has an appointment with Cindy, Leif (one of the super soldiers ) comes to her with a story that he is from the future and come back to kill someone and to make her promise not to go to Sai. Leif is a super soldier wo [...]

    19. Leif and Nina seem to be the furthest from each other than any two people could be. But when an unexpected visit from Leif to Nina one morning uncovers an attraction that the two never thought they had things become a bit more than hot, rather explosive in some aspects. Leif now has to uncover the truth of what is really going on and if it's a meta or something else he's after and while setting a up a ruse in the meantime to get additional information on what is really going on he falls for the [...]

    20. This is the second book in a series with a strong overarching storyline. Because of that, it's best to read the series in order. Nina has always wanted to travel in space. To further her goal, she has signed up with an alien dating service and has become friends with it's alien manager, Cindy. Because of the gateways in the Sedona area, the place is crawling with aliens, something the locals take in stride. Leif is an engineered soldier assassin who fought for the losing side, the Pact. Twenty y [...]

    21. Axion: Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides 2 by Erin Kellison 5 StarsWhat a crazy story. The author takes you on a wild ride with the Intergalactic Dating Agency and the. characters.Lief or Cowboy as Nina calls him comes back from the future to warn Nina that trouble is coming. Nina is his mate but just doesn't realize it yet.Lief was born in a pod, raised to be protectors of the Pact. His job now is to find a suitable bride for Counsel Sai.Nina just wants to get out of her town, so she goes to mee [...]

    22. Per the usual, Erin Kellison has another winning series in my opinion. Axion picks up soon after Quantum ends, but this time focuses on the unique attraction between Pact assassin, Leif, and human woman, Nina - who wants nothing more than to explore the galaxy as an alien's wife. But when a surprise from the future contacts Nina and Leif, they start to question what is really important to them and their future.I've said in other reviews for Ms. Kellison's work, and cannot repeat it enough, I am [...]

    23. Don’t let the title, Axion (Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides #2) fool you. Erin Kellison is not giving you an ordinary science fiction romance. Along with the romance, there is mystery, suspense and an element of surprise. The writing is a pleasure to read and the characters’ complex. As always the descriptive world building is magnificent where the fate of earth could be at stake. The romance is the driving force of the book but there is still a perfect balance with the suspense and action [...]

    24. Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides Book Two, Intergalactic Dating Agency Book Eleven.When a future version of Leif shows up at Nina's home, she doesn't know what to believe. He claims that his mission is to kill a traitor of the Pact and to prevent her from joining Counsel Sai's brides. When she meets with Cindy about a new prospect, current Leif is in the meeting and Nina finds out that she has been chosen for Sai already. She fills Cindy and Leif in on her visitor and they begin searching for th [...]

    25. Book 2 in the Red Rock Intergalactic Dating Agency - Axion has all the intrigue, romance and a little time travel with the familiar characters from book one. Nina has every intention of being a mail order bride so she can travel in space. Lucky for her the right alien showed up to claim her. But for his employer. Leif tries to convince Nina not to go to the agency to sign a contract for marriage, danger and death could be in her future if she does. Has Leif suffered from space sickness or love?G [...]

    26. Leif is an emissary to Earth on a mission to find a human bride for his Leader. He's depending on the Red Rock Intergalactic Dating Agency to identify a suitable prospect and is shocked when that woman is Nina Simms, an intelligent and beautiful female who gets under his metallic gold skin like no other. Nina always wanted to travel into space and meet more aliens. She is shocked when a Leif from the future arrives with information and a personal warning. The past and future collide, and as pass [...]

    27. Book 2 of the Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides is fast paced, sci-fi novella full of action, aliens, and even time travel. Ms. Kellison does a dynamic job of telling a complete story with just a few words and making a novella feel like a complete book. In this book, a time traveling Pact soldier from the future seeks out his younger self to help save the world and find love at the same time. While this book could be a standalone, I would recommend reading the series in order because the same cha [...]

    28. Second Installment of Kellison's alien supersoldier hunks and their human mates. Quick read into the Sedona Red Rock Mountain region of Earth. This area is alive with vortexes that are used to jump distances in space. Nina has an interview with Cindy at the Intergalactic Dating Agency. Nina has always wanted to travel to other worlds. Plans get changed when supersoldier Leif appears. Shocking as that is it is Leif from the future proclaiming Nina is his mate and Cindy must be killed. Read to fin [...]

    29. The Red Rock series are all great reads. If you love alien romance with a little heat, you will love the series. In this story we continue with the story of the Pact. A group of three alien men. This one focuses on Leif and the human woman Nina. The story centers more around Nina and how her would is changed forever by a man from the future. I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book.

    30. This is Leif and Ninas story. We meet both of these characters in Quantum and I'm glad they got their time in the sun!This is a short sci-fi romance, fast paced, filled with humor and a little sadness. It was really over soon after it begun. I wish there could've been more.I enjoyed it thoughwho doesn't enjoy hunky aliens and strong willed females?!If you enjoy quick, light reads then this book is for you!

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