Beyond the Shield

Beyond the Shield Beyond the Shield by Nachman Kataczinsky continues the story of his popular book The Shield st century Israel with all its population and know how is in the world of the s Can they gather all

  • Title: Beyond the Shield
  • Author: Nachman Kataczinsky Nachman Kataczinsky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beyond the Shield, by Nachman Kataczinsky, continues the story of his popular book The Shield 21st century Israel with all its population and know how is in the world of the 1940s Can they gather all the Jews, defeat their enemies, and help build a better world

    One thought on “Beyond the Shield”

    1. The basic idea of this book series is not original. John Birmingham did it with Axis of Time, Christopher Nuttall with "Second Chance" Trilogy. Especially Christopher Nuttall's series can be seen as the start of the idea behind Shield. Only, in those books, the 2010 UK is displaced to July 1940. Here is 21st century Israel displaced to July 1941.The idea is good, but unfortunately the author got overzealous and the whole plot ended black&white. Israel are basically the good guys, everyone el [...]

    2. Good but not great. I read this novel back to back with the first, which was excellent. Sadly this addition did not live up to the high standard of the first novel. The idea expressed in the original novel was that The Shield broke Israel loose in time and it arrived in 1941 at a crucial moment in history. The story that developed from that premise was very good, engaging, well written and fast paced. In the sequel unfortunately the author started adding one technological development after anoth [...]

    3. Deus ex machinaAs in too much of it, and not enough character development . This story could have used more development of the dramatic elements . Insted it reads more like a info dump/story outline . . . Quite disappointing for the reader. Far too much wish fulfillment for my tastes . Mr. Kataczinsky would do well to contemplate a rewrite with a view to expanding characters lives

    4. A great story to the series!Nachman Kataczinsky has written another fantastic book to this series. Hoping that their will be more. Love it a fa .

    5. An excellent sequelI read the shield and enjoyed it. I spent months waiting for the sequel and was not disappointed. It would be interesting to see what direction a third volume might follow.

    6. Superb!Excellent read. Hopefully another book will follow? If you enjoyed the shield you will this second installment of the story.

    7. Interesting time travel conceptThis is one of the most innovative concepts for time travel I have ever read. I hope there is a 3rd installment.

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