Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes

Emilia The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman s eyes This story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime For many years after the atrocities had been comm

  • Title: Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes
  • Author: Ellie Midwood Melody Simmons Alexandra Johns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps, who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime For many years after the atrocities had been committed, both sides the abusers and the abused still vehemently denied certain aspects of the Holocaust, and even the victims refused to admit the ugly truth about their inThis story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps, who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime For many years after the atrocities had been committed, both sides the abusers and the abused still vehemently denied certain aspects of the Holocaust, and even the victims refused to admit the ugly truth about their incarceration, some out of fear, some out of shame, until several women decided to break an unofficial oath of silence, and brought their stories to life This book is based on one of those stories Emilia is a young Jewish woman, whose life slowly turns into a nightmare as she finds herself facing a dreadful choice to secure her family s very existence by offering herself to one of the men who had put her behind the walls with barbed wire, or perish together with the least fortunate ones Only, the Krakow ghetto and her very first abuser pale in comparison to what is yet to come, as she s being sent to a place that soon will turn into her own personal hell and that will scar her for life

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    1. Emilia by Ellie Midwood is a story that will stay with me. The atrocities of the holocaust and the courage of the women in the camp to survive at all costs was very moving. This was a very well written story and I will be reading more from this author.I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

    2. What a beautifully vivid book this was, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Focusing on Jewish German civilians during World War Two was a clever perspective on the authors part and her knowledge as a historian and nazi expert is evident in the detail of her writing.Emilia is a beautiful and bright young German woman who also happens to be of Jewish heritage. Although fictional, the story is undoubtedly based upon actual events and of the many women who were abused by the nazis throughout wartime. The desc [...]

    3. The darkest days in the history of Nazi Germany through a woman’s eyesReading about the atrocities during WW11 is never an easy read. Of course Emilia story is severe and at times even horrific nevertheless it is compelling account of a life under the Nazi regime. This is a fiction where the author has poetic license and uses it quite well, focusing only on the Nazi atrocities.This powerful story takes us on a journey of lost innocence, hardening hearts and finding love as we follow a young gi [...]

    4. Reviewed By Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ FavoriteEmilia is a very moving and powerful book that will touch your emotions by hurting your heart, and making you angry. Emilia is a very strong-willed young woman whom we meet at the beginning days of the occupation of Poland. We meet Emilia’s family and read in horror as they are forced to leave their home and board the train that will take them to the concentration camp. Emmi is forced to witness killings, beatings, and people starving to death. [...]

    5. "Emilia" is the story of a young German, Jewish woman's struggle for survival in WW2. Our protagonist endures a nightmare existence of rape, starvation and brutality but she is a fighter and her effort to stay alive, whatever the cost, is not in vain. Despite the horrific subject matter, "Emilia" is an engaging read. The author's voice is raw and gritty (no fluffy, purple prose here) and I found her frankness somehow endearing and relatable. The pace of the story is excellent (no need to skim or [...]

    6. Emilia: The Darkest Days in History of Nazi Germany Through a Woman’s Eyes is written by Ellie Midwood. This is a historical fiction which deals with a very hard topic. The continued rape of women during the Nazi regime. This topic is rarely approached during the Holocaust and is even denied. Ellie Millwood brings it into the open in a very direct way. Her characterizations and plot are every strong. She allows you to feel the emotions Emilia goes through. Ellie shows that some people suffered [...]

    7. This book is hard to read. There will be times you want to throw your kindle across the room. Not because it's a badly written story, the writing is AMAZING and passionate, but because of the story itself. It will break your heart.Emilia is a young, beautiful Jewish girl caught in the grinding gears of Nazi Germany. She is an innocent, who through no fault of her own is forced to make the choice that every woman fears- sell her body or lose her family and her life.Through the Warsaw Ghetto and c [...]

    8. A well-written story that delves into a hell created by Nazi Germany during WW11, where jewish women are forced into sexual slavery and torture only to be condemned by the abusers and onlookers.Although many still deny the evidence of those terrible years, I am thankful that authors such as these reveal the truthd should never be forgotten no matter how much time passes.Why humans lose their humanity has been the subject of many studies, however, I can only say that people choose to be evil in t [...]

    9. There is something almost perverse about saying I loved this book, given it is a story detailing the terrible suffering of a young Jewish girl and her family during the second world war. However, Emilia's spirit always shone through and that was enough to eclipse the dark pages of suffering she endured. I couldn't stop turning the pages and loved the ending. The author paints a realistic picture of life in a concentration camp and you will despair at the depravity of SS guards and even at times [...]

    10. Emilia is the fourth book I have read of Ms. Midwood's and I continue to admire her ability to tell an ugly part of human history through the eyes of an innocent and relate it in a powerful and beautiful manner. As the ugliness of the concentration camps and the deportment orders surround her, and as even others incarcerated torment her, Emilia is able to find the strength to not only survive, but grow through the torture. Her losses are many, at all levels of human existence, physical, mental, [...]

    11. Anyone that regularly reads my reviews will know what a huge fan I am of the uber-talented Indie Author Ellie Midwood. When I heard she had a new book out, well, of course, I just had to grab it and enjoy it. That is exactly what I did with Emilia - enjoyed it! This is a bit of a departure for Midwood in some ways - yes, the book is still set in World War II and yes the lead character is still a strong, tough, and very feminine woman, but this time our heroine, Emilia, is on the wrong side of th [...]

    12. It takes courage to read this book. And it must have taken even more determination to write it. Ellie Midwood dares to reach back to one of the darkest times in Polish history, and she does it with tremendous respect for the victims.It would be tempting to use their suffering to add impact to the book. Ellie doesn't do that. The book is overwhelming, but never crass. I think the author must be a very sensitive person to have balanced the emotions in the novel in such an excellent way and to avoi [...]

    13. A touching and important book, “Emilia” relates the descent to hell of an attractive, young Jewish girl, as she’s stripped of her innocence, her dreams, and her dignity in German concentration camps.Emilia’s fall starts off in the Krakow ghetto when she trades her body for medicine in order to save her young brother’s life. But does she really have a choice? Her beauty is at the same time her curse and her salvation. As she can’t save most of her family in spite of her sacrifices, Em [...]

    14. Highly recommend to fans of Historical Literature and Women's Fiction. I don't want to say anything about the plot, other than it's good, for fear of ruining other reader's enjoyment of the book. It is a heart-felt and harrowing story about the additional humiliation and trauma of young Jewish girls in concentration camps at the hands of SS Officers and guards. On top of which they suffered further attacks and disdain from their fellow prisoners.For me the overall message of the amazing power of [...]

    15. Forced out of their home in Danzig, Poland, Emilia’s family was to take nothing of value with them to the Krakov ghetto where sickness and desperation greeted them. Medicine is now needed as her brother has the flu but they have no money. Emilia secretly takes one of the families prized possessions to a SS officers and he provides to them the medicine that they need. More exchanges are made, the essentials for survival are exchanged for their family’s possessions but soon their possessions a [...]

    16. This well-handled historical novel, *Emilia*, begins innocently enough with Emilia’s father patiently explaining to the family: “They are after the religious ones, and we […] go to the synagogue once a year for Yom Kippur, that’s how religious are we!” He then predicts the lie of the story: If we comply with what they tell us, we’ll be fine.As a former editor so stickler for em dashes and the proper use of commas, etc.; against the overuse of such words as “just” and “only”; [...]

    17. Another stunningly powerful story from the Midwood camp. This time, the author focuses on those who rarely see the light of day in our history books, whether fiction or non-fiction. The women, who by virtue of their appearance, became the playthings of the cruellest, most sadistic forces imaginable. Such vile men, who felt they had the right to mistreat them at every opportunity and equally vile onlookers, (frequently fellow internees) who taunted and condemned women like Emilia, because "she ha [...]

    18. You can read all my reviews here: ahavenforbooklovers.wordpressFor the past two years, I have been reading a lot of historical fiction set during WWII. I have learned new things because most of these books are inspired by true events. My curiosity and interest in history is what made me decide to read this book.Emilia by Ellie Midwood is such a dark, devastating narration about concentration camps during the Nazi regime. The story is narrated by Emilia, a young, beautiful Jewish woman. The book [...]

    19. Emilia the central character in this book is a complex one. She is a young woman who knows wrong from right, but takes a morally dubious decision to help her family to survive. A woman that survives because of her good looks is not a popular one with her fellow Jews. She finds out that camp life, rather than shape a common bond against the enemy, is poisoned by jealousy. Rather than facing sympathy, that her good looks are a curse as much as a blessing, she encounters hostility from every corner [...]

    20. I've long been a WWII buff starting with Anne Frank's Diary. Rape, something that we KNOW happened at concentration camps is one thing that has always been brushed under the rug. Thankfully, Ellie Midwood attacked it head on. A marvelous story of courage and the indignation that poor women had to endure at already the lowest time in their lives. Emilia's story is heartbreaking and yet she teaches us about forgiveness

    21. Riveting 5 Stars!!!The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes by Ellie Midwood is a haunting but riveting piece of world literature detailing a horrific period in the 20th century. The atrocious death camps are something that should never be forgotten, and never happen again. This Kindle ebook is a definite read, 5stars!!!

    22. REVIEWWorld War 2 and the Holocaust is a subject I feel strongly about, in that both children and adults should never forget. Though this book is fictional it is actually based on what really happened during the holocaust to the unfortunate people the Nazi's decided didn't fit in with their idea of a perfect race. As the blurb says this book is dedicated to the women that really had to go through the horrendous treatment from the Nazis.The cover features a Nazi soldier and a stark wire fence top [...]

    23. Dark. Moving. Powerful. A tale of survival & forgiveness that vividly depicts the inhumane treatment of Jewish women in Nazi concentration camps.Received a free eBook through NetGalley.

    24. ‘Emilia’ tells the darkest tale honestly, drawing the reader into this fictional young woman’s harrowing life as subtly and surprisingly as Emilia herself was drawn, yet it shows so accurately what happened to countless victims. You cannot help connecting with Emilia as you turn page after page, reliving her nightmare told with startling candor. This is an inspiring tale of courage, yet the horrors of war fill every page. Ellie Midwood successfully conveys this young woman’s tale of rape [...]

    25. Wow! What a powerful book. I hate to have to add a few warnings to it because I honestly would love everyone to take the time to read this story.Warning mature subject matter. This book contains scenes of violence, torture, rape, explicit language and hate crimes.If you follow my reviews, you know I don't normally veer towards historical fiction. I decided to take the plunge. I chose an amazing book to wet my feet with.Society has begun to forget the atrocities of the past. This book is a wake u [...]

    26. Wow! Great novel, kept me on the edge of my seat through this read. Besides the great amount of information I received about nazi camps, sexual slavery and camp life I really feel this novel came together because of all the ancillary characters. The people she meets (good and bad) and how they shape the woman she becomes. Many of these characters are just passing through her life, so for the bad characters- we don't have to be "stuck" with that person for long, etc. I especially liked that the r [...]

    27. I suppose the clue is in the title: there was no way that “Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes” was going to be an easy read, and it wasn’t. And if I needed any more advice, then the dedication — “This story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps, who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime” — was an additional warning. And yet, and yet… it was, eventually, an uplifting read. In the fir [...]

    28. This book is emotional and jarring! Maybe Ellie's most moving story yet! Told from the perspective of a Jewish woman named Emilia, her and her family are caught in the nightmarish path of the Nazi regime. To protect her family, she submits to a dreadful fate. Enduring sexual abuse and horrific violence, she holds nothing back as she tells her story. Her story is one of many, people on both sides (tormentors and victims) changing the course of history, and devastating so many lives. There were ti [...]

    29. Important, Brilliant Historical FictionI am not capable of writing a review of Emilia that does author Ellie Midwood justice. Period.If one believes that one knows the history of Holocaust atrocities, I can only say that to wind these facts into a narrative populated by a title character we love, who we desperately and impotently wish to protect, affected me deeply. As the father of two daughters, I found myself genuinely gasping.And as a writer myself, I cannot imagine how Midwood retained the [...]

    30. ANOTHER BRILLIANT BOOKThis book is an excellent read. Ms Midwood is one of my favourite historical writers and this book did not disappoint – I am not surprised she has won awards for her work. It’s easy to connect with the main character and feel her pain and suffering. She did what she had to to survive, and the fact that those she was trying to help castigated her for it made her pain go deeper. I admire stories about string women and the character of Emilia really stands out, comes alive [...]

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