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Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules Collecting Unstable Molecules and Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules is a four issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics The series imagines that the creators of the Fantastic Four were inspired by people encountered in their own lives during the late s and provides a backstory for those analogues. Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules by James Sturm Community Reviews Writer James Sturm and artist Guy Davis recount the life of the troubled group of non super powered individuals that influenced the creation of the comic book foursome Set in the , Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules relates the stormy relationship between Dr Reed Richards and the much younger, orphaned Susan Strum, Fantastic Four Unstable Issue Comic Vine Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Unstable released by Marvel on January , . Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules PopMatters In Unstable Molecules, the group that started it all back in the early s, The Fantastic Four, is reinvented for a new century The question is if that s necessarily a good thing. Fantastic Four Uniforms Marvel Database FANDOM powered The Fantastic Four s costumes and the rest of their wardrobe, are made of unstable molecules This means that the suit is attuned to their powers, which is why Johnny s costume doesn t burn when he flames on, Sue s costume turns invisible when she does, and Reed s costume stretches with him. Fantastic Four Legends Volume Unstable Molecules FANTASTIC FOUR UNSTABLE MOLECULES how in the world to describe this story First off, it s great maybe the best FF story written in the last years However, you won t see the FF in costume, or even exhibiting their super powers. Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules Vol Hey Kids See Also Write your own review of this comic Discuss Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules Vol on the forums Cover gallery for the Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules series FANTASTIC FOUR UNSTABLE MOLECULES Series Near FANTASTIC FOUR UNSTABLE MOLECULES Series Near Mint Comics Book . Please note this is only one of the many thousands of back issue comics, magazines, comics trade paperbacks, and comics hardback collections that we list for sale on eBay. Unstable Fashion Sense Part The History of the Unstable Fashion Sense Part The History of the Fantastic Four s Costumes in the Comics Avengers There May Have Been A Specific Reason Doctor Strange Saw Exactly ,, Futures Fantastic Four Fantastic Four The team is also well known for its recurring encounters with characters such as the villainous monarch Doctor Doom, the planet devouring Galactus, the sea dwelling prince Namor, the spacefaring Silver Surfer and the shape changing alien Skrulls.

  • Title: Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules
  • Author: James Sturm Guy Davis Robert Sikoryak Jack Kirby Stan Lee
  • ISBN: 9780785111122
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collecting Unstable Molecules 1 4, and Fantastic Four 1.

    One thought on “Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules”

    1. I had no idea that the Fantastic Four was based on real people (and if I had I would've thought their resemblance to actual humans would be superficial at best) so this was a particularly interesting read for me. I think it's fascinating how Marvel creators - including Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and others - used real documents from the contracted exploits of Dr. Reed Richards and his relationship with girlfriend/fiance, her son and Ben Grimm to craft the original heroes' personalities and group dynam [...]

    2. I'm not sure I understand the basis of this book, but that didn't stop me from liking it immensely.The author posits that in 1958, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and some other Marvel bullpenners made the acquaintance of a dysfunctional extended family. These four flawed characters, by the names of Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben became the basis for the comic book that changed superhero fiction forever: the Fantastic Four. Does this have any basis in fact? Is it an urban legend or a total work of fiction? Does [...]

    3. An interesting idea, badly done.The writer plays with the idea that the Fantastic Four were based on real people and this story shows us them and how the times shaped them.Unfortunately, the writer took the worst and most cliche'd parts of the time period to shape them. Everybody is sexist, prejudiced, messed up, unheroic and repressed. The four are portrayed as so deeply flawed as to be been only mildly likable, which is okay, because everyone else in the cast seems worse.Strum also borrows Ala [...]

    4. Writer James Sturm and artist Guy Davis recount the life of the troubled group of non-super powered individuals that influenced the creation of the comic book foursome. Set in the 1958, Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules relates the stormy relationship between Dr. Reed Richards and the much younger, orphaned Susan Strum, who functions as guardian to her teenage brother, Johnny. War hero Ben Grimm, Reed's best friend, manages a gym. Since Reed is often absent researching, the lovelorn Ben and the [...]

    5. I picked this up at a convention a year or two ago, 'cause it was cheap, and didn't get around to reading it until now, 'cause it didn't look all that appealing. Was I wrong! This is a great story. The conceit is that the Fantastic Four were based on real-life people, with similar names and personalities, though without powers. It tells the story of these people (actually, the whole trade takes place pretty much in the course of one day, with some flashbacks), and how they came to inspire Stan L [...]

    6. This was a great idea fantastically (badum-tsh!) executed. A look at the lives behind the lives of the Fantastic Four, set in the '50s, this book could be a case study in How to Pass the Fucking Bechdel Test Effortlessly You Bastards. Ostensibly the story of three men and one woman in the FIFTIES, Sue's chapter was the longest and most heartfelt, featured her thoughts and her day-to-day doings, her frustrations, her conversation with neighbours, her inheriting a Women's Group from her deceased m [...]

    7. The Fantastic Four is based on real people! Well, not really, but this work attempts to answer that particular "what if" question, using the classic Marvel mythology of the group's creation as a starting point. Great art, and excellent storytelling and pacing. I kind of wish that this had been based on truth, because I would have loved to have read the "real" Sue Storm/Susan Sturm's autobiographical book.

    8. The real-life story of the real-life foursome that inspired Stan & Jack to make 'em Fantastic, James Sturm's Eisner Award-winning spin on the FF begins as a pretty wonderful examination of various angles of 1950's American life & ends up making the fabulously poignant statement that it is those whom we care for irrationally & love uncontrollably that will always make the most extraordinary contributions to the molecular fabric of our own unstable selves. It. Is. Beautiful.

    9. Put aside the whole pretense-at-history thing . . . .What this really is is the Fantastic Four as an off-Broadway play about the 1950s. It feels very novel. It's too bad the mocked-up sequels never came into being.

    10. I owned a few of these issues, but found this trade and picked it up because it was such a steal.Sturm and Davis not only create a pre-history of the FANTASTIC FOUR, but do it in a way that feels more real than the comic book counterparts.Great artwork, great story. Pick this UP!

    11. Dials the inherent angst of the original Lee/Kirby FF comics up to 20. Maybe the best Fantastic Four comic ever.

    12. Sturm and Davis's metafictional faux-history of the "real" Fantastic Four reveals multiple layers with repeated readings.

    13. ***1/2 stars. Clever quasi-historical reimagining of the Fantastic Four, emphasizing the human dramas and nixing the superpowers.

    14. to be fair to this book, i read the comics when they first came out and have no intention of reading a collected volume. it may well work as a single book.

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