Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index

Juniper Lemon s Happiness Index Dear You Brevity is the only way to deliver a sting so here goes I ve been thinking about what you said and I ve decided that you re right It would be better for both of us this way Sixty five days a

  • Title: Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index
  • Author: Julie Israel
  • ISBN: 9780735228177
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dear You,Brevity is the only way to deliver a sting, so here goes I ve been thinking about what you said and I ve decided that you re right It would be better for both of us this way Sixty five days after the death of her older sister, Juniper Lemon discovers the break up letter addressed to You Camilla wrote the day she died Juniper is shocked she knew nothing of herDear You,Brevity is the only way to deliver a sting, so here goes I ve been thinking about what you said and I ve decided that you re right It would be better for both of us this way Sixty five days after the death of her older sister, Juniper Lemon discovers the break up letter addressed to You Camilla wrote the day she died Juniper is shocked she knew nothing of her sister s relationship, and now the hole Camilla left in her life feels that much bigger She s determined to uncover You s identity and deliver Camie s letter Maybe, just maybe, that would help fill the sister shaped void Camilla left behind.But what Juniper doesn t expect is that the search for You will lead to learning other people s secrets private crushes, shames, fears or that these secrets will connect her to classmates she never thought to reach out to before Classmates like the destructive but strangely magnetic Brand Sayers.The biggest surprise Wading through everyone else s problems may be just what Juni needs to make peace with her own.

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    1. This book did two things really well:1/ It completely took me back to high school life. I can't put my finger on it, but something about this made me so incredibly nostalgic about my high school days the lockers, the hallways, the feeling!2/ It had wonderful representation of friendships. The main character is going through serious grief and she is able to make a support system around her that I really loved to be a part of.Missed potential:The family impact. I love reading about families, about [...]

    2. BooktubeAThon Challenge #5: Read a book entirely in one day - COMPLETE!This was okay, but nothing special. I enjoyed the romance a lot, but the actual story line felt really lacking to me. Meh.

    3. Content warning: one character has a physically abusive parent, one character has thoughts of suicide.Actual rating: 3.5 stars = Liked more than I disliked.Hmmm. This was a bit unfulfilling to me, but I did enjoy it more than I expected.I think you'd enjoy it if you like stories about processing the loss of a loved one. That isn't a theme I tend to gravitate toward because I lost my mom at a young age and I don't enjoy reliving that feeling, and books about grief can be VERY hit or miss for me. [...]

    4. so, i brought this book yesterday on a whim, the cover was so pretty and i liked the title and i knew off it as i'v seen a few people on gr either reading it or adding it to there shelf, i was looking for a quick contemporary to read after finished empire of storms as i needed a little fantasy break before i went into tower of dawn and this book just looked like the perfect fit for what i neededter reading the blurb i was pretty excited to get right into it as it seemed like the perfect book for [...]

    5. This was a so deep, sweet and strong reading, all at the same time, I've enjoyed it alot4.5/5 StarsI want to thank Penguin Random House UK Children's and NetGalley for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest reviewYou can find this one and more of my reviews on my blog A Book. A Thought.The story follows Juniper who recently lost her sister, so we can see her trying to cope with the pain of having lost a loved one. and how it has impacted on her daily life.One day Juniper finds a l [...]

    6. Buddy read this with Maddie last night! We had a great time and absolutely sped through it! IT wasn't quite the story I was expecting because I wrote something similar (younger sister finds letters of deceased older sister DUN DUN DUN) for a creative writing project at the beginning of the year. So, I guess I was hoping Julie Israel had just finished the story for me! haha! But no, 'Juniper Lemon' is less a coming-of-age story and more of a mystery mixed with building your perfect friendship gro [...]

    7. I really loved the friendship aspect of this story and how Juniper was collecting friends as the book went on. With the number she got, she could have started a magical girl group. Sadly, that's not the route the story took, but I liked it anyway! For a book about a girl trying to move through the grief of losing a sister (which would usually have made me cry) this isn't a sad story. There's hardly a sad moment, which was refreshing, really. Instead of focusing on the past, Juniper Lemon was muc [...]

    8. YA is not really my genre, so let me offer you an interloper's opinion: Juniper Lemon is a lemony fresh, fantastic read. It's smart, funny and poignant, and manages to tackle everything from first love to first loss without trivializing the trials of being a teenager. Juniper's anger and grief and shame are tangible, but Israel manages to give them the gravitas they need without weighing the story down. (My favorite device for walking that tightrope appears in a painful family dinner scene, wher [...]

    9. I will admit to wondering why I requested this when it came time to read it. I normally shy away from angsty books, but I am beyond thrilled that I read it. I loooooved this group of characters. Juniper is struggling and yet she's still sassy and wants to work through things. The grief was palpable, but not overwhelming. I truly loved being in her head. As for the other characters, I don't even want to say anything that could spoil it. Plot wise, I was engaged right from the start. I enjoyed the [...]

    10. Can we please talk about this book???? I enjoyed it so much, the characters were smart, their dialogues oh-so-witty, I liked the theme of finding secrets through notes, letters. I loved the romance, I loved how grief was portrayed and though this book has some "young adult cliches", I still adored it so much. While this book doesn't score very-very high on originality, the characters will steal your heart and will pretty much make you ignore the book's flaws.

    11. Ahhhh. My love/obsession wavered a smidge at the end (especially with how some things "wrapped up") but I still loooooooved this. I read it in one day because I just couldn't stop. There's no better feeling than when a book you super hyped up for yourself ends up meeting (probably exceeding tbh) your expectations. I loved the premise and cover the moment I saw them - anything with lists or letters or secret identities will make it onto my TBR. I loved how Juniper pulled together her own little f [...]

    12. I enjoyed this, but I don't love it. Sorry.If we are being honest here, I only picked this up because of it's gorgeous cover. I am not a YA/Contemporary type of girl. There are a few gems I have fallen in love with, but usually I am just left bored. Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index kind of sits in the middle of these two feelings. I enjoyed it, and read it 2 days, but I don't love it and don't feel I would ever read it again. It is just okay.Lets start with with the positives. I liked the major [...]

    13. This coming-of-age, contemporary, novel resembles the writing style of a cross between John Green and Sarah Dessen. As I was making my way through this novel, I came to the conclusion that this book entails several key elements of a Young-Adult novel. I can truly say this book made me fangirl and "feel all the feels"Read the full review here--> futuremedicalleaders/2

    14. A beautifully written contemporary, Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index is the perfect book for readers who enjoy moving stories about grief, romance against the odds, strong friendships, and the daily rituals that get us through all of the above.Juniper Lemon writes down everything she liked or disliked about her day in her happiness index. It's something her older sister Camilla suggested and she can't let the habit go, especially now that there are already so many holes in her life left void afte [...]

    15. Cuteness! I really enjoyed all these characters and Juniper herself, the singing was super cute and for a book with happy in the title it was pretty sad but really well balanced. This deals with death, mentions of attempted rape, family abuse, and grief. I thought it dealt with all the harder topics really well and balanced out perfectly.

    16. GRADE: B-3.5 STARSSince her sister Camille's death, Juniper Lemon is keeping track of her happiness by writing daily on note cards. After losing one card, she hunts all over school, including the trash bins. While dumpster diving with the school's bad boy she finds secrets others have discarded and sets out to help. At home she finds Camille's last letter, addressed only to You, an apparent secret boyfriend (or girlfriend) with whom she wants to break up. Juniper decides this is the last favor s [...]

    17. Super adorable Y A contemporary, that also did a good job with some tough subject matterJuniper was so likable, your heart just broke that the girl was going through such a tough time after losing her sister. this book was very well done, there was a little hint of mystery to it, who was YOU? The quest to figure this out lead juniper to some fabulous new friends and a discovery of an art media that she was particularly good at liked all the friend dynamics in this book, they weren't always perfe [...]

    18. A slightly weak four, mostly for maintaining the "You" as the name to which Juniper's sister addressed letters. His, or maybe her, identity had to remain a mystery in order to drive the plot, but it was annoying rather than mysterious, given that she was a present-day high school senior instead of a young Victorian woman. There was a lot that worked well, though, and it's a good portrait of someone finding ways to celebrate the person they loved as well as mourning their loss.

    19. OH MY GOOOOOOSH!! I don't even have the words to describe how much I love this book. I devoured it in about five hours and I just AAAAAHHH!I'll have a review up on my blog soon, but I don't even know what I'm going to write because I'm speechless! alwaysandforeverreading.wordpress

    20. Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index by Julie Israel is a wonderful story all about love and secrets, family and friendship, grief and guilt, art and music, the lost and the found.Two months after her older sister, Camilla, dies in a car crash, Juniper finds a letter Camilla wrote to a secret boyfriend - a boyfriend only called 'You' - dated the day she died. Feeling guilty over how they had fallen out just before she died, Juniper wants to deliver the letter [...]

    21. I absolutely adored Juniper's story. There was so much depth of emotion here. JUNIPER LEMON'S HAPPINESS INDEX includes some incredibly tough topics, including grief, abuse, and loneliness, but the way in which the story unfolds leaves the reader filled with this unexpected sense of hope and positivity. Juniper herself is just an inherently good person. She has her moments of darkness due to the loss of her sister, her dedication to healing her own pain by trying to improve the lives of others ar [...]

    22. Forse è un libro che non dovrebbe prendere cinque stelle, ma questa volta ho deciso di dare il punteggio spinta dalle emozioni che mi stanno accompagnando proprio ora che ho concluso il libro, anziché passare qualche giorno a riflettere o pensare a tutti i pro e i contro. Sono rimasta così coinvolta dalla storia e dalle vicende di Juniper da non poter fare altro che assegnare le cinque stelline e, anche se ho bisogno di tempo per raccogliere i pensieri, so già che la recensione che pubbliche [...]

    23. It may be because I was reading this during Booktube-a-thon, and was on a high from all the fun and the great other books I'd read, but I liked this. It wasn't perfect, but it was an enjoyable book. A sweet lesson on friendships and relationships and loss.

    24. Ah, I enjoyed this! A kinda cute romance/coming of age/getting over your sisters death kinda book, with a sneaky little mystery too.

    25. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index. It was such a nice fluffy read. I want to read more about Juniper and her friends

    26. *Review copy received from publisher*Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index is a thoughtful story with likable characters and a hopeful message. The suspense added a thread of bittersweet brilliance throughout the story.Juniper and her sister Cammie’s story is revealed slowly, like a secret. This, combined with brilliant, unpredictable twists keeps the reader in suspense and adds tension to the story which I loved.Full review: crushingcinders/juniper-le

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