Swan Road

Swan Road Standing on the cliff edge Rhowenna let her black hair blow wildly in the sea wind knowing the time for her destiny had come Her gift of the Welsh second sight had brought a vivid vision of her futu

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  • Title: Swan Road
  • Author: Rebecca Brandewyne
  • ISBN: 9780505524201
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Mass Market
  • Standing on the cliff edge, Rhowenna let her black hair blow wildly in the sea wind, knowing the time for her destiny had come Her gift of the Welsh second sight had brought a vivid vision of her future one of a man far passionate than the callous English prince who was her betrothed Her true fate must be with the raiding Norseman on the red sailed ship she saw cStanding on the cliff edge, Rhowenna let her black hair blow wildly in the sea wind, knowing the time for her destiny had come Her gift of the Welsh second sight had brought a vivid vision of her future one of a man far passionate than the callous English prince who was her betrothed Her true fate must be with the raiding Norseman on the red sailed ship she saw coming across the sea the blond haired giant who stepped out of her dreams and into her arms the Viking Wulfgar Bloodaxe who was her enemy and wanted her to be his mate For here, at last, was a man able to ignite a desire no king could extinguish, and no force on earth could end This historical romance is from the author of Desire in Disguise and Upon a Moon Dark Moor.

    One thought on “Swan Road”

    1. I tried, for seven chapters, because it was really well written, but I just couldn't keep any suspension of disbelief. I mean, a Viking who explains his actions to his thrall and wrings his hands in shame and self-loathing foryou know.g Viking stuff like decapitating his enemies and giving punishing kisses to his captive. It just doesn't fit.

    2. ''Swan Road'' By Rebecca Brendewyne has a realistic view of vikings-their way of life and their customs etc. But what really interested me was the romance between the heroine,Rhowenna and Hero,Wulfgar.First of all, Find me a viking as sweet and endearing as Wulfgar-anyone? No? Okay.This Guy does EVERYTHING for Rhowenna-EVERYTHING. He is more then willing to give up all he owns for her, and loves her from the moment he lays eyes on her.The heroine, Rhowenna, who is often confused about her feelin [...]

    3. Exciting Viking Saga Incorporating Real Historical Events!Set in 865-866 A.D this is the story of Wulfgar Bloodaxe, the bastard son of a Norse king who, with the advice of the “wise woman” who raised him, rises to claim his place among his people as a jarl. When Wulfgar learns that Rhowenna, Princess of Usk (in Wales) has been betrothed to the Prince of Mercia, he goes down the “Swan Road,” (the path the swans take flying south to the southern isles) to capture and hold her for ransom. R [...]

    4. DNF - Ok I got about 60 pages into this book and I had to stop. I don't know if it was the writing or the actual story that bothered me. I right off the bat did not like all the background info that went on and on and on. So much info just to set the story up. I got bored really quickly and just wanted to get the story started already, geez. Another thing that bothered me, that never has before with Viking stories, was all the different mythical gods being described. So many different names to r [...]

    5. This was an okay read. Rhowenna is a princess of Usk, and Wulfgar is the bastard son of Ragnar Lothbrok. He's managed to claw his way up some, but when he hears of an opportunity to undermine his father and hated half-brother, Ivar the Boneless, by kidnapping Rhowenna, he does so. Despite being initially terrified of Ivar, Rhowenna falls in love with him, but before they can have their happy ending, they have to deal with Wulfgar's family and the political situation in England.I think my biggest [...]

    6. If this could be made into a film, it would be much more exciting to watch, especially the "mating dance" between Rhowenna and the Viking. And not to mention the gory bloodshed scenes.I am rather fond of our HERO who is a brave, determined man who goes for what he wants and seizes it without fear. Especially when he repeatedly professes his love and lust for Rhowenna. Let's just say that his honesty is to be applauded for, even if it is considered crude in his time. Heck I think 21st century wom [...]

    7. Old skool viking romance with a non-alphole, open-to-his-feelings hero. How…refreshing. Old skool beautiful, exquisitely competent heroine, but what can you expect? On the one hand, kind of fascinating. On the other hand…eek!Warning: Contains problematic elements, including rape (though not of heroine because that would be bad *eyeroll*) and the "question" does rape matter if the rapee wasn't a virgin? *eyeroll till my eyes pop out of their sockets* All groups are "delightfully" and evenly c [...]

    8. Ebon haired Welsh woman Rhowenna (LOVE THAT name!) has the gift of second sight, and with it she knows the certainty of her future. She knows for certain that her true destiny lies with the beautiful, blonde, buff, Viking hottie who is making her dreams hot. She knows her future is not with her actual betrothed; an English ass, a poncey prince. The wild raiding Norseman wends his way into Rhowenna's heart, wanting her to be his wife, and they live happily as they sail off in his Viking ship!!! Y [...]

    9. Really interesting historical context, based on a Viking legend. I enjoyed a lot more than I expected. Kept me interested to the end, I especially liked finding more about Vikings and their culture which of course was barbaric and cruel but they were also fearless and enjoyed the arts. Overall, a very satisfying read.

    10. Lu, il y a fort longtemps. Déjà à l'époque, je trouvais que le héros était très dur et l'héroïne une fausse femme de tête (comme les romances savent en pondre).Définitivement pas ma tasse de thé. Mais ce n'est pas archi mauvais. Il y a un beau travail de recherche historique chez l'auteur.Pour celle qui aime les amours à la "dur".2 étoiles.

    11. I felt this was a well written novel but the story itself seemed to move rather slow for me. I thought the author put a lot of work into creating a realistic world and the characters were well-developed. I want to give it more stars but I just can't.

    12. I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised by this story. I enjoyed it immensely! I was expecting more of a sappy romance; however, this story had it all: love, romance, battles, adventure, and intrigue. I also enjoyed the historical facts intertwined within.

    13. one of the best viking romance novels I have read!A definite keeperbut an abrupt endingI wish there was a more "complete" ending I guessI really loved the beautiful lines that Wulfgar delivers romantique;)Overall, 5++ stars;)

    14. A little wordy in the descriptive paragraphs of settings/food which I tended to glaze over for the meaty parts. A very good story.

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