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Killer Review A ruthless food critic s appearance in Legacy has all the local chefs on edge not knowing whom she intends to skewer next Donna and staff turn cartwheels to keep the reviewer happy Her friend Janice

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  • Title: Killer Review
  • Author: M.K. Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A ruthless food critic s appearance in Legacy has all the local chefs on edge, not knowing whom she intends to skewer next Donna and staff turn cartwheels to keep the reviewer happy Her friend, Janice, who runs The Croaking Frog, begs her to spy on the critic A difficult guest has Donna call in the cavalry in the form of her mother Now, that mom s foot is in the door,A ruthless food critic s appearance in Legacy has all the local chefs on edge, not knowing whom she intends to skewer next Donna and staff turn cartwheels to keep the reviewer happy Her friend, Janice, who runs The Croaking Frog, begs her to spy on the critic A difficult guest has Donna call in the cavalry in the form of her mother Now, that mom s foot is in the door, she won t leave and is determined to help Donna with the inn and her love life The first thing they need to do is find the missing critic, right after their double date Join the characters from The Painted Lady Inn for a hilarious cozy mystery Recipes are included.

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    1. When restaurant critic J.E. Muscovy checks into the Painted Lady Inn, Donna is caught off guard by her attitude. She is very demanding and has the reputation of giving scathing reviews for restaurants everywhere she goes. Donna's friend, Jane, who owns The Croaking Frog, wants to know if the critic is planning to do a review of her restaurant and expects Donna to supply the answer.Donna tries to follow the critic to the Little Bit of Paris cafe, but loses her. When she finally reaches the cafe, [...]

    2. Didn't realize this was #3 in the series, but not having read 1 & 2 hasn't been an obstacle yet.Donna's chef pal gets word that food critic "J.E" is coming to town, and she asks Donna to keep an eye out and let her know if she's headed her way. Turns out, the critic stays at Donna's B&Bd is she critical! When the critic ends up dead down the road, Donna and her mom are determined to figure out what happened, especially after the police seem OK with a suicide tag on the case. For some rea [...]

    3. A food critic in town has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons and she would have to stay at the Painted Lady Inn. As JE Muscovy's reviews can either make or break any establishment, was it a blessing or a curse to have her as a house guest? JE turns out to be a demanding nasty impatient character, who almost deserves to be killed or is she just a hard case when on show to the public? As if that was not enough to give Donna sleepless nights of worry, she finds out that her widowed mother is [...]

    4. Donna's adventures as a Bed and Breakfast owner continue in this third book. The case (murder of course) is related to the B&B only by the fact that the person was staying there. Much of the book was about the other guests and the people who help her run the Inn. We even get to know her mother and begin to understand Donna better because of that! It has a teenager "in love" and an extra dog added to the mix. The murder and what really happened is interesting and has some twists along the way [...]

    5. Another good book by M.K.Scott it has everything one looks for in a cozy mystery.Quirky characters, with their crazy logic, budding romance, interfering mother. A spunky, budding detective Donna takes the lead and runs with it, interfering in the police investigation. Her escapades, and the methods she uses to squirm out of tight spots are the highlights of the book. A thoroughly enjoyable book. I look forward to reading more of Donna's adventures.

    6. Good buildup of the murder victim, the characters certainly are, and the suspense holds. Thoroughly enjoyed this interesting exercise in sorting clues and hunting down the motive.

    7. Cute murder mystery seriesI have enjoyed this series and waiting for the next installment. The main character is feisty, funny and smart.

    8. When a food critic comes to town, all the chefs are a nervous wreck. Donna was "lucky" enough to have J.E. Muscovy come and stay at The Painted Lady Inn Bed and Breakfast. This lady is a very demanding person, who isn't very nice, and is used to having people fall all over her to make her happy. When she leaves the next day, Donna follows her to see where she is going for one of Donna's friends. But Donna loses her and she never returns to the Inn. Then there is talk that her picture is up on th [...]

    9. As usual, it took me a bit to get into a book by a new author. Once I read enough I was quit intrigued. The main people in this book are quirky (which I like)cially Donna's mother Cecile. I enjoyed the storyline of a food critic being murdered….I’m sure many restaurant owners fantasize about doing just that after a bad review. I never suspected the person who did the actually killing, total surprise. My only complaint is the investigation needed a little more substance to overshadow the pers [...]

    10. Donna has been running her bed and breakfast, The Painted Lady, for about a year when one of her guests is the food critic J.E. Muscovy. When J.E. is found dead, Donna helps her love interest Detective Mark Taber to get down to the bottom of the mystery. They follow the clues left behind to trace J.E.'s actions since she arrived in town. They also do research to find out her past and future intentions. Along the way is an interesting cast of characters. Will they be able to solve the mystery of [...]

    11. Nosy B and B owner/nurse Donna has to contend with a food critic with an acidic tongue, a grande Dame and her granddaughter, and a young helper in the throes of puppy love. Her 'helping' mother complicates things by trying to manage the B are B as well as Donna's lack of a love life. These intriguing minor characters and a surprise ending make for a great cosy mystery. As does Donna's wonder if it's her self or her food that her sometime male friend finds attractive. I received a free copy of th [...]

    12. Cozy Mystery fans will love the series. It’s packed with wacky characters, interfering relatives, small town antics, delicious recipes, and a murder mystery. Donna, the inn owner, is determined to help even when the police don’t want her assistance. Her mother meddles big time in Killer Review causing all sorts of hilarious complications.A fun read that is bound to have you turning the pages as you chuckle.

    13. This was a new author and a wonderful cover so I asked the author if i could read and do an honest review. I am so happy he said "yes" as this was a delightful cozy mystery. I loved that he went into great detail and also several of the characters are just so fitting. I am looking forward to his next book coming out mid-November.M K Hit a home run with this cozy mystery!

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