Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise Brent McCartney needed a vacation and it was about time that he got to take one Working hard all these years had finally paid off A trip to paradise was what he needed but he never expected to find p

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  • Title: Finding Paradise
  • Author: C.M. Steele
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brent McCartney needed a vacation and it was about time that he got to take one Working hard all these years had finally paid off A trip to paradise was what he needed, but he never expected to find paradise in a petite, sexy, but broken beauty There would be nothing he wouldn t do to keep her and give her the life she deserves Alana Cole has been through hell This waBrent McCartney needed a vacation and it was about time that he got to take one Working hard all these years had finally paid off A trip to paradise was what he needed, but he never expected to find paradise in a petite, sexy, but broken beauty There would be nothing he wouldn t do to keep her and give her the life she deserves Alana Cole has been through hell This was the last straw She wasn t going to be her stepfather s pawn any There was no way she was going to marry a complete stranger just like her captor Enough was enough She stared out to the ocean waves thinking about her plans when everything changed Brent came out of nowhere and promised the world in paradise Was he for real or was she just falling into a trap Warning This is a fast paced sugary sweet but dirty read of two people instantly in love Completely outrageous in how fast and hard they fall If that s what you re looking for it s time for you to find paradise 3

    One thought on “Finding Paradise”

    1. Why do I keep torturing myself like this? This was BLOODY awful. The dialogue sounded like a child wrote it, and again we have the ridiculous theme of a 26-year-old virgin hero that owns a bar and is a walking sex god.I'm sorry, but that sh!t just ain't rightI swear there are two different authors writing these books because sometimes they are really good and entertaining, and others, well we are left with this type of hot messgh.

    2. 4.5 SAVING IT STARSI LOVED THIS BOOK BUT IT WAS TOO SHORT! This story is about Brent, a 25 year old business man whom while on vacation for the first time in years, finds his soulmate. Now his intended is Alana an attractive young lady who is desperately trying to escape her current domestic situation. Her stepfather has been abusing her for years and purposely kept her away from others her own age. She recalls:"Since I grew up to be attractive, my stepfather stopped hitting me because, as he wo [...]

    3. So I think it's safe to say everyone was curious about Brent's story in Whatever it Takes, so I was very excited when I found out Brent got a book! I really loved this one and I got a surprise in it. I wasn't expecting Brent to be a virgin, I didn't read any reviews cause I mean it's CM Steele I assumed it was safe! So yeah I loved that he was, the h was also a virgin so that was even better. This was a great lil book. It was very hot, safe and with a hero who knows what he wants!! It was shorte [...]

    4. 3 stars.The entire story is OTT and totaly unrealistic. But it was exactly what I needed at this time. It helped me to recover from a few bad reads.100% safe no issuesToo short, too fast paced, and the plot was too complex for this length of a book.I will try more of this authors books in the future.

    5. . Short and sweet.  Very OTT!  Exactly what we have come to expect from CM Steele  ~zero cheating ~no ow/om drama  (view spoiler)[ both virgins (hide spoiler)]~no pushing away~insta love  ~cute little epilogue about 3 years out 

    6. Good quick read!Another good short story by C.M. Steele. I did love the insta-love (though all her books have insta-love/insta-lust) between the two characters.

    7. Even though it's a lot shorter than her usual books I'm giving it 4 stars.Absolutely No OW/OM drama.(view spoiler)[ Both are virgins!! (hide spoiler)]

    8. WE GOT BRENTS BOOK!!!! From the moment that we met Brent in Taking Whatever he Wants you just knew that his book was gonna be awesome and CMS didn't disappoint. When she said that it was going to be a short story, I figured we were going to get sweetoh no no no not #CMMFS. This is why I love her books, CM Steele never gives us what we expect. I've said it after each book- you never read what you expect to read. She will also try her hand at every type of plot imaginable and never reproduces a pl [...]

    9. Brent and Alana's story I have been waiting for since she released Taking Whatever He Wants I love the intsta love that is there and the need for each other is off the charts. I also liked the twist and turns that happens in the story that I wasn't expecting. This is a quick short read so if you are in the mood for a quick hot steamy insta love story that has a plot and twist that makes you go oh snap then you must get this <3

    10. This story is about a sexy 25 year old business man whom while on vacation falls for a sweet, abused by her father, young woman. Adorable!

    11. Sugar sweetShort sweet and dirty . another home run. If you've loved her other books you won't be disappointed. I live every page

    12. This book features Brent who is Sonya from Whatever He Wants (Cline Brothers #2) cousin. Brent did everything to get away from his rich Father he moved to Colorado and he owns a successful bar. He's taking his first vacation ever to the Bahamas and leaving his cousin, Sonya in charge of his bar. The day he arrives he sees a beautiful woman on the beach getting yelled at by an angry man. Alana has been abused by her stepfather most of her life. He's kept her locked in the house not even allowed t [...]

    13. Good short storyI liked this short story. I loved the insta-love from the characters. I liked this part when he thought:I was always finding paradise in her. I love this author.

    14. Pretty doggone lackluster. This author is pretty hit or miss with me. The dialogue was as thin as a stream of water. You can seriously skip this one. I hate leaving bad reviews on books, but this one was horrible.

    15. 3 stars Mostly sex (I skipped sex scenes after the first few) but with a storyline there too. I found the writing rushed and kind of awkward, but it was 100% safe with a non-manwhore hero (in fact, the exact opposite of manwhore lol).

    16. I was so happy when I saw that Alana and Brent were getting their own story I have to admit that I was so curious about their romance after reading Taking Whatever He Wants.This was a short story but by no means did the plot suffer I couldn’t put it down from the start to the finish I was enthralled. It has many twists and turns that you just don’t expect. Alana Cole has spent many years suffering at the hands of her stepfather and just wants it all to be over, one way or another. Brent McCa [...]

    17. I wish this book were longer! I need more! From the first time we briefly met Brent in Sonya’s book, I haven’t wanted to read his story. I loved how fiercely protective Brent was of Alana. If you love insta love then ‘‘finding her’’ is the book for you. I was instantly gripped from page one and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen between Alana, Brent & their father’s/stepfather. With his bar in the safe hands of his cousin, Sonya, Brent heads of on a well deserved vacati [...]

    18. Virgin ParadiseHoly Virgin Hotness!! Brent and Alana's story is a pleasant surprise of insta love and alpha protectiveness. When Brent finally has the time he decides to go to the Bahamas for a very deserved first ever vacation. He didn't expect to have to break up an argument between a couple, luckily t was a father getting into it with his daughter. Because when Brent sees that little beauty all kinds of naughty thoughts float through his head. Alana has had it with the abuse from her step fat [...]

    19. I've always been a fan of CM Steele but I was a bit disappointed about this story. It had the usual insta love, alpha H & sweet innocent h but although the storyline was good, the way it was written was rather juvenile compared to her previous works. Nevertheless, I will still keep on reading her books because I'm still a fan.

    20. Finding paradise by C.M Steele focuses on Brent finding his soulmate, Alana, on a vacation. CM Steele gives you in depth characters with struggling with past issues , insta goodness, insta lust, insta love, all wrapped in beautifully in romance.

    21. I loved it!! I just love this authore does great epilogue n yayy both virgins !! Keep it up girl, looking forward to many more books of yours!!

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