Naughty or Ice

Naughty or Ice You re wearing mistletoe panties princess Where was I supposed to kiss you Eva Bradshaw used to have standards But with Christmas around the corner and a six year old daughter to feed there s not mu

  • Title: Naughty or Ice
  • Author: Sylvia Pierce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: ebook
  • You re wearing mistletoe panties, princess Where was I supposed to kiss you Eva Bradshaw used to have standards But with Christmas around the corner and a six year old daughter to feed, there s not much the former Olympic figure skater wouldn t do for some extra cash, even if it means violating her hard limit hockey players.Like the filthy mouthed, sex on skates hocke You re wearing mistletoe panties, princess Where was I supposed to kiss you Eva Bradshaw used to have standards But with Christmas around the corner and a six year old daughter to feed, there s not much the former Olympic figure skater wouldn t do for some extra cash, even if it means violating her hard limit hockey players.Like the filthy mouthed, sex on skates hockey god who s about to slide straight into her penalty box NHL center Walker Dunn has been stuck on the injured list for months So when his trainer springs for some one on one time with a beautiful woman, Walker s than ready to take the edge off until he realizes the ice princess with the perfect ass isn t there to handle his stick She s there to coach him back into action whether he likes it or not Walker puts the cock in hockey Eva s a champion ball buster Hate f cking their way onto Santa s very naughty list might be their only shot at settling the score.But falling for each other Never No way Not a snowball s chance in hell

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    1. My first review in 2017 and I wanted it to be a positive one :-)Sweet love story, likable MCs, cute kid.A bit much of hockey, but not boring. Believable and without unnecessary drama.Safe!I will read more by this author.

    2. 5 Hockey Hottie StarsLoved this first book in a series about the Buffalo Tempest Hockey players. This standalone is primarily about Walker Dunn who is an injured player, and Eva Bradshaw , a former Olympic ice skater. She is called in to help him recover his former agility and speed following his leg injury. The chemistry between these two is HOT. Right from the start they are attracted to each other but they have some spectacular verbal clashes. They are both fiery and passionate but it makes f [...]

    3. Unexpected I loved this book. I had no idea what to expect from this author, this is my first book from her. I bought it on a whim because I'm a sucker for sports romances, especially hockey. I am so glad I took a chance on it. I loved the characters and want more of them. Roscoe and Henny need books too. I highly recommend this book and I will definitely be reading more from this author.

    4. WOW! Sylvia Pierce has scored again! Naughty or Ice is fantastically sweet, steamy and oh so sexy. She has once again delivered a story replete with heartwarming and set-your-blood-on-fire romance. I’m totally in love!!Eva is an award winning Olympic skater. But when her life took an expected turn five years ago, she made the decision to give it all up, and she’d do it again in a heartbeat. But now dealing with a domineering and overbearing Mother as well as with bills piling up, she has mad [...]

    5. 3 Princess and The Hockey Guy StarsEvangeline 'Eva' Bradshaw has had it tough for the past seven years. She's no longer skating competitively, and now she has to do something she told herself she would never do Work with a Hockey player.Walker Dunn has had a tough time ever since his accident almost claimed his life. It's a miracle he's even on the ice again. Though he's not back on the roster to play. He's determined to work through the pain and get back to playing. If only his knee would coope [...]

    6. Walker Dunn is a star hockey player, injured in a bad car accident, struggling to find his way back onto the ice. Evangeline Bradshaw is an ex-Olympic champion figure skater, struggling to put food on the table and provide a good life for her six-year old daughter. Eva doesn’t get involved with hockey players, and Walker isn’t interested in anything beyond getting back to his team and being able to continue to support his two younger brothers and his mother who is living in an assisted livin [...]

    7. A Review of Naughty or Ice by Sylvia PierceI absolutely ADORED this couple - 5+++++ starsEva is a two-time olympic figure skater, just trying to make ends meet. Walker is a NHL center who is trying to get back into the game of hockey after a near-fatal car accident. When she is brought in by management to try and help him get his times back to where they need to be in order to put him back on the active roster, Walker does NOT take the news easy at all. He resents the coaches taking this approac [...]

    8. Olympic figure skating champion an more meets hockey league player a deadly combination off an on the ice .The center guard for the Tempest gets in a extremely car crash avoiding hitting a child wandering aimlessly in the middle of the road . His recovery is slow and painful an no matter what they try his recovery not improving so they bring in her as their last resort . When she meets him for the first time sparks fly between them an electricity runs thru her body an he reacts to her as well . [...]

    9. Figure skater Eva meets hockey star Dunn. A good story for me. I love an athletic heroine, an olympic winner is even better! Eva was strong and knocked Dunn down a peg or two with her ice skills. I liked all the details of the drills they did and how they got injured Dunn back on his feet. I like how they bonded and had to work together. And it was pretty hot. Good chemistry and good banter. The bench in the arena got some action.

    10. Great start to the Buffalo Tempest Series. Not really a hockey fan but I love my sports romance stories. Walker Dunn star center of the Tempest but currently struggling to overcome injury from a car accident. Not only is Walker injured he's Carrying the weight of his family finances too. Enter Eva Bradshaw ex Olympic figure skater to turn his world upside down. The heat between these two is immediate and lasting and you can almost hear the sizzle.

    11. Third time is a charm and that's how many times I've read the book so far! Sylvia Pierce knows how to combine sport with romance and create a kick ass read! The tension between Walker and Eva makes you want to cheer them on, despair with the hang ups they have and hug them to make everything better! Well worth a read - more than once! 😊📖

    12. One Naughty ReadThis was the first book I have read from this author and it most definitely won't be the last. Recommend this well written, hot, steamy read with the sexy, bad boy Walker and the feisty woman who rocked his world and his heart.

    13. No plot and lousy dialogueThis book was boring and one-dimensional. The plot consisted of one device, the interactions between the characters were exaggerated and unbelievable, and the dialogue lacked wit. Definitely not worth you time or money.

    14. There could have been more character development, and the acting on the feelings was a little fast. But i enjoyed reading the clear cut writing thoroughly. For sure going to check out some more books.

    15. Great storyLoved reading this story about Eva and Walker. I didn't put it down until I finished it. It made me laugh and cry. A must read

    16. Ohhhhh Eva and Walker! So sexy, so confused, so loyal and shit that push and pull! It all worked and the hockey was the topping! Great score for you guys!

    17. Awesome I loved this hockey sports romance. The banter between Walker and Eva. The interaction between Walker and his buddies. That's what I love about jocks

    18. What happens when you put a head strong, Olympic gold medal figure skater and a cocky, leading scorer NHL player on the ice together? Whoosh one steaming hot and sexy as sin story. Naughty Or Ice is about Eva and Walker, the ice princess and the injured NHL player. Walker was in an devastating car accident that left him less than perfect to perform his talents on the ice. He's lucky to be alive, but for him not being able to play the game that he loves is like being dead. He sets aside the pain [...]

    19. Loved this new book by Sylvia Pierce. Walker and Eva have such a chemistry and makes it hard to put the book down. Loved the storyline and loved that it was based in Buffalo, NY. Great job once again to Sylvia Pierce.

    20. Let me just say that Sylvia Pierce novels or novellas never disappoint. This is a full length novel with a hot as heck hockey star, Walker Dunn and a beautiful, fiery former Olympic figure skating champion, Evangeline "Eva" Bradshaw.Walker is injured and his rehab isn't progressing as quickly as anyone hoped, so his trainer decides to go an unconventional route and hires a skating coach to help him compensate on the ice. That's all well and good, but he already knows how to skate. Eva has sworn [...]

    21. This was my first Sylvia Pierce book and I am now hooked!!Walker & Evangeline (Eva) just make me happy! Such an awesome story!!! Both characters are just developed wonderfully and I was engaged from the beginning.They are both very hard workers and so strong and determined but at the same time they are fun, flirty and sexy. They both have immense responsibilities in their lives and neither thought that meant they could have what they both deserved. Love. There is incredible chemistry from th [...]

    22. I love a hockey romanceI also love a tough guy gone soft because he has feelings for a girl.Walker is no exceptionhe tries to play tough and act like things don't affect him, but deep down he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He needs to do whatever he can to get himself back into tip top shapeeven if that means listening to the pretty red head who happens to be his new training coach. Eva is a tough as nails, take no mess from no one, fiery red head. She has Walker's number alri [...]

    23. **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**So far everything that i have read by this author i have loved whether it be a novella or this full novel.This is a wickedly sexy romance that had me turning the pages desperately wanting the misunderstandings or past to get out of the way so that this couple could finally get their HEA.Eva is a strong woman who does what she needs to do within reason to get what she needs, she has a very supportive sister who help [...]

    24. 2.5⭐️ I'm rounding up hereI just wasn't feeling it. I didn't really connect with the characters. It seemedunderdeveloped? Idk. It wasn't bad, it just didn't work for me.

    25. Naughty or Ice - Sylvia Pierce - 5 StarsEvangeline Bradshaw is an Olympic medalist figure skater. Tough and beautiful, athletic and graceful, strong in body and conviction. Walker Dunn is an NHL Center who is cocky and head strong, determined and focused, athletic and family oriented. They meet when Eva helps Walker rehab from am injury.I really enjoyed everything about this story. The characters are well developed. Neither apologizes for who/what they are. They both have goals and are willing t [...]

    26. This book was a surprise for me because it was the 1st book I read by this author When I tell you I am super picky about the books I read I mean I am super picky about them. I tend to stay with my authors that I like and don't branch out to much but this book was really great! I loved Walker and Eva and little Gracie

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