Frankenstein Takes the Cake

Frankenstein Takes the Cake No one ever said it was easy being a monster Take Frankenstein for instance He just wants to marry his undead bride in peace but his best man Dracula is freaking out about the garlic bread Then th

  • Title: Frankenstein Takes the Cake
  • Author: Adam Rex
  • ISBN: 9780152062354
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No one ever said it was easy being a monster Take Frankenstein, for instance He just wants to marry his undead bride in peace, but his best man, Dracula, is freaking out about the garlic bread Then there s the Headless Horseman, who wishes everyone would stop drooling over his delicious pumpkin head And can someone please tell Edgar Allan Poe to get the door already beNo one ever said it was easy being a monster Take Frankenstein, for instance He just wants to marry his undead bride in peace, but his best man, Dracula, is freaking out about the garlic bread Then there s the Headless Horseman, who wishes everyone would stop drooling over his delicious pumpkin head And can someone please tell Edgar Allan Poe to get the door already before the raven completely loses it Sheesh In a wickedly funny follow up to the bestselling Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Adam Rex once again proves that monsters are just like you and me Well, sort of.

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    1. My 11-year-old brought this home from the library, drawn to it as it is written by his current FAVORITE AUTHOR EVER, Adam Rex. The plan was that he would read it aloud to me and his 8-year-old brother. The result was not expected: 11-year-old loved the humor, got most of the jokes, appreciated the satire, but frequently bound himself up in grammatical misreadings and inattention to requisite punctuation. We learned that reading poetry aloud, even guffaw-causing casual rhyme, is not the same thin [...]

    2. I like cake. I like Frankenstein. Ipso facto: I like Frankenstein Takes the Cake. Oh fine. Maybe it’s a little more complicated than that. Maybe I like other things about the book too. Perhaps the art. Maybe the characters. And there’s always the off chance that what I really like about is that it’s a picture book/poetry sequel that takes cool monsters and makes them loveable. Rex’s first Frankenbook, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich was an odd little puppy. Poems about monsters, a weird va [...]

    3. Deliciously funny book of monster-related poems, illustrated in a wide range of styles. A perfect Halloween book, but, for us monster lovers, also great any time of year :-)

    4. Shelia nails it with the “fantastically weird collage;” Frankenstein Takes the Cake will appeal and will impress. Rex adopts different styles and media and it is really kind of disgusting how successful he is with each. The creativity is inspiring and inspired to say nothing of entertaining. The opening pages feature a fun interactive comic in which the reader is at first mistaken of identity, and after the confusion is cleared, they get the closer look they need and—I won’t spoil it for [...]

    5. The entire title is: Frankenstein Takes the Cake: which is full of funny stuff like rolling heads and giant gorillas and zombies dressed as little girls and Edgar Allan Poe. The book, we mean - not the cake.I'm almost tempted to give this one five stars! My ten year old loved this book. It's zany (even though I hate that word) and strange and hilarious and novel. There is just something fresh and new about the way the book is written and illustrated. The only reason I'm giving it four stars inst [...]

    6. Just a notch down from his first collection, but still truly funny. Personal favorites: "Off the top of my head: the official blog of the Headless Horseman;" the "Edgar Allan Poems," especially "Edgar Allan Poe should be writing or sleeping, not doing a crossword puzzle" (the answer to 7-down: Tipper Gore); "Dracula Jr. wants a big-boy coffin" (done in the style of a Peanuts comic, with Dracula Jr. as the Charlie Brown character and some pitch-perfect Peanuts mannerisms); and especially the book [...]

    7. I truly enjoyed this book! The illustrations are fantastic and the poems (some rhyme and some don't) are hilarious and very clever. Probably more catering to the adult readers then the children. Still a fun read for any time of the year but definitely has a Halloween focused themempires, witches, headless horseman and so on. Unless you are like me and love Halloween all year! *cackles* I've heard his first book in this series "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich" is very good as well and wished I read [...]

    8. Another wonderful book from Adam Rex. The poem format bothered me a little in this one, because Rex's humor and creativity are so out of bounds that it seems a little ridiculous to then constrain them within the "box" of poetry, but overall it's kept pretty lively. Like some other reviewers, I do question if this material would appeal to kids as much as it does to me, but as I am generally a selfish knave, such thoughts will not cause me to delete stars from my rating. In other words.Suck MUD, t [...]

    9. Holy crap. This was almost as hilarious as Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. After realizing Adam Rex is quite a prolific artist and writer (and of course reading the aforementioned book) I checked out every Adam Rex book out of the Huntsville, AL library. This being the "sequel", we had to read it first. So worth it! Hilarious poems, and everyone in the family is cracking up. Can't wait to read his other books.

    10. Absurd stories, poems, blogs, and advertisements from monstrous characters of our favorite movies and poems. Many references to Poe's "The Raven" and other things that the supposed target audience (ages 5-10 ???) wouldn't get. I found the humor much more clever than my son did in this one I personally LOVED it and hope to own it someday. I'll pull it out again when my son studies "The Raven" at an age when he gets it better.

    11. This is a hilarious collection of poems, including the super funny Frankenstein Takes the Cake, that will keep both mom & dad and the little ones rolling on the floor. Don't wait for Halloween, check out this book today!AR 3.7.5 points

    12. Witty. Clever. AND IT RHYMES. well, mostly. My favorite poem is a haiku about the author. It reads:He knows Frankenstein'sthe doctor, not the monster.Enough already.Genius.

    13. I bought this book for my nephew, flipped through it, read it, admired the illustrations, and then kept it for myself. I'm not the least bit sorry.

    14. So the Sphinx has been using the desert as a litter box for centuries! Funny stories that are very unique and amusing.

    15. Rex, Adam. 2008. Frankenstein Takes the Cake Which Is Full of Of Funny Stuff Like Rotting Heads and Giant Gorillas and Zombies Dressed As Little Girls and Edgar Allan Poe. The Book We Mean--Not The Cake.This book, Frankenstein Takes the Cake, is the follow up to Adam Rex's Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. (A book which sadly I haven't read yet though I have heard wonderful stuff about it.) The book is a collection of semi-related poems--funny poems about the lighter side of the dark and spooky. Th [...]

    16. Self-aware from the opening endpages to its closing endpages, Rex’s second volume of Frankensteinian verse is simultaneously the gift and the curse--a paean to the horror fiction of the past two centuries as well as a lyrical skewering of it. Because of the rather broad body of work to which it alludes, younger readers may enjoy and understand the poetry only superficially, while an older audience with exposure to Godzilla, King Kong, the Wizard of Oz, vampires, werewolves, E.T Alfred Hitchcoc [...]

    17. Follow-up to the equally hilarious "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich." This one features the same mix of witty poetry, monster-movie jokes, mixed media and a variety of visual storytelling methods (oil paintings, pen-and-ink, comics panels), and pop culture. Don't miss The Official Blog of the Headless Horseman and the woes of Edgar Allen Poe ("quoth the raven, 'Tipper Gore!'"). In the small print in the back, I read something interesting. "Some of the birds that appear on page nine have been alter [...]

    18. I loved this book!!! I am always looking for books that are different and interesting. This book is similar to tales such as The Stinky Cheese Man because it involves a story the moves along in connection with poems of different themes. It hooked me in right away with a humorous comic of Frankenstein getting married. Then, there are poems in the form of a blog by a pumpkin head that continue throughout the book. My favorite was the poem about the Sphinx because it made me laugh. There are segmen [...]

    19. A very, very funny book of poems, rhymes, Poe, and Frankenstein! The fun starts on the inside cover, Wolfman, Drac, The Mummy and The Creature from the Black Lagoon assuming that you (the reader) are Frankie. But, the stories and poems don't stop there. This book offers a reason to the strange origin of these stories, a sampling of Haikus (with a haiku *about* haikus), Frankenstein's new in-laws, blog posts from a certain Horseman, Alien contact, and more, culminating in a wedding extraordinaire [...]

    20. Frankenstein Takes the Cake Which is Full of Funny Stuff Like Rotting Heads and Giant Gorillas and Zombies Dressed as Little Girls and Edgar Allan Poe. the Book, We Mean - Not the Cake by Adam Rex makes the perfect autumn wedding present for your librarian friends (especially because writing the title in the thank you note leaves little room to say anything else!). Well, the title says it all. Check out the headless horsemanblog. Check out the Peanuts and Poe satires. Filled with ghoulish poetry [...]

    21. I got a real kick out of this one. My 9-year-old enjoyed it, too, when we read it together, but it was hard for him to catch all the allusions. It’s best suited to older readers. As a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, I especially loved Rex’s spoofs of the Raven. The Headless Horseman’s blog was great. But the Kaiju Haiku page really stole my heart. This is strange collection of poems and art, not a typical storybook. Throughout, the artwork is gorgeous and varied – photographs, cartoons, painting [...]

    22. This was another super-cute book by Adam Rex. The inner cover of the book has a little comic with the monsters stopping by and thinking that you, the reader, are Frankenstein and they are wishing you a happy birthday. The mummy just says, "Meh." The rest of the book is written in the rhyming and short story style just like the first book. It really is very cute. At the end of the book the author says (in rhyme, of course) that he knows that Frankenstein is really the doctor and not the monster a [...]

    23. The sequel the Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. The entire title is Frankenstein Takes the Cake Which is Full of Funny Stuff Like Rotting Heads and Giant Gorillas and Zombies Dressed as Little Girls and Edgar Allan Poe. The Book, We Mean--Not the CakeNot quite as funny as the original but it has the same rhyming structure except there is an underlying storyline about Frankenstein's upcoming marriage to the Bride of Frankenstein. Dracula returns, this time not having luck with the garlic bread at t [...]

    24. Comic strips, poems, excerpts from the Headless Horseman's blog, Kaiju Haiku! This is the best book I am reading this morning while it's slow on the desk at work. The Frankenstein bits are funny, & Poe's Raven is hilarious. There are a couple misses - Peanuts style Dracula Jr. isn't as Charles Schultz as you want it to be - But this is a fun fun book!

    25. I loved, loved the first Frankenstein poems but was a little disappointed in this sequel. The format is a little different with lots of photographs (which I thought was the best part of the book) but I don't love the poems. Not as catchy or engagingoh well. You can't win them all.

    26. I was very disappointed. The first book was hilarious, but the second one has VERY tough rhymes (some don't read as rhyming at all) and has too many references to things kids won't know. Sad!

    27. I'm a big fan of Adam Rex. This book is very clever, but I think it's really a picture book for older kids or even adults. There are so many references to literature and folklore that little ones haven't been exposed to yet. At least, mine haven't. So there is quite a bit that Z didn't understand, and attempts to explain some of it just become more confusing. Even so, there were parts that made Z giggle. She liked the Medusa story a lot.

    28. I *love* monsters, especially the nonscary versions. This is full of nonscary monsters and lots of humor. 4.5 stars

    29. Kind of a combination of a graphic novel, picture book, poetry book and blog, this book is best for children ages 10 and up.

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