Avengers Assemble, Vol. 1

Avengers Assemble Vol Fan favorite creators Kurt Busiek and George P rez usher in a new era for Earth s Mightiest Heroes Since the team s inception the Avengers have always defended humanity against the forces of evil Whe

  • Title: Avengers Assemble, Vol. 1
  • Author: Kurt Busiek George Pérez
  • ISBN: 9780785115731
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fan favorite creators Kurt Busiek and George P rez usher in a new era for Earth s Mightiest Heroes Since the team s inception, the Avengers have always defended humanity against the forces of evil When duty calls, these legendary champions answer, fighting valiantly until justice prevails But what happens when their oldest foes strike directly at the team On the eve ofFan favorite creators Kurt Busiek and George P rez usher in a new era for Earth s Mightiest Heroes Since the team s inception, the Avengers have always defended humanity against the forces of evil When duty calls, these legendary champions answer, fighting valiantly until justice prevails But what happens when their oldest foes strike directly at the team On the eve of a huge Avengers gathering, an attack by the evil enchantress Morgan Le Fay sends these assembled heroes into a strange medieval reality where nothing is as it seems Held under Le Fay s thrall, the Avengers have lost all memory of their true identities Breaking free of Morgan s spell, Captain America and Hawkeye must fi ght to free their teammates before the Marvel Universe is altered forever Plus The Avengers take on the Squadron Supreme Collects Avengers 1 11, and Annual 98.

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    1. I disegni di Pérez sono a dir poco stratosferici, ma definire ampolloso lo stile narrativo di Busiek é un eufemismoAlcune storie sono invecchiate male, ma i disegni sono talmente belli che quasi non ci si fa caso e la mini saga con i Vendicatori morti é da 5 stelle.

    2. In his best moments, Busiek really brings the Avengers into the real world. Unfortunately, in this volume, he's still caught up doing the same old thing. Remembering that this book was written near the end of the '90s, my absolute least favorite time for comics, I can give him some leeway--it's clear that he's trying to drag the avengers out of that time without doing anything so different as to alienate readers. The nice moments, as always, are not the comic book ones, but the personal ones. An [...]

    3. I'm a big Kurt Busiek fan, but I didn't think this first volume of his Avengers run had much of his magic. It's very much a "getting the band back together" kickoff after the shenanigans of the Onslaught saga, and it seems stuck in pretty rigid 90s storytelling. It is fun to see nearly all the Avengers in one room. But the personal drama isn't handled very subtly. We're constantly hit with the fact that Ms. Marvel is drinking too much, Hawkeye is having a hard time dealing with a subordinate pos [...]

    4. Avengers Assemble, Vol. 1 is where the modern re-birth of the Avengers franchise took off, setting the stage for the massive success in the 16 years to follow.Once all the Heroes had been Reborn and then Returned, the Avengers still weren’t active. An alternate reality fight with Morgan LeFay assembled everyone ever an Avenger and teased Wonder Man’s resurrection. A new line-up debuted: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye and Warbird, with New Warriors Justice and [...]

    5. I'm going to use this volume as a proxy for Busiak's entire run on Avengers (including Avengers Forever and Avengers Two). There are some maxims of comic books that this run illustrates pretty well: 1) Creative Teams Probably Need Be Rotated Every 70-80 issues: that's how long Gaiman ran on Sandman, Robinson ran on Starman, it's when Clairmont lost control of his previously tightly plotted X-Men, longer than Simonson's run on Thor There's a point at which the writer has to being things to a clos [...]

    6. There are some elements of cheesiness, and a '70s/'80s throwback style, that are occasionally stumbling blocks for the Busiek/Perez (and later Busiek/Davis and Busiek/other artists) new millennial run of Avengers.However, as someone whose definitive Avengers was the Roger Stern/John Buscema era, who still thinks Mark Gruenwald wrote the definitive Captain America, who would hold up the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition as one of the best comics Marvel ever published? Well, [...]

    7. Un volumazzo corposo. Non capisco come si possa inserire Sean Chen come autore principale, quando ha disegnato poco o nulla di tutto ciò. L'autore è principalmente Kurt Busiek per i testi, e George Perez per i disegni. Tra i viventi, negli USA, sono il meglio del meglio.Le storie sono quelle del Ritorno Degli Eroi, con i Vendicatori al massimo del loro splendore, ed i comprimari ed avversari anche. C'è una non leggera riflessione su cosa voglia dire essere un vendicatore, e sentirsi tale. C' [...]

    8. Some of you probably knew up front (if you thought about it at all) that I'd like this book as it takes a pretty big screw up for me not to like the Avengers.cially if Cap's the one in charge. I've noted before that I grew up collecting Silver Age comics and that I slide nostalgically back to my youth when I read these. Same here. Good book, good art, lots of action lots of heroes (if the Avengers has a draw back it's the huge roster of past and temporary members). Still that's not a big deal in [...]

    9. It started great, but ended up being boring. Earth's mightiest superheroes should have at least mildly entertaining story arcs. I expected much better from Busiek!The first three issues, where every past member of the Avengers fights against Morgan Le Fay (of all things!) was kind of great. I even enjoyed witnessing the formation of the new team and Carol Danvers' trouble with alcohol. But a love triangle between The Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Wonder Man? And the whole plot depends on it? Ugh, p [...]

    10. A most excellent adventure but primarily character driven, which is what I really, really love. Plus, this line up has lots of characters that I really care about, including Firestar. The best part, though, is the Scarlet Witch, her increasing mystical power, and her relationship with Wonder Man. The only downside, if one could call it that, is Busiek pulls a great deal on the rich history of The Avengers, making references to the past that sometimes require an Internet search, but that's really [...]

    11. Nádherně nakreslené, super příběhy, super postavy (i když místo komiksových obličejů jsem si tam podvědomě dosazovala ty filmové). Jediné, co mi vadilo je to, že neznám všechny ostatní díly a často je tam ně některý z nich odkaz a já tak něčemu nerozumněla. Určitě si chci ale přečíst další Marvelovky!

    12. The Avengers are back. After the battle with Onslaught finally the Avengers have returned better than everOS-very nice vibrant art-story telling is very nice-so many avengers im in HEAVEN!!!!CONS-weird panal to panal costume glitches. like how did carol change into her costume by just starting to fly. Plus other things

    13. Moje první kniha komixových Avengers. Při srovnání s filmovou verzí trochu zklamání. Celé je to samá akce za akcí plná cross-referencí na dalsi řady komixů, ve kterých se můžete snadno ztratit, ale to tak nevadilo, hlavní vadou je, že postavy nemají hloubku. Je jich v komixu tolik, že na ni nezbývá prostor. Ve filmové verzi to byli lidé s vlastní psychologií, celkem konzistentní, tady jsou to takové koutky v kostýmech. Pokud chcete víc než jen bouchaní pěstí a [...]

    14. This, along with the Fables series (specifically after reading about the series in IGN's list of the greatest comic book villains of all time), is one of the two books that got me into comics in the first place. It's got some flaws, but my emotional attachment to the book allows me to look past them.

    15. With a few more years, I can see more of the flaws in this work -- of these the mostly uninspired villains stand out (Busiek includes his "pitch" memo for the series, and suggests that the team dynamics are a lot more important than the bad guys; that's true, but the bad guys are also what the good guys have to rise up to).Still, Busiek gives the Silver Age a 1990s polish, in a good way. Cap is unapologetically inspirational. Warbird struggles with alcoholism. The Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Wond [...]

    16. I just told that I finished this book on February 30. That's because I will likely never finish this run of Avengers comics unless I'm sucked into some parallel dimension or time travel is involved and I'm stuck in the late '90s.Something about Busiek's declared love for continuity and the infinitely expansive, interconnected titles in either of the big two's universes that just turned me off. Or never drew me in to begin with. More recent Avengers Assemble books by Brian Michael Bendis and Kel [...]

    17. My background in Avengers goes back to about 1978 but I only collected comics in spurts so I'm not an expert or anything. Kinda funny then that one of the most memorable Avengers comics I remember from being that young had to do with Wonderman coming back from the dead, it was some kinda of voodoo thing but I don't remember what issue it was or anything.Of course Wonderman coming back from the dead is a big part of this graphic novel so it felt almost like nothing had changed in all those years. [...]

    18. This was quite a long trade, both because it spanned 11 issues and also because the writing is rather more dense than current comics. 1998 wasn't so long ago, and I read comics concurrent with this one at the time, but the difference is pronounced. I liked how it tied in to events in other comics (like Thunderbolts and Heroes for Hire, both of which were favorites of mine at the time), and that it covered a lot of ground, with several threats showing up, as well as personal problems. The attempt [...]

    19. Considering I began my comic addiction around '96, the year these issues (Avengers, Vol 3: #1-11) debuted, it goes without saying that this particular volume was a nostalgic trip into late-90s continuity. Unfortunately, it is also mired in late-90s cheese. I mean, c'mon, an Avenger named Triathlon? Not to mention, characters are still using catchphrases and shortened abbreviations for codenames. With all that being said, I really couldn't get into the first two issues. It took me months to read [...]

    20. I really wish that there were half-star options because I really wanted to give this book a 4.5 star rating. It was better than "I really liked it" but just a tiny portion below "It was amazing." So I rounded up and gave it a 5 star approval.The Avengers stories have always been so tricky to do because you have iconic individual heroes and in putting them together can create an expectation so high, it becomes nearly impossible to achieve. DC's Justice League runs into the same dilemma. What made [...]

    21. I figured this would be exactly my kind of thing and I spent a long time trying to get into it without success. Everything is overly broad strokes and long-time characters are acting like hotheaded teenagers for seemingly no reason. I'd much rather see another volume of Astro City or read some old Roger Stern-era Avengers. Update: So I just read the Nights of Wundagore TB which contained that classic story about Gyrich whittling down the Avengers to seven. I realize one of the reasons this volum [...]

    22. Avengers Assemble Vol I. wasn't a bad read. I especially enjoyed the Scarlet Witch/Wonder Man storyline. My biggest problem with Busiek's Assemble is the seemingly direct relationship to the DC Crisis series. The thing that holds DC so far ahead of Marvel is the ability to make the storylines so much more real. Real problems facing real people who happen to be just slightly different from the reader themselves. Busiek attempts to go there. Wanda's found love, Warbird's a drunk, but it just seems [...]

    23. This was the last run of Perez art that I really enjoyed. The stories from this period were sorta forgettable compared to the earth-shattering stuff that Bendis threw at us since these stories were published. Here everybody is still showing up at a mansion for a weekly meeting in New York while a chubby butler brings them coffee. No 'No more Mutants' yet, no Ultimates Avengers Tower, no Skrull Avengers, no registration of heroes yet. It's almost incredible the things that have changed about this [...]

    24. Yay! Wanda my girl!!! Ugh this makes me want to read House of M so bad. Firestar and Justice are the cutest and I can't wait to see their relationship evolve in the next volume! (They are engaged right?) Hawkeye is kind of annoying but I like the development. (I prefer MCU Clint right now.) I love the other characters that are new to me- like Vision, Jan, and Hank. The only one I'm not sure of isSimon. His relationship is setting up to be veryysical. There's nothing wrong with that, but with how [...]

    25. Really good set of Avengers stories. Surprisingly gritty in places, Carol Danvers and the Grim Reaper in particular. A bit of a throwback to the 70s style of comics to be honest so it mightn't convince anyone to change their minds about the Avengers or even gel all that well with movie fans but enjoyable nevertheless.

    26. I love Busiek, but this story left me flat. If you like this sort of 1970s comic book story. A superhero soap opera full of narration and stiff dialouge where everyone is always fighting a world-crushing evil and angsting to themselves in thought balloons, then this book is for you. But I don't like those sorts of things. Hence the two stars.

    27. Oh, Hawkeye. You're so sarcastic. I love it.Also, Cap's last thought before the whiteness was of Iron Man. Stop making them canon, Marvel! You're giving me too many ideas as it is. (re-reads that part again)

    28. This is a refreshing mix of modern and classic superhero stuff but after a while the verbosity tends to drag and (this isn't necessarily bad) the focus on legacy and inspiration makes it feel like a classically DC book which I am definitely not used to

    29. This volume was disappointing I'm a fan of Kirk B. But his writing was uninspired. It was just kind of like a soap opera with things happening, clichés of the dramatic. Though the artwork by George Perez is nice beauty with no substance

    30. This just really wasn't good. The art wasn't compelling and the writing was telegraphed. The ingredients are almost there, but you know it's a bad sign when the world is about to be destroyed and I'm yawning.

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