One thought on “Some Slips Don't Show”

  1. Once more, the Cool & Lam detective agency finds itself embroiled in blackmail & intrigue! I find it interesting that for "Perry Mason", ESG was no-nonsense & fairly straightforward, while in his AAF persona, there is a good bit of tongue-in-cheek humor & the subject matter tends towards more adult fare than the simple art of murder & its defense. In this one, the locale flits back & forth between LA and the SF Bay Area. I wonder what Oakland International Airport must ha [...]

  2. The Cool and Lam detective series, 28 novels strong, is not that well known these days and is almost unavailable in Ebook format, but it's an excellent series. Erle Stanley Gardner, who created Perry Mason, wrote this under the pen name AA Fair. The series centers around a pair of mismatched detectives. Bertha Cool is a heavyset miser who investigates a case like a rhinoceros at a wedding. Donald Lam is a slightly built man who has an extraordinary knack for solving a case.This case involves a m [...]

  3. Again, a vintage book from my own shelves, and a short one.The setup of the series resembles Nero Wolfe stories - there's the big (in more ways than one) boss who stays at the office, and the nimble right-hand-man, who goes around and collects the information. In these books, though, the right-hand-man Donald Lam also solves the mysteries and the big boss, Bertha Cool, provides support. The approach in these books isn't as clever and intelligent, either. But there is a clear resemblance.This sto [...]

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