Stellar Love

Stellar Love You know who I am Reuben Creed Yeah that Reuben Creed Rock star A solo artist because I don t depend on anyone Burned out after six months on the road I m sick of the groupies the publicists the

  • Title: Stellar Love
  • Author: Ash Harlow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You know who I am Reuben Creed Yeah, that Reuben Creed Rock star A solo artist, because I don t depend on anyone Burned out after six months on the road, I m sick of the groupies, the publicists, the media, the scene They say no man s an island I call bullshit I ve found solace on a secluded island, off the coast of a small country at the bottom of the world Off grYou know who I am Reuben Creed Yeah, that Reuben Creed Rock star A solo artist, because I don t depend on anyone Burned out after six months on the road, I m sick of the groupies, the publicists, the media, the scene They say no man s an island I call bullshit I ve found solace on a secluded island, off the coast of a small country at the bottom of the world Off grid, raw, primitive perfection Nobody in LA knows where I am and that s exactly what I crave peace and solitude Almost The island has a caretaker Stella Just twenty four, with eyes as blue and wild as the ocean A mouth that s quick to smile and tease, and a body and heart that inspire me to start writing songs again Songs about Stella She s a million worlds away from the fans who hound me, and I should have kept my hands off her, but here on the island we re safe No one can touch us, nobody knows I m here Until one photo, one slip up and suddenly my ugly world collides with Stella s peaceful refuge There s only one way to protect her I ll have to sacrifice every last thing I ve found here in paradise Including Stella Place a burned out rockstar on a remote New Zealand Island Add sexy caretaker, and a wild storm Stir and watch sparks fly Safe read, standalone novella with a guaranteed HEA Lots of feels, dirty talk, and enough loving to steam you up.

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    1. 3 ALMOST INTERESTING STARS “You’ll have to allow for shrinkage,” he teased. “The cold water has taken its toll.” I wasn’t sure what to say because if what I was staring at was undersized, then I’ve been dating the wrong guys.Honestly, this was kind of a fun story about a self-involved rockstar who thinks he is an Island. (I'm not joking here, he even thinks "They say no man’s an island. I call bullshit.")"You know who I amReuben Creed. Yeah, that Reuben Creed. Rock star. A solo a [...]

    2. American Rock Star Reuben has taken to hiding out in New Zealand on a private Island because of crazed fans and the media/ Paparazzi, He ends up going to take time away for himself, to just unwind and get back to being Reuben, not the rock star god people see him as. One day he comes across a woman working in the garden and he gets upset, because he thinks he has been alone. Stella is the caretaker of the estate Reuben has been on and she hasn’t been paying him any attention. She is busy takin [...]

    3. I absolutely adored Stella and Reuben's story, thank you Ash Harlow! What a special book. The bearded 'rock star hero' retreating from his hectic life and burnt out craft drew me right in and the story really was superb. I LOVED the setting, the culture of an island off of New Zealand and Stella. Raised by her grandparents, this woman was capable, peaceful and a true treasure. When Granddad falls ill, Stella jumps right into being the island's caretaker. Stardom stressed, Reuben settled right in [...]

    4. I actually found this a really sweet & sexy read. The hero, Reuben, is mega star singer songwriter. He's in hiding on Stella's family Island, Ahunui, to recharge his batteries & try to find his love of music again as he's feeling very disillusioned with the whole lifestyle!!Stella is a family oriented, fun loving New Zealander. Her Grandparents gained custody of her when she was about 6yrs old as her Mum is a Hippy who's flighty. Her passion is photography, Ahunui & her surviving Gra [...]

    5. Loved it! Reuben, famous rockstar, has had enough and seeks solace on a remote island to get away from his crazy life. Stella is the granddaughter of the man who owns the island. Until her grandad is out of the hospital Stella is the caretaker on this land. From the moment Reuben sees Stella, gardening in his garden he knows he has to have her. Then an innocent mistake threatens the peaceful life of this getaway for Reuben and Stella's life as she knows it.Fall in love with these characters as I [...]

    6. I want to go to New Zealand so bad after reading this (and Crave and Clusterf*ck). I love how there's not too much drama (considering it is an insta-love deal) and no cheating and a glorious happily ever after. I feel these HEAs are expertly crafted, not giving you the feeling of it being too fast or overdone or ridiculous. It's a lot like love at first sight, they just click together like pieces of a puzzle. I definitely intend on reading more of her work!

    7. I actually enjoyed this story. Even though it was insta-love, and only a bit over a hundred pages, it didn't feel rushed. My only problem was the inconsistency in time between the actual story and the epilogue. Granddad was 82, but in the epilogue at least 4 years have passed, since they have a 4 year old son, but granddad is only 84. Ms. Harlow did too go of a job with the rest of the story to screw up with the details like that.

    8. I am new to this author but will definitely be reading through everything released up to now! Have loved all 3 books I have read in the few days days, I thought this one was especially lovely because it mainly focused on just the 2 of them in what can only be described as in an enviously beautiful location! I actually read Crave, Clusterf*ck and Stellar out of order (didn't realise until I'd started) but all 3 are must reads 😊

    9. Stellar Love, by Ash Harlow, is a story of an artist who has crashed and needs to escape. He does so by going to an island away from everyone except for one caretaker. She becomes his muse and he wants to keep her away form the outside world of his life. Yet it finds him. Now he wants to do all he can to protect her.A lovely story of being lost and finding your way. This is the first book that I've read by this author and she didn't disappoint. It's a witty, fun, and romantic story. I look forwa [...]

    10. This was the first book I've read by Ash Harlow and it was such a delight! I've read plenty of other rock-star-meets-ordinary-girl stories before, and this one was just fresh, real and really sweet. (Steamy, too!)Reuben doesn't know what he needs, or wants, when he runs away from his life in L.A but he finds exactly what he needs in Stella, the caretaker at the cottage he's rented at the edge of the world. The instant connection and instalove between the two was perfection!I received an advanced [...]

    11. This was a sweet, slow burn romance. A rock star and a photographereting under quite different circumstances. This story was well written and was a slow build up. This story wasn't your typical insta lust, granted, they both wanted each other right off the bat. They didn't just jump right into bed. I voluntarily received a copy for my honest review.

    12. 4*Reuben Has escaped to a remote island he's fed up of hassle.Stella is the caretakers daughter her grandfather was taken ill so she stepped in to help. The attraction is simmering to hot very quick. She's a photographer he's looking to escape can he trust her?Another new author for me to recommend.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.Wow loved it

    13. What an amazing read. The story between Reuben and Stella is beautiful. Their connection from the beginning is electric even though they hold themselves back while getting to know each other. I love how the book cover photo is the shot Stella took of Reuben. You get the sense of Reuben's love for Stella with that image. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    14. Stella is the caretaker on an NZ island where Reuben is staying, and avoiding, his celebrity rock star status. They get together on their bubble of an island, but the real world creeps in eventually.I really liked the epilogue

    15. A lightand happy, of course, read. Just something nice, with some good sexy bits that let's you escape the real world for awhile without having to think.

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