Smolder Guess who s on the f cking naughty list I live for three things Hunting fishing and fighting Once a SEAL always a SEAL But if there s one thing I do best it s making women scream for Tough luck b

  • Title: Smolder
  • Author: Melinda Minx
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Guess who s on the f cking naughty list I live for three things Hunting, fishing, and fighting Once a SEAL, always a SEAL But if there s one thing I do best, it s making women scream for Tough luck, because all they ever get is one night But when Andrea winds up numb and freezing on my doorstep, I can t keep my f cking hands off her I warm her up, from her fullGuess who s on the f cking naughty list I live for three things Hunting, fishing, and fighting Once a SEAL, always a SEAL But if there s one thing I do best, it s making women scream for Tough luck, because all they ever get is one night But when Andrea winds up numb and freezing on my doorstep, I can t keep my f cking hands off her I warm her up, from her full lips down to her long legs, and I don t stop there Then she s gone in the morning, just the way I usually like it But I can t forget those gorgeous, lust filled green eyes When I see her again, some prick s fingers are wrapped around her throat Everything goes red The next thing I know, I m in the back of a cop car Some asshole s blood is on my hands, and the only way out of jail is a fake marriage to Andrea But that s not even the craziest part I want to make her my wife, for real This is a standalone, full length Navy SEAL romance with panty soaking romance and a smoldering hot bad boy Christmasy happily ever after guaranteed.

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    1. So I picked this up from Kindle Unlimited because the blurb sounded really good. Then I proceeded to read it in one sitting because, well the whole book is really fucking good! I laughed throughout the whole thing! Coal and Andrea had great chemistry and the way they bantered back and forth had me in stitches. I just loved it. Her family was great too. This is the first book by this author that I've read but it definitely won't be the last!

    2. A surprisingly great story!I thought is story was going to be a dud. One of those bad boy military books with lots of sex and no storyline, though this book on said it was over 150 pages. But that was not the case. This was a really good story! I liked that that Coal wasn't the typical bad boy seal who screws women (though he does), but his character was really developed. I also liked Andrea's character along with the secondary characters of her family. I did wish there was a mention of Andrea' [...]

    3. 2 StarsOopse author forgot to write about the time between dislike to love. There was no transition from the MCs fighting and not getting along to developing their relationship. If anything, the focus was on the male lead connecting with the female lead's family. Storyline was okay, but the writing wasn't very engaging for me.

    4. I really liked this book. Cole is an ex Seal who has cut himself off from civilisation living in a cabin in the wood foraging and bartering for food. Andrea is out hiking and the weather takes a turn for the worse stumbling in the snow she falls literally into Coles arms. Hot hot hot attraction sizzles between them then reality separates them. A few weeks later they meet up and things take a nasty turn leading to a rushed marriage to save Cole and falling truly in love.

    5. Favorite Quotes:- "Why are we stopping?""You don't feel that?" he asks."Feel what? I was sleeping."He gives me a dismissive look. "Even if I was sleeping, a flat tire would wake me right up.""Oh," I say. "I guess it is a bit jerky. Want me to call AAA?""Yeah," Coal says. "Why not just chop my balls off and wrap up my dick with a pink ribbon while you're at it?""Is your masculinity really so fragile?""Fragile," he says, putting the truck into park. "Of course not, but any man should be able to ch [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this story. The author does such a fantastic job writing a well developed story. The world building and characters are so well constructed that it is like watching a movie in your head. The blurb for the story does not do the actual story justice. Coal, a former SEAL is living in isolation at a remote cabin and a lost Andrea winds up at his place. After some horizontal mambo-ing, he leads her back to town, but neither can forget about the other. Circumstances bring them together [...]

    7. This is a sensational story, and I highly recommend you read it.I must admit, I hadn't read the blurb for this book before I read it, so the story didn't unfold like I thought, and that was great. I loved how Coal and Andrea met, their next meeting was a surprise, and you'll see what I mean when you read it ( I don't want to spoil it for you). I just loved Coals character, he's the kind of guy that I think most women want, that true knight in shining armour, he was just so humble, in a very cock [...]

    8. Loved it.A, sweet and steamy, Christmas Story. Cole saves Andrea when she is caught out hiking in a snow storm. They have an unforgettable all night stand. Two months later Andrea is back in town on business, Cole once again comes to her rescue. Now he is in need of rescuing.A hasty wedding in the police station. The month of December spent with Andrew's family. Cole comes to the rescue of Andrea's sister and is once again in a police station. This time he has Andrea's whole family on his side.L [...]

    9. LOVED it. My 1st book read written by Melinda Minx. At the beginning it started out very similar to a book I have read very recently but personally it was better i love the way the couple interactions with each other. picking on each other. priceless and cute. Love a Christmas related story or around the big day. Must read. quick read. LOVED IT!! ( ;

    10. A great readThis is a fun story. There were times when I laughed so hard I had to put the book down. I love the duel POVs. As for being a book boyfriend goes goes, Coal is one of the BEST. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance books.

    11. A silly but fun book. The plot was enough to keep you interested. Mostly a romantic exercise. The author combined enough tongue in cheep humor with romance and action to make the story worth the time.

    12. ReviewGood writing, good characters, steamy sex and fun original story line. Everything it takes to have a fun read. Entertaining

    13. What a romantic story Coal and Andrea are really cute couple. They immediately feel in love with each other and was nothing that was get in way.

    14. I didn't really like Coal or Andrea in the beginning of this story - they're kinda mean to each other and it was annoying. Also, I was not a big fan of Andrea's job, and that whole part of the storyline just sorta dropped off w/o any resolution, which also annoyed me.Other than those couple of things, throughout the story I came to like both characters more and I enjoyed watching their relationship change & grow. Also, they made me laugh a few times, so that's always good! ; ) The family par [...]

    15. GoodThis was an ok read for meIt Didn't have the depth or excitement that I like to have. It did have a few elements of surprise so it wasn't a total let down.

    16. Enjoyed the book. In this book some of the characters had the same names in one of the author's previous books but they were not the same characters in both books

    17. This book is HILARIOUS.I mean the hero's name is COAL, which is just fucking ridiculous, but I'll allow it. The sex scenes were so over the top they made me cringe. And I couldn't even finish the epilogue, it made me so uncomfortable with all the emotions being thrown around."A SEAL can hear a lot of things that a civilian can't."I think it's a kind of 'you had to be there' situation, but that sentence had me HOWLING with laughter.

    18. ***Possible spoilers ahead.Coal has cut himself almost entirely off from the outside world. He lives in an isolated cabin a ways out of a small mountain town, cuts his own firewood, kills his own meat and barters handmade furniture for eggs and bacon etc. from the local producers. Coal rarely goes into town and if he does, he's usually looking for a woman to give him a quick release, but never for more than one night and never at his place. Andrea is in the area for work and after her friend bai [...]

    19. Smolder is about Andrea and Coal. Andrea is out hiking alone and winds up falling down a steep hill in a snowstorm. Coal is enjoying his life in his cabin, far away from civilized society. He goes out to chop some wood and hears what turns out to be Andrea's call for help. He carries her back into his cabin to get her out of the snow & cold and warm up. They end up having a hot night of sex and then he leads her back to town the next morning where they go their separate ways and on with thei [...]

    20. *I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book*SMOLDEREx navy seal, Coal likes the solitude of his mountain home. Hunting, fishing, an occasional fight and visit to town is what he lives for now. Until his peace is shattered by a woman who turns up at his home, lost and freezing during a snowstorm. She's feisty, snappy, and stibborn and he can't resist her. One night together and then she's gone, just the way he likes it. Or is it? When he sees her again, some guy has his fingers wr [...]

    21. At first the story between Coal and Andrea started out slow, despite the hot steamy scenes. After leaving the cabin is where I started getting more interested. Coal is a jack@$$ often but he's funny. The banter between these two is funny, at times. When Andrea is attacked, Coal reacts and get into legal problems. Getting married, prevents Andrea from testifying against Coal. So the fake marriage is presented to the parents who take a liking to Coal. At times, the book seemed silly, and not in a [...]

    22. SMOLDER- Coal is a bit of a recluse. Andrea is in town on business. She goes hiking on her own and gets lost. Coal comes to the rescue. He doesn't want anything to disturb the way he lives his life. So they go there separate ways after a hot night together. But can't get each other off their minds. Something happens and they get thrown back together. The only solution out of their problem is a fake marriage. Can they pull it off? Can they keep their hearts from getting involved? Can they keep th [...]

    23. Coal is an ex Navy Seal living alone in the forest seeking a simple, peaceful life. One night in a snowstorm, he hears a scream and goes searching for the source. He locates Andrea slightly injured and nearly frozen to death. Coal never wanted a serious relationship and Andrea had a painful breakup with her ex boyfriend but each is strongly attracted to the other. They agree to a one night only situation and she leaves next morning. Feelings, however, cannot forget and they both long for each ot [...]

    24. I gave this Book a rating of 4.5 ✩’sTitle: Smolder: A Navy SEAL Fake Marriage RomanceSeries: Stand aloneGenre: Military Romance, Bad Boy Romance, New Adult & College Romance,Author: Melinda MinxFormat: Kindle eBookPublished on: Dec 9, 2016I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book>-< >-< >-< >-< >-<>-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-<Character’s Descriptions:Coal is an Ex-navy seal, who ha [...]

    25. This is a great book by Melinda Minx. It is about Coal who is a ex-SEAL. He lives out in his cabin away from civilization. He hunts his own food and builds furniture with the wood he chops from the trees and trades furniture for eggs and bacon or food he is unable to kill. Then one day Andrea is out in the woods on a trail and it starts to snow. She turns around to go back the way she came only to fall down a hill. Coal hears a scream and goes in search the direction it came from. He locates And [...]

    26. Smolder, by Melinda Minx, is a fake marriage romance featuring one hot & sexy SEAL.Not the wisest decision she's made, but Andrea decided to hike in the woods after her friend/co-worker canceled on her. Now she cannot find her way back and the snow won't stop, night has closed in and she's lost. She is freezing and not sure how much further she can go when finally she sees a light one lonely light.Coal enjoys living in the woods, part of nature, apart from the rest of the world. He hears a w [...]

    27. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Oh wowwhere do I even start. Big smile on my face. Didn't really know much about this story only as I had just read another Melinda Minx story I thought I will catch up and read this. So pleased that I did. The story of Coal and Andrea meeting in the woods. She is in the area through work but gets lost. Coal saves her that day from freezing to death. When they meet again a short time later , he saves her again from getting raped. Fate eh [...]

    28. Smolder was my first opportunity to read and review a work by the talented Melinda Minx. Smolder features the story between a retired Navy SEAL and a woman who works for a hotel chain. They meet when Andrea goes hiking and gets caught in a snow storm, and is rescued by the very handsome Cole. They share a bed for one night and then part ways, only to meet again months later when Andrea is back in town for work. Soon they find themselves in a fake marriage that starts to get realer by the minute. [...]

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